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Amelia Bullmore: List of Movies, Films and TV Shows

  • Scott & Bailey - Series 3 [DVD] Scott & Bailey - Series 3 | DVD | (01/07/2013) from £6.99  |  Saving you £13.00 (65.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp return in the hit ITV drama. The professional and personal lives of DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott continue to bring drama surprises and gripping tension. Janet begins to get her life in order to concentrate on her role as acting DS. Meanwhile Rachel who has been facing scrutiny over her brother's murder of her ex-boyfriend has settled uneasily into sharing her life with Sean. But the detectives are about to feel the heat. Rob Waddington (Danny Miller) arrives as a permanent DS Rachel's devil-may-care attitude threatens her relationship with Janet and the ongoing murder case comes to a head in a shocking thrilling climax. Special Features: Behind the Scenes

  • Big Train - Series 1 & 2 [1998] Big Train - Series 1 & 2 | DVD | (25/10/2004) from £6.94  |  Saving you £17.34 (69.40%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Originally shown in 1998, Big Train was the eagerly awaited follow-up to Father Ted from writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews. Resisting the pressure to make another sitcom, Big Train is, instead, a sketch show in the best Monty Python tradition, updated with influences from arch-surrealist Chris Morris as well as the contemporary The Fast Show. The sketches can be joyously odd--Pythonesque firefighting showjumpers, the evil hypnotist, and the outrageous onanistic office workers, for example--but the show never neglects to keep the punchlines coming thick and fast (though the animated staring contest does rather drag after a while). The cast comprises some of the best new names in comedy, including Kevin Eldon, Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Julia Davis and Amelia Bullmore (who went on to become Alan Partridge's Ukrainian girlfriend). Series 2 didn't pull into the platform until 2002, by which time Graham Linehan was absent writing Black Books. But Arthur Matthews maintains the quality of the first series on the whole--the man with oversized hands, the creepy cult questionnaire, the zookeeper's recruitment agency--adding some spot-on French art house cinema spoofs and other movie-style take offs somewhat in the manner of Spaced, which Pegg and Heap had gone on to make. That duo return here for more silliness along with new cast members Rebecca Front (The Day Today, Knowing Me, Knowing You) and Tracey-Ann Oberman (better known now as Chrissie Watts in Eastenders). On the DVD: Big Train belatedly arrives on DVD in a two-disc set which includes a plethora of deleted scenes for both Series 1 and 2. There are cast biogs plus three of the sketches as performed on a German TV sketch show. Commentary on the first series is by both writers, though happily Pegg, Heap and Eldon gatecrash halfway through. Matthews and Eldon join director and producer for the somewhat more straight-faced commentary on the second disc. Menu options thankfully include the treasurable "Play all" facility. --Mark Walker

  • Scott & Bailey - Sereis 1-5 Box Set [DVD] [2016] Scott & Bailey - Sereis 1-5 Box Set | DVD | (02/05/2016) from £26.89  |  Saving you £18.10 (40.20%)  |  RRP £44.99

    A thrilling investigative drama following the lives of Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey, detectives from Manchester Major Incident Team, led by the formidable DCI Gill Murray. Brilliant and ambitious at work, Scott and Bailey also have to juggle home lives fraught with personal dramas that test their friendship to the limit. From award-winning writer Sally Wainwright.

  • Scott & Bailey - Series 4 [DVD] Scott & Bailey - Series 4 | DVD | (10/11/2014) from £6.49  |  Saving you £13.50 (67.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Scott & Bailey Series 4

  • Scott & Bailey - Series 1-4 Box Set [DVD] Scott & Bailey - Series 1-4 Box Set | DVD | (10/11/2014) from £23.49  |  Saving you £19.50 (45.40%)  |  RRP £42.99

    Scott & Bailey Box Set (Series 1 - 4)

  • Jam [2000] Jam | DVD | (28/07/2008) from £8.39  |  Saving you £11.60 (58.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Jam was aired on Channel 4 in 2000 featuring the same team as its radio precursor and written by Chris Morris jam pushes the boundaries of television comedy further than any other show has done for many years. Jam retains the same macabre subject matter and ambient soundtracks as Blue Jam and presents the material in a sequence of distorted disorienting visuals.

  • Suburban Shootout - Series 2 Suburban Shootout - Series 2 | DVD | (02/06/2008) from £5.15  |  Saving you £14.84 (74.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Move over ladies of Wisteria Lane! Surburban Shootout is the new dark comedy following the topsy turvy world of a surburban housewife turf war!

  • Festival Festival | DVD | (28/11/2005) from £5.89  |  Saving you £14.10 (70.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    August in Edinburgh sees the population of the grand historic Scottish capital swell with actors directors street performers comedians media high flyers and audiences. And so the lives of a dozen people intersect in a blackly comic account of the hopes dreams and fears attendant at festival time. From the cut-throat comedy world of the Fringe to the impassioned artistry of avant garde theatre with all points covered in-between this ensemble tale captures a peculiarly personal

  • Suburban Shootout - Series 1 Suburban Shootout - Series 1 | DVD | (10/09/2007) from £5.15  |  Saving you £14.84 (74.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Move over ladies of Wisteria Lane! Surburban Shootout is the new dark comedy following the topsy turvy world of a surburban housewife turf war! In Surburban Shootout the routine of world of morning exercise classes daily school runs and coffee mornings mask the secret super sexed super violent world where women don't kill time...they kill each other! The series chronicles the malicious and sordid battle between two power hungry housewives Camilla Diamond and Barbara Du Prez...Features the complete first series. Episodes Comprise: 1. Hot Flush 2. Super Sex Me 3. Kill Bill 4. Botox Rox 5. Dance Chill 6. Throw Momma From The Train 7. Let The Beginning Commence 8. What Do I Hear For Rod Stewart's Thong

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