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Miriam Margoyles: List of Movies, Films and TV Shows

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [DVD] Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries | DVD | (21/12/2015) from £23.99  |  Saving you £3.00 (11.10%)  |  RRP £26.99

    This stunning boxed set follows the adventures of our glamorous, unfl appable lady detective, the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis), as she fi ghts injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit. Sashaying around 1920 s Melbourne, Phryne investigates with panache and valour, all the while keeping up her delicious dance around Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page). Featuring all 34 investigations from Series One to Three of Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries, as well as a host of special features fi lmed on set, this ten disc set is the defi nitive collection.

  • Harry Potter: A History of Magic [DVD] Harry Potter: A History of Magic | DVD | (27/11/2017) from £4.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, the British Library is hosting an exhibition of the real-life magical history behind JK Rowling's beloved classics. With exclusive access to a priceless collection of artefacts, take a tour around this mesmerising show. Rowling herself examines the most exciting items on display, and opens her private archive to reveal drawings and drafts that have been hidden away for years. And, as opening night arrives, famous fans marvel at this fascinating trove of delights, like Harry Potter seeing Diagon Alley for the first time. A behind the scenes look into the exhibition with JK Rowling Narrated by Imelda Staunton Readings from Harry Potter film actors: David Thewlis, Evanna Lynch, Warwick Davies, Miriam Margoyles & Mark Williams Rowling's imaginary world illuminated by her illustrator Jim Kay

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Series One [DVD] Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Series One | DVD | (20/05/2013) from £12.79  |  Saving you £20.20 (61.20%)  |  RRP £32.99

    Our glamorous lady detective The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) sashays through the back streets of 1928 Melbourne fighting injustice with her pearl handled pistol and her dagger sharp wit. Leaving a trail of lovers in her wake our very modern heroine makes sure she is always the centre of attention and relishes every one of life's moments. Also starring Nathan Page Ashley Cummings Hugo Johnstone-Burt and Miriam Margoyles. Based on the novels by Kerry Greenwood this DVD set includes all 13 episodes from the first series and a host of extras filmed on location with cast and crew.

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S3 [DVD] Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S3 | DVD | (21/12/2015) from £12.79  |  Saving you £7.20 (36.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher is back! The third series of Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries continues to follow the glamorous lady detective as she solves crimes with panache and valour alongside Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. Together the dynamic duo enter the magical world of the magician s assistant; fl y high at the RAAF; swim in the murky undercurrent with the Italian crime organisation the Camorra; become a little too well acquainted with the tantalising tennis crowd; and disrupt the preparations for Dot and Hugh s big day. Phryne throws herself into investigations with a bravado many men would struggle to muster but is surprised by the unexpected arrival of her roguish father. As she looks to put old ghosts to rest Lord Fisher still manages to rile her with his outrageous behaviour.

  • Being Julia [2004] Being Julia | DVD | (17/08/2009) from £5.55  |  Saving you £7.44 (57.30%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Annette Bening's outstanding performance is the best reason to see Being Julia, a highly melodramatic adaptation of the 1937 novel Theatre by W. Somerset Maugham. With a prestigious pedigree (director Istvan Szabo and screenwriter Ronald Harwood share impressive theatrical backgrounds) and a stellar cast including Jeremy Irons, Bruce Greenwood, and Juliet Stevenson, the film's backstage and onstage theatrics take place in pre-World War II London, when the venerable actress Julia (Bening) fends off middle-age by romancing a stage-struck young American (Shaun Evans) in a calculated attempt to retain some youthful vitality while airing her own dirty laundry onstage in a glorious act of divine diva behavior. Treating life and theater as one big play in which she's the perpetual star, Julia's nothing if not a master thespian, and Bening's got all the chops to keep her in the spotlight. If the film isn't quite worthy of Bening's excellence, at least it gives her performance the showcase it deserves. -- Jeff Shannon

  • The Legend of Longwood [DVD] The Legend of Longwood | DVD | (24/04/2017) from £8.89  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    When 12-year-old Mickey Miller moves from New York to Ireland with her family, she soon discovers a link between herself and the 300-year-old legend of the mysterious Black Knight, who regularly haunts the sleepy Irish village of Longwood. With courage and a sharp mind, she sets out to redeem the knight so as to bring lasting peace to Longwood, but first she must save the lives of seven precious white horses and thwart the evil plans of a greedy, ambitious woman. Crumbling castles, mysterious riddles, frightening spirits, beautiful horses and a plucky, fearless heroine.

  • Being Julia [2004] Being Julia | DVD | (10/12/2007) from £2.38  |  Saving you £7.61 (76.20%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Reigning diva Julia Lambert's success and fame grow suddenly wearisome. She falls head over heels for a young American Tom and begins a passionate May - December affair. When she realizes that Tom is just a young social climber whose real passion is ambitious young starlet Avice Crichton Julia begins to plot a delightful revenge...

  • Buster and Chauncey's Silent Night/First Snow of Winter Buster and Chauncey's Silent Night/First Snow of Winter | DVD | (12/11/2007) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Buster And Chauncey's Silent Night: Buster & Chauncey the world's greatest Mouse-icians befriend a poor little orphan girl Christina as they make their way to the annual Christmas Pageant in Oberndorf. But when they encounter two evil villains determined to wreck the Christmas Eve festivities Buster and Chauncey do everything they can to save the day and show the true meaning of Christmas... First Snow of Winter (1998): A hopeful tale about a brave little duck named Sean. When he misses the annual migration South for the winter he is left alone and frightened. He stumbles into a friendship with a humorous friend name 'Voley' and it is their relationship that keeps them alive and optimistic. Singing Kettle Christmas Party (1996): Join Cilla Artie Gary and Jane live in a Christmas programme full of fun and games and seasonal songs. Nuttiest Nutcracker (1999): A fun-filled adventure for the whole family The Nuttiest Nutcracker is a star-studded computer-animated movie that lends a madcap twist to the cherished Nutcracker tale.

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