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Futurama Boxsets

All 4 seasons of the animated series by The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening.

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  • Futurama: Season 1 Futurama: Season 1 | DVD | (28/01/2002) from £6.65  |  Saving you £33.34 (83.40%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Set in the year 3000, Futurama is the acme of sci-fi animated sitcom from Simpsons creator Matt Groening. While not as universally popular as The Simpsons, Futurama is equally hip and hilarious, thanks to its zippy lateral-thinking contemporary pop cultural references, celebrity appearances (Pamela Anderson and Leonard Nimoy are among a number of guest stars to appear as disembodied heads in jars) and Bender, a distinctly Homer Simpson-esque robot. Part of Futurama's charm is that with decades of sci-fi junk behind us we've effectively been living with the distant future for years and can now have fun with it. Hence, the series stylishly jumbles motifs ranging from Lost in Space-style kitsch to the grim dystopia of Blade Runner. It also bridges the gap between the impossible dreams of your average science fiction fan and the slobbish reality of their comic reading, TV-gawping existence. Groening himself distinguishes his two series thus: "The Simpsons is fictional. Futurama is real." The opening series (premiered in 1999) sees nerdy pizza delivery boy Fry transferred to the 31st century in a cryogenic mishap. There, he meets the beautiful, one-eyed Leela (voiced by Married with Children's Katey Sagal) and the incorrigible alcoholic robot Bender. The three of them join Fry's great (x30) nephew Professor Farmsworth and work in his intergalactic delivery service. Hyper-real yet strangely recognisable situations ensue--Fry discovers he is a billionaire thanks to 1,000 years accrued interest, Leela must fend off the attentions of Captain Kirk-like Lothario Zapp Brannigan, and Fry accidentally drinks the ruler of a strange planet of liquid beings. --David StubbsOn the DVD: As with the earlier Fox release of The Simpsons, Season 1 this otherwise excellent three-disc set is let down by clunky menu navigation. There are way too many copyright warnings, no "Play All" facility, and you have to click back and forth to begin each new episode or find the additional features. By way of compensation, the menus look great and there's a goodly selection of extras on each disc. The entertaining commentaries are by Matt Groening and various members of his creative team, including producer David X Cohen and John DiMaggio (the voice of Bender) and Billy West (Fry). There are a handful of deleted scenes for certain episodes, plus the script and storyboard for the very first episode and an interactive stills gallery. The 4:3 picture is pin-sharp as is the Dolby 2.0Surround.--Mark Walker

  • Futurama: Season 2 Futurama: Season 2 | DVD | (29/03/2004) from £6.39  |  Saving you £33.60 (84.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Matt Groening's second series of the 31st century sci-fi sitcom Futurama maintained the high scripting standards of the first as well bringing improved digital animation. Couch potato Fry now seems thoroughly reconciled to his new existence, transported 10 centuries hence to "New New York" and working for Professor Farnsworth's delivery service. He's surrounded by a cast of freaks, including the bitchily cute Amy (with whom he has a romantic brush) and Hermes, the West Indian bureaucrat. Most sympathetic is the one-eyed Leela (voiced by Katey Sagal). Like Lisa Simpson, she is brilliant but unappreciated; she finds solace in her pet Nibbler, a tiny creature with a voracious, carnivorous appetite. By contrast, Bender, the robot, is programmed with every human vice, a sort of metal Homer Simpson with a malevolent streak. In one of the best episodes, Bender is given a "feelings" chip in order to empathise with Leela after he flushes Nibbler down the toilet. Elsewhere, Fry falls in love with a Mermaid when the team discover the lost city of Atlanta, Fry and Bender end up going to war after they join the army to get a discount on gum, and John Goodman guest stars as Santa Claus, an eight-foot gun-toting robot. Brimful with blink-and-you'll-miss-them hip jokes (such as the sign for the Taco Bellevue hospital) and political and pop satire, Futurama isn't a stern warning of things to come but rather, as the programme-makers put it, "a brilliant, hilarious reflection of our own materially (ridiculously) over-developed but morally under-developed society." On the DVD: Futurama's four-disc package presents the show in 4:3 with a Dolby Digital soundtrack. Among the many extras here are audio commentaries, storyboards, trailers, mock ads for "Soylent Chow" and "Human Rinds" and deleted scenes, including one from "Bender Gets Made" in which he seeks to evade the Robot Mafia by changing his identity. --David Stubbs

  • Futurama: Season 4 Futurama: Season 4 | DVD | (29/03/2004) from £6.39  |  Saving you £33.60 (84.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    No more good news everybody--this fourth series of Futurama is the show's last. By turns frenetic and far-sighted, Matt Groening's futuristic comedy provided belly-laughs for self-confessed SF nerds, but somehow failed to connect with a broader audience, even though it was often funnier and sharper than stablemate The Simpsons. So now bid farewell to the Planet Express team--Fry, Leela, Zoidberg, Bender, Amy, Hermes, Prof Farnsworth--as well as to kindly Kif, cloned Cubert, megalomaniac Mom, mutants in the sewer, the cast of robo-sitcom All My Circuits, swashbuckling space lothario and William Shatner wannabe Zapp Brannigan, Elzar the four-armed chef, and all the other characters that made Futurama such a unique experience. This fourth and final year has all the elements that fans enjoyed so much--but also those elements that partially explain its cancellation. Recurring characters are great if you've watched the show before, as are the in-jokes; and the many parodies of classic science fiction are fine for the initiated, but risk leaving other viewers out in the cold. The show's strengths and perceived weaknesses are exemplified in the episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", in which the original cast of Star Trek play themselves: hilarious for Trekkers, but not really for anyone else. Elsewhere we find Leela discovering her real parents aren't aliens at all but in fact live in the sewers; Kif getting pregnant; Fry discovering the fossilised remains of his faithful pet dog; and Bender being converted to steam power. Despite some ups and downs, it's still the funniest animated show on TV. Those responsible for cancelling it can bite my shiny metal &#133; On the DVD: Futurama, Series 4 DVD box set includes a "Play All" function on each disc. Multifarious extras include cast and crew commentaries, deleted scenes, animatics, galleries and Easter eggs. --Mark Walker

  • Futurama: Season 3 Futurama: Season 3 | DVD | (29/03/2004) from £4.39  |  Saving you £35.60 (89.00%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Good news, everyone, the third series of Futurama is just as funny as ever--irreverent, boundlessly inventive, warmhearted and chock full of in-jokes, sight gags and fleeting references to all manner of pop culture icons and obscure genre classics. In fact, if the show has a problem it's this very fecundity: it's all so lovingly crafted that scarcely a frame goes by without something both funny and clever going on: when a horse wins a race by a quantum fraction, Prof Farnsworth fulminates "You changed the result by observing it!" Recurring minor characters (Elzar the chef, the robot mafia, the mutants in the sewers) pop up unexpectedly throughout, providing another wink to dedicated fans; like Red Dwarf, this is a show that loves the genre it sets out to spoof. Shame, then, that the show has had a troubled broadcast history and never quite found the mainstream appeal of its stablemate The Simpsons. This year, Fry and the Planet Express team find themselves stranded on a planet of unfeasibly large women ("Amazon Women in the Mood"), standing in for psychotic Robo-Santa ("A Tale of Two Santas", with John Goodman reprising his evil robot) and variously falling in love with each other and sundry other humans, aliens, man-bots, fem-bots, virtual reality constructs and even the Planet Express ship itself. On the DVD: Futurama, Series 3 comprises 22 episodes on four discs (see below for complete episode list). As with previous series DVDs the animated menus are a treat and there's a selection of bonus features including deleted scenes, storyboards, selected episode commentaries, animatics, "How to draw" tips and more. Best of all, though, each disc now has a "Play All" facility for the first time. Sheer heaven. --Mark Walker

  • Futurama - Series 1-4 - Complete Futurama - Series 1-4 - Complete | DVD | (03/11/2008) from £22.98  |  Saving you £67.01 (74.50%)  |  RRP £89.99

    Every episode from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening's hit animated comedy! Season 1: 1. Space Pilot 3000 2. The Series Has Landed 3. I Roomate 4. Love's Labour's Lost In Space 5. Fear Of A Bot Planet 6. A Fishful Of Dollars 7. My Three Suns 8. A Big Piece Of Garbage 9. Hell Is Other Robots 10. A Flight To Remember 11. Mars University 12. When Aliens Attack 13. Fry And The Slurm Factory Season 2: 1. I Second That Emotion 2. Brannigan Begin Again 3. A Head In The Polls 4. Xmas Story 5. Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love 6. Put Your Head On My Shoulder 7. Lesser Of Two Evils 8. Raging Bender 9. A Bicyclops Built For Two 10. How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back 11. A Clone Of My Own 12. The Deep South 13. Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas) 14. My Problem With Popplers (a.k.a. The Problem With Popplers) 15. Mother's Day 16. Anthology Of Interest 17. War Is The H-Word 18. The Honking 19. The Cryonic Woman Season 3: 1. Amazon Women In The Mood 2. Parasites Lost 3. A Tale Of Two Santas 4. The Luck Of The Fryrish 5. The Bird-bot Of Ice-catraz 6. Bendless Love 7. The Day The Earth Stood Stupid 8. That's Lobstertainment! 9. The Cyber House Rules 10. Where The Buggalo Roam 11. Insane In The Mainframe 12. The Route Of All Evil 13. Bendin' In The Wind 14. Time Keeps On Slippin' 15. I Dated A Robot 16. A Leela Of Her Own 17. A Pharaoh To Remember 18. Anthology Of Interest II 19. Roswell That Ends Well 20. Godfellas 21. Futurestock 22. 30% Iron Chef Season 4: 1. Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch 2. Leela's Homeworld 3. Love & Rocket 4. Less Than Hero 5. A Taste Of Freedom 6. Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV 7. Jurassic Bark 8. Crimes Of The Hot 9. Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles 10. The Why Of Fry 11. Where No Fan Has Gone Before 12. The Sting 13. Bend Her 14. Obsoletely Fabulous 15. The Farnsworth Parabox 16. Three Hundred Big Boys 17. Spanish Fry 18. The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

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