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Wonders of the Universe / Wonders of the Solar System Box Set Blu Ray

| Blu Ray

Wonders Of The Universe Professor Brian Cox is back with another mind-blowing exploration of the cosmos. This time he shows us our universe as we've never seen it before. With the most profound and elegant scientific ideas at its heart, Wonders Of The Universe reveals how the story of humanity is intimately entwined with the epic story of the universe. 13.7 billion years old, 93 billion light years across, more than 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. This almost infinite, vast and complex universe has been the subject of human fascination and scientific exploration for thousands of years. The wonders of the universe might seem alien to us and impossible to understand, but Professor Brian Cox uses the evidence found in the natural world around us to explain its simple truths. Brian visits some of the most dramatic locations on the planet to explain the fundamental principles that underpin the laws of nature – light, gravity, matter and time. He shows us how the water of Victoria Falls in Zambia behaves exactly as light does around a black hole and how the same laws that govern our lives here on Earth apply across the entire universe. Using 3D CGI imagery, his expert knowledge and his infectious enthusiasm, Professor Cox shows us that by understanding the laws that govern the universe we end up answering the deepest question about our own existence; who we are? Where do we come from? And what will happen to us? Wonders Of The Solar System Professor Brian Cox takes another giant leap for humankind as images of distant alien worlds are brought into breathtaking focus. Giant ice fountains rising over 100km high; an ocean hidden beneath a frozen crust of ice; storms three times the size of Earth coloured blood red by a vortex of dust and gases; immense volcanoes that would put Mount Everest in the shade – this amazing DVD reveals the true and awesome beauty of our solar system. It's an epic journey of discovery, where bizarre worlds become real places we can see, feel and visit. Travelling from the Sun to the far-out reaches of Neptune, Wonders Of The Solar System has at its heart the latest scientific knowledge beamed back from the fleet of probes, rovers and telescopes currently in space. Using the very latest images sent direct from space, and spectacular CGI, the series presents a spellbinding voyage around the natural wonders of the solar system, capturing explosive phenomena in minute detail. Alongside these startlingly authentic images, some of the most spectacular, extreme locations on Earth help to reveal wonders never thought possible. Wonders Of The World explores how these previously unseen phenomena have dramatically expanded our horizons, revealing more about the planets, their moons and how they came to be the way they are. The series also looks at the big picture – how the forces of nature carved out beauty and order from the chaos of space; how our home planet doesn’t sit in magnificent isolation but is intimately connected with the rest of the Solar System; and how these connections have created the haven we call Earth.

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  • 04 April 2011
  • Brian Cox
  • Blu Ray
  • 2entertain
  • E
  • 528 minutes
  • Colour, PAL

Two BBC science documentary series presented by physicist Brian Cox. 'Wonders of the Universe' (2011) is an exploration of the universe and its effect on human life. Vast, complex and almost infinite, the universe has been the subject of human fascination and scientific exploration for thousands of years. Its properties can seem impossible to grasp, but this series uses the evidence found in the natural world around us to explain the fundamental principles that underpin the laws of nature such as light, gravity, matter and time. In 'Wonders of the Solar System' (2010), Professor Cox demonstrates how the forces that shaped our world are also responsible for creating some of the most breathtaking sights in our solar system. Episodes are: 'Empire of the Sun', 'Order Out of Chaos', 'The Thin Blue Line', 'Dead Or Alive' and 'Aliens'.

  • Average Rating for Wonders of the Universe / Wonders of the Solar System Box Set [Blu-ray] - 5 out of 5

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  • Wonders of the Universe / Wonders of the Solar System Box Set [Blu-ray]
    David Bedwell

    Professor Brian Cox has become somewhat of a television celebrity in recent years. His enigmatic style, coupled with a clear enthusiasm and passion for what he does, has thrusted him into the limelight much like a shooting star. Even though he has worked in the media for many years, the two series that we find in this pack have done wonders for his career (excuse the pun).

    "Wonders of the Solar System" first aired in 2010, and was hailed as one of the most fascinating and best-looking educational programmes that the BBC had ever produced. Certainly on the BBC HD channel (and indeed this Blu-ray release), the settings looked just as good as other factual shows like "Planet Earth" and maintained the highest quality we have come to expect from the network. Cox is arguably to Physics what Attenborough has been to nature for many years now, someone to not only lend a familiarity and warmth to the topic at hand but, more importantly, making it accessible and interesting to all. Science no longer has to be a 'geeky' topic at school, but one that can be discussed out in the open with a much wider audience.

    The "Solar System" series comprises of five 60 minute episodes, each dealing with a different wonder - from the Sun, through various planets, and different environments. These are covered in an impressive depth, never feeling overwhelming or boring, but instead offering a slightly different spin on what you would expect. Cox himself seems to thrive on demonstrating his knowledge in various ways, seeminly intent on showing as much as he can without ever losing the audience. You can't help but admire him and be drawn into the subject, as he talks like each fact is the first time he's explored the subject matter.

    Disappointingly the 2011 follow up, "Wonders of the Universe," only has four episodes. By the time you really get into it, it's already finished. It's a testament to Cox and his team that he actually makes you want more, but they really could have made the series longer. On TV it's not so bad, but when you're paying £15+ for a Blu-ray you expect slightly better value for money. BBC Blu-rays are of the highest quality, but they're certainly not the cheapest when first released. "Universe" examines the wonders in a much wider scale, which again would have lent itself to a longer series, but what we are provided with is just as good as "Solar System" if not moreso. And viewers will be pleased to hear that "Wonders of Life" is coming in 2012.

    In terms of purchasing this on Blu-ray over a DVD release, I can wholeheartedly recommend doing so. If there's one thing the BBC prides itself on, it's delivering an amazing audio and visual experience, and one that needs to be seen in the best quality possible. Colours are vibrant, outside scenes are remarkably sharp, and the soundtrack is suitably bombastic and as passionate as those involved. Yes, we are given very little on the actual releases, but this is the best you will ever see these shows and they are certainly worth your money - even if you choose to wait for a little discount first!

    Whether you're an enthusiast already, or someone who is experiencing it for the first time, everyone should enjoy this release. A tricky subject ends up having a mass appeal without ever being dumbed down, with stunning CGI graphics mixed with on-location shots from all around the world. For all the information about the world and the universe, Cox keeps things grounded in reality and makes it all feel far more real to the average person. You'll be left with a remarkable understanding, and a thirst for more. 2012 can't come soon enough.

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