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Amagi Brilliant Park Complete Season 1 Collection Deluxe Edition Blu Ray

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Deluxe Edition Blu-ray available for a limited time only includes: 3 x Blu-ray Discs, Episodes 1-24 packed inside 14 mm Blu-ray Case, Plastic O-card, Rigid Collector's Box, Set of Art Cards, and Bonus Poster. Beauty Might Only be Skin-Deep But Falling in Love is Especially Hard for the Thick-Skinned! Takeo Goda's hulking physique and affinity for sports make him popular with other guys, but girls just find him intimidating. Unaware of his gentle nature, the girls that Takeo likes always seem to fall for his handsome best friend, Suna, instead. Takeo is resigned to being Suna's wingman, with no hard feelings between them, until Takeo rescues Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train. Unfortunately, while Rinko might see past Takeo's brutish appearance, Takeo's become so conditioned to girls preferring Suna that he assumes Rinko is the same! Being the good, genuine guy he is, he's going to do everything he can to help the two of them be happy. Will Takeo let himself believe someone likes him? Love isn't blind: it's just a little dense in MY LOVE STORY!

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Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play Collector s Edition Blu-ray available for a limited time only includes 2 x Blu-ray Discs 3 x DVD Discs Episodes 1-14 packed inside 14 mm Blu-ray Case Plastic O-card Rigid Collector s Box and Bonus Poster Kanie Seiya a smart and extremely narcissistic high school student believes that the beautiful but reserved Sento Isuzu has invited him on a date at an amusement park called Amagi Brilliant Park Much to his chagrin not only is the location a run-down facility the supposed date is merely a recruitment tour where Sento and Princess Latifa Fleuranza the owner of the theme park ask him to become the park&39;s new manager Their cause for desperation? As stipulated in a land-use contract Amagi has less than three months to meet a quota of 500000 guests or the park will be closed for good and the land redeveloped by a greedy real-estate company Seiya is won over by the revelation that Amagi is no ordinary amusement park; many of its employees are Maple Landers mysterious magical beings who live in the human world and are nourished by the energy created by people having fun Entrusted with the hopes and dreams of this far-off enchanted land Seiya must now use his many skills to bring Amagi back on its feet or watch it crumble before his eyes

All 13 episodes from the first season of the anime based on Shoji Gatoh's light novel. When Seiya Kanie (voice of Kouki Uchiyama) is asked to visit an amusement park by the reserved Isuzu Sento (Ai Kakuma), Seiya's narcissism leads him to believe that Isuzu is asking him on a date. When he arrives however, he discovers that the place is relatively rundown and that he has been brought there in order to become the park's new director. The park is inhabited by magical creatures who are sustained by the happiness of others and if the park does not bring in at least 500,000 visitors in the next three months it will be destroyed and the land given over to a real-estate company. The episodes are: 'Not Enough Visitors!', 'Not Enough Time!', 'Not Enough Reinforcement!', 'Not Enough PA Productivity!', 'Not Enough Money!', 'Not Enough People!', 'Not Enough Pool Safety!', 'Not Enough Love!', 'Not Enough Teamwork!', 'Nothing Can Be Done!', 'Nothing to Worry About Now!', 'Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!' and 'Not a Good PV!'.

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