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Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Version) Blu Ray

| Blu Ray

Faithfully adapted from the books by J.R.R. Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson, the three spectacular films, in their original theatrical lengths, have converted well to Blu-ray, a technology that also didn't even exist when the films were originally created. Each film is also accompanied by a bonus disc that offers loads of impressive extras, to keep the most avid fan happy.

The Box set includes "The Fellowship of the Ring" (2001), "The Two Towers" (2002) and "The Return of the King" (2003), which won 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture. It also includes six other disks.

The fantasy epic follows Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and his friend Sam (Sean Astin), two hobbits trying to save their world "Middle Earth" from the sinister Lord Sauron.

*The Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo and his fellow ring-chasing buddies are given a mission to return the powerful and dangerous magical ring from the Shire, to the fires of Mordor.
*The Two Towers: The mission is delayed as the forces of good and evil join in the battle for Middle-earth.
*The Return of the King: The final war for Middle-earth begins. Mordor draws near and Frodo and Sam approach Mount Doom to destroy the ring - but will the temptation be too much?

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Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play Includes The Fellowship Of The Ring The Two Towers The Return Of The King Blu-ray was made for a journey like this Finally for the first time all three original theatrical versions of The Lord Of The Rings come alive in high definition Blu-ray! See the epic trilogy the way it was meant to be seen with the complete box set containing The Fellowship Of The Ring The Two Towers and The Return Of The King! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy tells the story of Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) a hobbit who battles against the Dark Lord Sauron to save his world Middle-earth from the grip of evil In the films Frodo and his fellowship of friends and allies embark on a desperate journey to rid Middle-earth of the source of Sauron&39;s greatest strength the One Ring -- a ring that has the power to enslave the inhabitants of Middle-earth The trilogy tells tales of extraordinary adventures across the treacherous landscape of Middle-earth and reveals how the power of friendship love and courage can hold the forces of darkness at bay Beside Wood the films star Ian McKellen Liv Tyler Viggo Mortensen Sean Astin Cate Blanchett John Rhys-Davies Billy Boyd Dominic Monaghan Orlando Bloom Christopher Lee Hugo Weaving featuring Sean Bean and Ian Holm with Andy Serkis as Gollum The films also star Marton Csokas Craig Parker and Lawrence Makaoare The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring In a time before history in a place called Middle-earth a dark and powerful lord has brought together the forces of evil to destroy its cultures and enslave all life caught in his path Sauron&39;s time has come and he needs only one small object - a Ring that has been lost for centuries - to snuff out the light of civilization and cover the world in darkness The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers The fellowship is now divided with Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Gimli (John-Rhys Davies) helping to restore some order to the land of King Theodon (Bernard Hill) whose mind has been poisoned by the machinations of Grima Wormtongue (Brad Dourif) Wormtongue is a secret emissary of wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee) now ready to unleash his army of the night on Middle-Earth Meanwhile Frodo (Elijah Wood) is falling deeper under the dreaded influence of The Ring as he journeys with Sam (Sean Astin) towards Mordor The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King The remnants of the Fellowship marshal their forces for one final attack as Hobbits Sam (Astin) and Frodo (Wood) are led by Gollum to Mount Doom in the hope of destroying the One Ring forever   Actors  Elijah Wood Sean Astin Ian Holm Christopher Lee Ian McKellen Sean Bean Orlando Bloom Cate Blanchett Hugo Weaving John Rhys-Davies Viggo Mortensen Dominic Monaghan Liv Tyler Billy Boyd Bernard Hill & Miranda Otto Director Peter Jackson Certificate 12 years and over Year 2001 2002 2003 Screen Widescreen 2351 Anamorphic Languages English - Dolby Digital (51) Subtitles English Duration 9 hours and 2 minutes (approx)

Peter Jackson's complete epic big screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy - filmed back-to-back and released over 3 consecutive years. In 'The Fellowship of the Rings' (2001) Frodo (Elijah Wood) is a hobbit living in the Shire, a quiet, peaceful part of Middle Earth. When it turns out that his elderly relative Bilbo (Ian Holm) is harbouring the ultimate Ring of Power and the evil Nazgul riders of Sauron are coming to find it, Frodo is entrusted by wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to deliver the Ring out of the Shire without it falling into their hands. Frodo leaves the Shire aided by his cousins Merry (Dominic Monaghan), Pippin (Billy Boyd) and trusty friend Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin), but they soon realise that the agents of Mordor are everywhere and that their trip is far from over. Once they reach the Elvish realm of Rivendell the Hobbits form part of the anti-Sauron fellowship, which includes Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Boromir (Sean Bean), Legolas Greenleaf (Orlando Bloom), Gimli the dwarf and of course Gandalf. Together they must battle across Middle Earth to destroy the Ring by casting it into the Cracks of Doom, the fiery chasm in the centre of Mordor. In 'The Two Towers' (2002) the Fellowship of the Ring has now divided and Sam and Frodo are lost in the hills of Emyn Muil. They are also being followed by Gollum, a creature who promises to help them find the Mountain of Doom. Meanwhile Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli search for the hobbits Merry and Pippin in the Kingdom of Rohan, which is currently being attacked by Saruman's orc armies. Gandalf returns as Gandalf the White to remind Aragorn of his destiny to unite the people of Rohan with Gondor. Whilst the Fellowship are not travelling together they must unite against the powerful forces coming from the Two Towers: Orthanc Tower in Isengard where Saruman has bred a deadly army of 10,000, and Sauron's fortress at Barad-dûr. Finally, 'The Return of the King' (2003) won all 11 Academy Awards it was nominated for, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Gandalf manages to rally Gondor's fallen army with the help of King Theoden of Rohan for the biggest battle in the history of Middle-earth; and Aragorn finally faces up to his responsibilities. They are obviously out-numbered but are determined to keep Sauron distracted in order to enable Frodo to complete his quest to destroy the Ring by throwing it into the fires of the Mountain of Doom.

  • Average Rating for Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Version) [Blu-ray] [2001] - 4 out of 5

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  • Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Version) [Blu-ray] [2001]
    Kevin Stanley

    As films in their own right, The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring; The Two Towers and The Return Of The King are some of the greatest films ever made. As a trilogy nothing rivals them. The X-Men trilogy fell at the last hurdle. The Matrix trilogy never lived up to the staggering potential of the first film. The Spiderman trilogy came close, it's true, it was an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable adaptation from the comicbooks, yet it somehow lacks the complete immersion into another world that The Lord Of The Rings offers. Each instalment in the trilogy is a pure demonstration of artistically and commercially successful filmmaking.

    The cast list reads like a role call of the very best actors from all over the world, Britain, Australia and the USA all offer up some of their finest. And their performances are just perfect. Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Ian Holm, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Karl Urban, Brad Dourif, Christopher Lee, even Sean Bean! They are all excellent. Simply faultless. And perhaps topping them all is Andy Serkis who is stunning as Gollum/Smeagol.

    The scale and grandeur of the whole project is astonishing. Three years in the making, the whole cast and crew living and working in New Zealand, just to be involved in any way must have been amazing.

    The breath-taking New Zealand countryside is second only to the special effect shots, seamlessly embedded, which create the truly epic stage for this saga to play out upon. Director Peter Jackson uses everything to his advantage handling proceedings with an assurance the like of which we may see never again. He manages to create an arresting sense of tension in all of the intertwining storylines and delivers an array of emotions through intense battle scenes and touching portrayals of loyalty and kinship, with considerable style.

    Each chapter builds upon the last. Characters are beautifully developed and given their own personal emotional arcs. The storyline is unfalteringly and genuinely compelling.

    And what does HD offer to this experience? Well it only makes it better. Bright colours leap off the screen. The New Zealand countryside looks magnificent. Grass and trees are delightfully verdant. Snow is the purest white. Fire a truly primordial hue. And the darkness is as black as nothingness. The image is perfectly clean, crisper and entirely devoid of imperfections, no grain, no artefacts, it's excellent. Liv Tyler is more beautiful. Viggo Mortensen is sexier.

    The sound in DTS or 5.1 DD is all encompassing. It's loud when it needs to be, the clashes of swords in battle and the bloodcurdling screams all ring out in perfect clarity. It's quiet when it needs to be, the loving whispers in Elvish between Arwen and Aragorn, quiet and intimate, yet still clearly audible.

    Put simply it is essential viewing. But should you wait for the extended versions with their extra footage and special features? Yes you should. But if you can't wait or are prepared to buy both then this will not disappoint.

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