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Predator Trilogy Blu Ray

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For the first time ever, a 6 disc boxset featuring Predator, Predator 2 and Robert Rodriguez' brand new Predators on both BD plus a wealth of Special Features. The ultimate collection or a fantastic gift for any Predator fan. It sees the heat of their bodies. It smells the heat of their fear. It hunts for sport. It kills for pleasure. In a place without rules - the hunter has become the hunted. Titles Comprise: Predator: Deep inside the jungles of Latin Am...

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Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play PREDATOR In the remote jungle of a Central American country an elite group of commandos led by Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) embarks on a CIA mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages However the hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent otherwordly being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutch&39;s team Possessing a chameleonlike camouflaging ability and a deadly alien arsenal the creature tracks down the soldiers one by one Director John McTiernan&39;s film is a thrilling high-action flick filled with great one-liners (courtesy of Schwarzenegger Jesse Ventura and the rest of the cast) and excellent special effects PREDATOR 2 The invisible creature from another world is back - but this time seeking out heat and conflict - is drawn to the gang-ruled and ravaged city of Los Angeles 1997 The detective-lieutenant and his police force set out to capture this brutal murderer ignoring the warnings from a mysterious government agent to stay away PREDATORS Maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez tackles producing duties for a revamp of the Predator film series with this 20th Century FoxTroublemaker Studios production focusing on a human survival adventure set on the Predator&39;s home planet VACANCY&39;s Nimrod Antal directs from a script by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch with Adrien Brody heading up an international cast filled out by Danny Trejo Alice Braga Topher Grace Laurence Fishburne Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Louiz Ozawa

Sci-fi action trilogy. In the original 1987 film 'Predator', Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and a band of mercenaries head into the Central American jungle to rescue some Americans from guerillas. However, there is an additional evil force at work in the jungle, something not human. The mercenaries are picked off one by one and soon Schaefer must face the alien predator alone. In the 1990 follow-up, 'Predator 2', crime-riddled futuristic Los Angeles becomes the target of an alien predator, killing drug lords and police alike. A maverick cop (Danny Glover) and a federal agent (Gary Busey) set out to capture the creature. Adrien Brody and Lawrence Fishburne star in the much later third film, 'Predators' (2010). Produced by Robert Rodriguez, the film follows contract killer Royce (Brody) as he is abducted by alien creatures and released along with seven other professional killers onto a strange and hostile planet. Battling for survival, the group comes across Noland (Fishburne), an American commando who has managed to survive on the planet for several years by hiding out in a cave, and discover to their horror that they have been brought there as prey for a new and merciless race of vicious human-eating alien predators.

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