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Anthony LaPaglia: List of Movies, Films and TV Shows

  • Annabelle: Creation [DVD + Digital Download] [2017] Annabelle: Creation | DVD | (04/12/2017) from £4.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    In Annabelle: Creation, several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a doll maker and his wife welcome a nun and six girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home. They soon become the target of the doll maker's possessed creation, Annabelle.

  • Annabelle: Creation [Blu-ray + Digital Download] [2017] [Region Free] Annabelle: Creation | Blu Ray | (04/12/2017) from £8.59  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    In Annabelle: Creation, several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a doll maker and his wife welcome a nun and six girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home. They soon become the target of the doll maker's possessed creation, Annabelle.

  • The Client/The Pelican Brief/A Time to Kill Triple Pack [DVD] The Client/The Pelican Brief/A Time to Kill Triple Pack | DVD | (10/09/2012) from £6.09  |  Saving you £13.90 (69.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    The best screen version yet of a John Grisham novel delivers all-out suspense! A trailer park kid witnesses the suicide of a mob lawyer and ispursued by authorities trying to find out if he knows anything. To protect himself he hires a feisty female attorney who takes up his case anddevelops a bond with him.

  • The Client [1994] The Client | DVD | (11/05/1998) from £2.82  |  Saving you £11.17 (79.80%)  |  RRP £13.99

    The exceptionally fine cast--Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, J T Walsh, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Edwards, William H. Macy, Anthony LaPaglia, Ossie Davis and Brad Renfro--goes a long way toward making The Client one of the more solidly enjoyable screen adaptations of a John Grisham southern gothic legal thriller. Teen-hearthrob Renfro is a natural, playing a kid whose life is in jeopardy after he witnesses the death of a Mob lawyer. Susan Sarandon is the attorney who decides to look after the boy; nobody can match her when it comes to playing strong and protective maternal figures (Thelma and Louise, Lorenzo's Oil, Dead Man Walking). Sarandon won her fourth Oscar nomination as best actress for this role, before finally winning the following year for Dead Man Walking. Author Grisham was so impressed with former window dresser/fashion designer/screenwriter-turned-director Joel Schumacher's work on this movie that he later asked him to direct A Time to Kill. --Jim Emerson

  • House of Mirth House of Mirth | DVD | (17/09/2007) from £3.99  |  Saving you £12.00 (75.00%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Director Terence Davies' sumptuous adaptation of the Edith Wharton classic novel 'The House of Mirth' is a tragic love story set against a background of wealth and social hypocrisy in the turn of the century New York. Gillian Anderson leaves her FBI casebook behind her to tackle the role of Lily Bart dazzling socialite at the height of her success who quickly discovers the precariousness of her position when her beauty and charm start attracting unwanted interest and jealousy. Torn

  • Mixed Nuts [1994] Mixed Nuts | DVD | (08/11/2004) from £4.22  |  Saving you £1.77 (29.50%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Available for the first time on DVD! With Christmas only a few hours away Philip (Steve Martin) and his dedicated suicide hotline staff based in Venice California are about to go a little crazy. Philip is about to be dumped by his fiancee his hotline service will be evicted he will dance with a lonely cross-dresser and he'll have a run in with a gun-toting Santa Claus. Philip's Lifesavers is a place where the rescuers need help. 'Mixed Nuts' finds the funny side of life death

  • The Eichmann Show (BBC) [DVD] The Eichmann Show (BBC) | DVD | (27/04/2015) from £5.89  |  Saving you £14.10 (70.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    The behind-the-scenes true life story of ground-breaking producer Milton Fruchtman and blacklisted TV director Leo Hurwitz, who, overcoming enormous obstacles, set out to capture the testimony of one of the war's most notorious Nazis, Adolf Eichmann. He is accused of executing the 'final solution' and organising the murder of six million Jews. This is the extraordinary story of how Eichmann's trial came to be televised and the team that made it happen. Filmed at the trial in Jerusalem in 1961, the production became the world's first ever global TV documentary series, where, for the first time, the horror of the camps was heard directly from the mouths of its victims. It was edited daily and broadcast in Germany, America, Israel and 34 other countries. People fainted when they saw it on TV. Never before had there been such drama in the use of cameras, their positioning or the revolutionary effect of operators being able to adjust frame and position to match subject and content.

  • Without A Trace - Season 1 [2004] Without A Trace - Season 1 | DVD | (10/01/2005) from £8.99  |  Saving you £52.30 (84.40%)  |  RRP £61.99

    It has not taken long for Without a Trace to emerge from the shadows of CSI and become a ratings force in its own right. Jerry Bruckheimer produced both series, and both feature the-face-is-familiar character actors with extensive and diverse resumes who have been catapulted to primetime stardom. Jack Malone, head of a crack FBI missing persons unit, is the Australian-born Anthony LaPaglia's breakout role after years of portraying enough Italian mobsters and criminals to populate a season of The Sopranos. LaPaglia was a surprise Golden Globe Award-winner for this inaugural season. Without a Trace is instantly arresting. "The clock is ticking" in each episode, as Malone and company race against time to find a missing person. "After 48 hours," Malone explains to the rookie member of the team in the series pilot, "they're gone." To solve each baffling case, Malone and fellow agents Samantha Spade (Poppy Montgomery), Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste of Secrets and Lies), Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano), and new guy Martin Fitzgerald (Eric Close), must work from the inside out. "Once we find out who she is," Malone says of one victim, "odds are we'll find out where she is." Among the inaugural season's most wrenching episodes are "Between the Cracks" and "Hang On to Me," both featuring Charles Dutton in his Emmy Award-winning performance as a father whose son has been missing for five years. The powerful season finale, "Fallout," presented in this four-disc set in a "creator's cut," concerns a man who lost his wife in the 9/11 attacks. The riveting episodes mostly stand alone, but some cases do return to haunt Malone, as witness "In Extremis," a case that ends tragically and leads to an internal investigation that threatens to subvert the close-knit unit in the episode. "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?" Sharp writing, authentic procedurals, taut direction, and effective use of music make Without a Tracea series worth finding on DVD. --Donald Liebenson

  • So I Married An Axe Murderer [1993] So I Married An Axe Murderer | DVD | (05/09/2005) from £4.33  |  Saving you £1.50 (25.00%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Enjoyable on many levels ... OK, it's enjoyable on only one level--if you're a big fan of Mike Myers's screwball idea of funny. That this script had been through a lot of hands in Hollywood before Myers agreed to star in it (using his Wayne's World clout) seems amazing as most of the truly funny bits here seem to be straight from Myers. Most memorable is his role as his own irascible Scottish father, screaming at his youngest son and talking about the Bay City Rollers. But Myers also plays Charlie, a bookshop owner/poet who falls in love with a "hardhearted harbinger of haggis", the local butcher (Nancy Travis), who may also be a serial killer. Mostly enjoyable, but there's also some weird stuff here. Try as you might, you may never rid yourself of the image of Brenda Fricker and Anthony LaPaglia making out. Also features a great soundtrack with Soul Asylum and Toad the Wet Sprocket. --Keith Simanton

  • Autumn In New York [2001] Autumn In New York | DVD | (03/12/2001) from £6.50  |  Saving you £7.28 (36.40%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Autumn in New York is a by-the-numbers love story, right down to its opening shot of, yes, autumn in New York. Richard Gere stars as restaurateur/lady's man Will, while Winona Ryder plays the airy-fairy, oh-too-delicate-for-this-world Charlotte. Will is 48, Charlotte is 22, and it just keeps getting creepier: Will actually used to hang out with Charlotte's mom. She plays artily with beads and sparkly things, he notices how elfin and different she is (inspiring such stomach-churning dialogue as "I find you completely unprecedented and therefore utterly unpredictable"), and soon they're in love. Ah, but it's doomed: she has a tumor in her heart (just in case you missed the significance, Charlotte says "I'm sick in my heart"). Does Charlotte have enough time left to teach Will to truly love? While Gere does a stoic job, Ryder spends a lot of time being darling and winsome, aided by the fact that Charlotte has managed to catch one of those special movie diseases where you never look bad or get tubes stuck up your nose. Director Joan Chen doesn't have much of a script to work with, but at least she knows how to pick a cinematographer; the whole movie is shot in gorgeous autumnal colours. Several excellent supporting actors are trapped in this movie: Jill Hennessey and Anthony LaPaglia do their very best, but what can they do in the face of such a sweeping, creepy love? Autumn in New York is nothing if not an earnest movie, and it certainly means well. Much like Charlotte, it seems to cry, "Can you let me love you? Please?". The answer is an emphatic "No". --Ali Davis, Amazon.com

  • Autumn In New York [2000] Autumn In New York | DVD | (10/12/2007) from £4.18  |  Saving you £5.81 (58.20%)  |  RRP £9.99

    New York restaurateur Will Keane (Richard Gere) is an infamous verging-on-50 playboy master of the no-commitment seduction - until he runs into an unexpected dead end when he meets Charlotte Fielding (Winona Ryder). Charlotte is half Will's age and twice his match a free spirit yearning to get out and taste the excitement of adult life. Indulging his interest in Charlotte Will expects another quick and easy romance. But nothing about Will and Charlotte's encounters are quick and easy; instead they are rife with intergenerational clashes differing philosophies and an inexplicable urgent sense of sensuality and connection. Then just as Will attempts to escape from the relationship with his usual line of ""not promising forever"" Charlotte provides a surprise response: she has her own reasons to believe things won't last. Shattering Will's preconceptions about women sex and responsibility real love - exhilarating heartbreaking enduring love - changes everything...

  • Empire Records Empire Records | DVD | (20/10/2003) from £3.81  |  Saving you £16.18 (80.90%)  |  RRP £19.99

    They're selling music but not selling out. Empire Records is an independent music store in dire trouble of being sold out to a large chain. After a failed attempt by Lucas one of it's employee's to raise money to buy the store--using revenues from a day of business they all have to band together to stage a wild party and raise the cash. However throughout this seemingly normal day they also must come to terms with who they are and who they want to be. It's a tale of love personal tragedy and finding ones true self-- with the added splash of a little rock and roll.

  • A Good Marriage [DVD] A Good Marriage | DVD | (20/04/2015) from £4.19  |  Saving you £11.80 (73.80%)  |  RRP £15.99

    From the legendary Stephen King, author of Misery and The Shining, comes this year s most terrifying thriller with an all-star cast: Oscar nominee Joan Allen, Golden Globe winner Anthony LaPaglia and House of Cards' Kristen Connolly   Celebrating 25 years of a good marriage, Darcy feels her life is complete with a loving husband and wonderful children. Outside their lives a serial killer hunts his victims, killing young females, whilst a suspicious stranger stalks Darcy s family.   Thinking bad things only happen to others, Darcy soon finds out the truth as she uncovers a gruesome truth about her husband that suddenly makes the outside world frightening real. Realizing that her husband is not who she thought he was, his sinister secret threatening not only their marriage but also her life, will Darcy survive the dark truth that is so horrific it can t be real? Stephen King doesn't very often write the films that are adapted from his books. He did with this one.

  • Without A Trace - Complete Season 5 [DVD] Without A Trace - Complete Season 5 | DVD | (22/02/2010) from £11.70  |  Saving you £28.29 (70.70%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Episodes Comprise: 1. Stolen 2. Candy 3. 911 4. All for One 5. The Damage Done 6. The Calm Before 7. All the Sinners Saints 8. Win Today 9. Watch Over Me 10. The Thing with Feathers 11. Fade-Away 12. Tail Spin 13. Eating Away 14. Primed 15. Desert Springs 16. Without You 17. Deep Water 18. Connections 19. At Rest 20. Skin Deep 21. Crash and Burn 22. One and Only 23. Two of Us 24. The Beginning

  • Without A Trace - Season 2 Without A Trace - Season 2 | DVD | (16/01/2006) from £11.88  |  Saving you £50.11 (80.80%)  |  RRP £61.99

    The sole responsibility of the FBI special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling techniques to peel back the layers of the victims' lives and trace their whereabouts in an effort to discover whether they have been abducted been murdered committed suicide or simply run away... The complete second season of the Emmy Awarding winning TV series. Episodes comprise: 1.The Bus 2.Revelations 3.Confidence 4.Prodigy 5.Copycat 6.Our Sons An

  • Tomboy [DVD] Tomboy | DVD | (03/04/2017) from £3.45  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    Frank Kitchen is an assassin at the top of his game. When he's double-crossed by a group of ruthless gangsters he falls into the hands of a rogue surgeon, known only as The Doctor, who transforms him into a woman against his will. Aided by a nurse with her own set of secrets, Frank the hitman becomes Tomboy the hitwoman and revenge is the first thing on her mind... Starring Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious, Machete Kills) and Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Avatar), TOMBOY is a jaw-droppingly audacious revenge thriller you won't forget.

  • Looking For Alibrandi [2000] Looking For Alibrandi | DVD | (29/04/2002) from £2.85  |  Saving you £-2.99 (-74.90%)  |  RRP £3.99

    Set against the backdrop of Sydney's Italian-Australian community this emotionally charged drama follows a feisty heroine's struggle to balance the pressures of school family and friends while at the same time coming to understand herself...

  • Without A Trace - Series 4 Without A Trace - Series 4 | DVD | (14/07/2008) from £11.70  |  Saving you £38.29 (76.60%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Without a Trace is a fast-paced procedural drama about the Missing Persons Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The sole responsibility of the special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling techniques to peel back the layers of the victims' lives and trace their whereabouts in an effort to discover whether they have been abducted been murdered committed suicide or simply run away. The team reconstructs a ""Day of Disappearance"" timeline that details every minute of the 24 hours prior to the disappearance following one simple rule: learn who the victim is in order to learn where the victim is. Episodes Comprise: 1. Showdown 2. Safe 3. From The Ashes 4. Lost Time 5. Honour Bound 6. Viuda Negra 7. The Innocents 8. A Day In The Life 9. Freefall 10. When Darkness Falls 11. Blood Out 12. Patient X 13. Rage 14. Odds Or Evens 15. The Stranger 16. The Little Things 17. Check Your Head 18. The Road Home 19. Expectations 20. More Than This 21. Shattered 22. Reqiuem 23. White Balance 24. Crossroads

  • Lantana [2002] Lantana | DVD | (17/03/2003) from £4.19  |  Saving you £11.80 (73.80%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Lantana teased its subtle way into the minds of cinemagoers in 2002 with a welcome reminder that nothing succeeds like a well-written, hypnotically acted drama that reflects the humanity, complexity and frailty of its audiences right back at them. Lantana is about betrayal, grief beyond recovery and the tenuous threads by which the most superficially ordinary relationships founder or survive. At the same time, it is quietly and profoundly life-affirming. It is, as producer Jan Chapman suggests during the director's commentary, "a film you have to pay attention to". But it rewards that attention. Andrew Bovell's economic, absorbing script is based on his original stage play Speaking in Tongues. A series of coincidences creates a network of links between characters with unsettling and often shattering consequences. Like another Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Lantana explores a constantly shifting line between deceit and honesty. It is a psychological mystery in which the land itself claims a life that has nowhere else to go. Director Ray Lawrence draws minutely observed performances from his actors, particularly Anthony LaPaglia as Leon, the Sydney detective in the throes of mid-life crisis, Kerry Armstrong as his wife Sonia and Barbara Hershey as Valerie, the psychologist whose panic finally releases her from an untenable situation. Lantana is engrossing from beginning to end. On the DVD: Lantana is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, bringing the extraordinary, realistic lighting of the original cinematography to life on the small screen. Paul Kelly's brooding score and the leitmotif of the Salsa songs make huge contributions to an intimate and often raw viewing experience. Apart from the fascinating director's commentary which tellingly reveals that a major Hollywood studio loved the concept but declined the project because the marketing department couldn't work out how to sell it, extras include the requisite making-of documentary, trailers and biographies. --Piers Ford

  • Without A Trace - Season 3 Without A Trace - Season 3 | DVD | (24/07/2006) from £11.70  |  Saving you £48.29 (80.50%)  |  RRP £59.99

    The sole responsibility of the FBI special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling techniques to peel back the layers of the victims' lives and trace their whereabouts in an effort to discover whether they have been abducted been murdered committed suicide or simply run away... The complete third season of the Emmy Award-winning TV series. Episodes Comprise: 1. In the Dark 2. Thou Shalt Not 3. Light Years 4. Upstairs Downsta

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