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Tom Welling

  • The Choice [DVD] [2016] The Choice | DVD | (04/07/2016) from £6.59  |  Saving you £13.40 (67.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    When feisty medical student Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) moves in next door to perennial ladies' man Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker), it sends them both on a romantic journey neither ever dreamed possible. After a whirlwind courtship, Gabby and Travis wed and build a family together, making every decision hand-in-hand until one of them is forced to make the most important choice of their life alone. A poignant and life-affirming celebration of love, marriage and family that explores the most heart-wrenching question of all: how far would you go to keep the hope of love alive? From the best-selling author of The Notebook and Safe Haven.

  • Parkland [DVD] Parkland | DVD | (31/03/2014) from £2.61  |  Saving you £13.38 (83.70%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Dramatic retelling of former US President John F. Kennedy's assassination directed by Peter Landesman. Captured on camera by amateur film-maker and photographer Abraham Zapruder (Paul Giamatti), Kennedy (Brett Stimely)'s assassination was an event which shocked the whole world. A firm believer in the need for a transparent government, Kennedy had made as many friends as he had enemies which led to speculation on the identity of his killer, widely thought to have been a lone gunman. Following ...

  • Smallville - Season 10 [DVD] Smallville - Season 10 | DVD | (31/10/2011) from £11.48  |  Saving you £38.51 (77.00%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Emerging from his darkest hour only to find the path to his destiny blocked by ghosts from the past Clark finds himself tempted toward darkness at every turn by shadows in the present. Despite insurmountable odds will Clark be powerful enough to step into the light and claim his rightful place as Earth's mightiest protector? Taking flight in its tenth and final season this modern retelling of a hero's legendary origins continues to blend realism action heart and humor as Clark Kent (series star Tom Welling) soars toward claiming his birthright.

  • Cheaper By the Dozen / Cheaper By the Dozen 2 Double Pack [DVD] [2003] Cheaper By the Dozen / Cheaper By the Dozen 2 Double Pack | DVD | (28/01/2013) from £5.39  |  Saving you £4.60 (46.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    <strong>Titles Comprise:</strong> <b>Cheaper By The Dozen:</strong> Tom Baker (Steve Martin) and his wife Kate (Bonnie Hunt) lead a suprisingly idyllic life but when they get the chance to pursue their dream jobs and move the super-sized clan to the big city. The zany chaos begins as the dozen siblings revolt, turning house and home upside down! <b>Cheaper By The Dozen 2:</strong> Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt return as heads of the Baker family who, while on holiday, find themselves in comp...

  • Smallville - Season 1-10 Complete [DVD] Smallville - Season 1-10 Complete | DVD | (31/10/2011) from £48.99  |  Saving you £101.00 (67.30%)  |  RRP £149.99

    After a meteor shower bursts from the heavens raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville years pass and the healing process leaves the town's inhabitants with scars and secrets. From the ashes of tragedy a popular yet awkward teen attempts to decipher the meaning of his life and his clouded past. As he struggles with the transition from boyhood to adulthood Clark finds that his strength and strange abilities set him uncomfortably apart from his peers.

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 4 Smallville - The Complete Season 4 | DVD | (10/10/2005) from £9.58  |  Saving you £44.81 (78.60%)  |  RRP £56.99

    Clark Kent will have plenty of reasons to remember his senior year! The thrilling reinterpretation of the Superman legend evolves in Season 4 whose 22 episodes include the quest for 3 Kryptonian crystals and Clark's bold attempt to keep those mysterious stones from destroying Earth. Clark also becomes a highly recruited football star. Lana gets a boyfriend. Lois Lane smart opinionated and entirely annoying to Clark comes to Smallville. Chloe learns the scoop of the century. Lione

  • Cheaper By The Dozen [2004] Cheaper By The Dozen | DVD | (31/05/2004) from £2.28  |  Saving you £13.71 (85.70%)  |  RRP £15.99

    Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt corral a wild herd of rampaging children in Cheaper by the Dozen, an enjoyable family flick. When Kate Baker (Hunt) gets a book deal for her chronicle of their abundant family life, she also gets drawn into a book tour--leaving Tom (Martin) to run the house and cope with his new, high-pressure job as a football coach. Naturally, chaos erupts, bringing the family to the brink of meltdown. Cheaper by the Dozen is not a great movie or an important movie or even a surprising movie, but it is a warm-hearted crowd-pleaser. The Bakers' family life is a bit idealised and antiseptic, but anyone looking for an escape from their own less-ideal family lives won't mind. Also featuring Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, Piper Perabo and an uncredited Ashton Kutcher. --Bret Fetzer

  • Smallville: Complete Season 1 Smallville: Complete Season 1 | DVD | (13/10/2003) from £3.57  |  Saving you £47.40 (83.20%)  |  RRP £56.99

    The venerable Superman mythos gets a 21st-century updating in the imaginative and engaging TV series Smallville. The premise of the show--Superman as a teenager--takes up just a few pages in Superman's very first comic-book appearance (in Action Comics back in 1938), but producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar flesh out that period by portraying young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) not as the noble Superman-in-waiting, but as an average teen with some not-so-ordinary supernatural powers, including incredible strength and heat vision (Clark hasn't lifted up, up, and away as of yet). Clark's desire to fit in with his peers and make sense of his extraordinary abilities grounds him in very realistic and identifiable terms for the series' primarily under-25 audience, as does his appealing and tentative romance with Kristen Kreuk as Clark's dreamgirl Lana Lang. But Smallville also strikes gold when it takes a turn towards more comic-book territory, as evidenced by the parade of shape-shifting killers and other outlandish antagonists (many generated, in one of the series' most ingenious notions, by the same devastating meteor shower that brought the infant Clark to Earth) that Clark must harness his powers to face and defeat. Gough and Millar, along with their capable cast (which includes Michael Rosenbaum as a young and already bald-pated Lex Luthor, and Annette O'Toole and John Schneider as the Kents) manage to pull off the precarious high-wire act of combining science fiction with coming-of-age drama to create this highly watchable programme. --Paul Gaita

  • Cheaper By The Dozen [UMD Universal Media Disc] Cheaper By The Dozen | UMD | (05/12/2005) from £21.59  |  Saving you £0.40 (1.80%)  |  RRP £21.99

  • Smallville - Complete Season 6 Smallville - Complete Season 6 | DVD | (22/10/2007) from £6.99  |  Saving you £34.03 (66.70%)  |  RRP £50.99

    Episodes Comprise: 1. Zod 2. Sneeze 3. Wither 4. Arrow 5. Reunion 6. Fallout 7. Rage 8. Static 9. Subterranean 10. Hydro 11. Justice 12. Labyrinth 13. Crimson 14. Trespass 15. Freak 16. Promise 17. Combat 18. Progeny 19. Nemesis 20. Noir 21. Prototype 22. Phantom

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 5 Smallville - The Complete Season 5 | DVD | (28/08/2006) from £9.43  |  Saving you £40.58 (73.80%)  |  RRP £54.99

    The complete fifth series of Smallville as a teenage Clark Kent must come to terms with his super powers.... Episodes Comprise: 1. Arrival 2. Mortal 3. Hidden 4. Aqua 5. Thirst 6. Exposed 7. Splinter 8. Solitude 9. Lexmas 10. Fanatic 11. Lockdown 12. Reckoning 13. Vengeance 14. Tomb 15. Cyborg 16. Hypnotic 17. Void 18. Fragile 19. Mercy 20. Fade 21. Oracle 22. Vessel

  • Smallville - Series 7 - Complete Smallville - Series 7 - Complete | DVD | (13/10/2008) from £9.00  |  Saving you £38.59 (77.20%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks keep his powers a secret cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor and balance the two girls in his life Chloe and Lana.

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 3 Smallville - The Complete Season 3 | DVD | (18/04/2005) from £4.00  |  Saving you £40.14 (70.40%)  |  RRP £56.99

    The adventures continue as Clarke attempts to balance his life, his destiny and his super powers. Twenty-two episodes from Season 3 including: 'Exile', 'Resurrection' and 'Covenant'.

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 2 [DVD] Smallville - The Complete Season 2 | DVD | (19/07/2004) from £11.60  |  Saving you £43.39 (78.90%)  |  RRP £54.99

    Girls, homework, kryptonite. Don't miss a single second - the entire second season! Clark Kent lives in Smallville, but in many ways he's out of this world - and so is this spectacular series that provides a fascinating spin on Superman lore. This 6-disc collection includes all 23 second-season episodes plus bonus materials worthy of a hero. Among the episode highlights: Clark grapples with his true calling. Is he on Earth to serve humanity or perhaps destroy it? Lex gets married - twice! Lana moves in with Chloe, adding a new dynamic to their Clark dilemma. Martha and Jonathan receive miraculous news. Lionel pulls devious strings. And Pete becomes a keeper of the Clark secret. One thing we can't keep secret: the legend grows stronger in Smallville!

  • Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season [DVD] Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season | DVD | (25/10/2010) from £13.19  |  Saving you £36.80 (73.60%)  |  RRP £49.99

    This reinterpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series. Years ago a meteor shower burst from the heavens raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville Kansas. From the ashes of tragedy grew Clark Kent (Tom Welling) whose transition from boyhood to manhood was particularly difficult as he came to grips with his emerging superpowers.

  • Smallville: Complete Season 2 Smallville: Complete Season 2 | DVD | (19/07/2004) from £15.98  |  Saving you £41.01 (72.00%)  |  RRP £56.99

    For many fans, the Superman revisionist series Smallville truly hit its stride in its second series, when it shifted focus from traditional comic book conflicts to one of self-discovery for its hero, a teenage Clark Kent (Tom Welling). Fans and first-timers can judge for themselves with this six-disc set, which collects all 23 episodes and a decent selection of supplemental features. Whereas series 1 focused on Clark using his powers to combat a host of menaces as in the WB's other big fantasy hit, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, series 2 delved into Clark's past and the extent of his super powers, most notably in the back-to-back "Heat", in which he discovers his heat vision, and "Red," in which red kryptonite uncorks Clark's less-than-upstanding side. Other plot developments that pull the series in interesting directions include the arrival of Dr Helen Bryce (Emanuelle Vaugier), who becomes involved with Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), but the series' most significant moment comes during episode 17, "Rosetta", in which Clark learns of his Kryptonian origins courtesy of a scientist, who, in an effective bit of casting, is played by Superman star Christopher Reeve. The complexity of the writing and the issues dealt with in series 2 marked Smallville as a series with depth and drama worthy of its considerable fan following as well as a second boxed set; fittingly, the supplements in this set are more expansive than on the first one. Producers Alfred Gough, Miles Millar and Greg Beeman and cast members Welling, Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk weigh in on commentary tracks for two episodes ("Red" and "Rosetta"), while a trio of short featurettes explore Christopher Reeves' appearance in "Rosetta", the show's visual effects and the amusing "Wall of Weird" web page maintained by Chloe (Allison Mack). The extras are rounded out by a handful of deleted scenes and a gag reel. --Paul Gaita

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 8 [DVD] Smallville - The Complete Season 8 | DVD | (12/10/2009) from £12.25  |  Saving you £37.74 (75.50%)  |  RRP £49.99

    There's a new reporter at the Daily Planet: Clark Kent, who shares a workspace with Lois Lane. There's a new hero in Metropolis, too. No one knows who he is. But Jimmy Olsen was on the scene of one of the do-gooder's exploits, and he snapped a blurred photo of the hero in superspeed action &ndash; a hero everyone now calls the Red-Blue Blur. Red-jacketed, blue-shirted Clark Kent draws closer to his Superman destiny in the exciting 22-episode, 6-disc Season 8 of Smallville. Another Kryptonian destiny also takes shape. Davis Bloome begins to realize he is Doomsday. His mission on Earth: kill Clark Kent. So many new events (will Jimmy and Chloe's marriage last?), so many new faces (Tess Mercer, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy among them!), so many state-of-the-art effects &ndash; so don't miss a single thrill-packed moment!

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 3 [DVD] Smallville - The Complete Season 3 | DVD | (18/04/2005) from £12.25  |  Saving you £42.74 (77.70%)  |  RRP £54.99

    Clark Kent lives in Smallville but in many ways he's out of this world and so is this spectacular series that provides a fascinating spin on Superman lore. Season 3 is marked by Clark's inability to overpower destiny and its pressing call for his return home. Clark who has left Smallville for Metropolis returns to Smallville to help his parents who are desperately trying to save their cash-strapped farm and is happily surprised to find that Lex Luthor has survived a deadly jet crash. Lex and Clark's ill-fated camaraderie is strengthened by this miracle but causes tension in the close-knit Kent family as Jonathan fears that Lex will emulate Lionel and his unscrupulous ways even while Lex has tried to establish his own identity. Series 3 also features a cameo performance from the late Christopher Reeve whom many people will remember as the definitive Superman. Episodes comprise: 1. Exile 2. Phoenix 3. Extinction 4. Slumber 5. Perry 6. Relic 7. Magnetic 8. Shattered 9. Asylum 10. Whisper 11. Delete 12. Herefater 13. Veolcity 14. Obsession 15. Resurrection 16. Crisis 17. Legacy 18. Truth 19. Memoria 20. Talisman 21. Forsaken 22. Covenant

  • Smallville - The Complete Eighth Season Smallville - The Complete Eighth Season | DVD | (12/10/2009) from £14.95  |  Saving you £22.76 (45.50%)  |  RRP £49.99

    Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks keep his powers a secret cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor and balance the two girls in his life Chloe and Lana.

  • Smallville - The Complete Season 7 [DVD] [2008] Smallville - The Complete Season 7 | DVD | (13/10/2008) from £11.06  |  Saving you £38.93 (77.90%)  |  RRP £49.99

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