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Director Don Weis

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Seasons 1-7: The Complete Collection (35 disc box set) [DVD] Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Seasons 1-7: The Complete Collection (35 disc box set) | DVD | (02/11/2015) from £63.95  |  Saving you £86.04 (57.40%)  |  RRP £149.99

    Join the legendary Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, in all 268 original episodes from all 7 seasons of the complete series of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the Emmy® Award-winning murder-mystery series that, in the words of Hitchcock himself, brought murder back into the home-where it belongs. In over 111 hours of the most captivating, intriguing suspenseful television ever aired.

  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Complete Series Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Complete Series | DVD | (21/08/2006) from £7.10  |  Saving you £27.89 (79.70%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Carl Kolchak (McGavin) is a reporter for Chicago's Independent News Service; a magnet for situations involving the supernatural. Kolchak turned his investigative skills to vampires werewolves zombies and all manner of legendary creatures. Episodes Comprise: 1. The Ripper 2. The Zombie 3. They Have Been They Are They Will Be... 4. The Vampire 5. The Werewolf 6. Firefall 7. The Devil's Platform 8. Bad Medicine 9. The Spanish Moss Murders 10. The Energy Eater 11. Horror In The Heights 12. Mr R.I.N.G. 13. Primal Scream 14. The Trevi Collection 15. Chopper 16. Demon In Lace 17. Legacy Of Terror 18. The Knightly Murders 19. The Youth Killer 20. The Sentry

  • The Munster's Revenge [DVD] The Munster's Revenge | DVD | (28/03/2011) from £8.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £4.99

    Fifteen years after the Munsters left the airwaves in 1966, Fred Gwynne, Yvonne Decarlo and Al Lewis recreated their roles as Herman, Lily and Grandpa Munster in this macabre, madcap made-for-TV reunion. Unknown to the Munsters, their lookalikes in the local Chamber of Horrors are not merely wax dummies, but robot doubles that commit a rash of crimes, framing poor Herman and Grandpa as ?The Monster Muggers?. After they bust out of jail, a young detective, Glen (Peter Fox), keeps one eye out for them, and the other out for Herman?s attractive niece, Marilyn (Jo McDonnell), while he and Grandpa try to clear themselves. Television legend Sid Caesar is criminal mastermind Dr. Diablo, who believes himself a direct descendant of the Pharaohs, and uses the wax museum as a cover for his mad scheme to recapture the riches of the Nile.

  • Starsky And Hutch - The Complete Second Season [1976] Starsky And Hutch - The Complete Second Season | DVD | (19/07/2004) from £11.99  |  Saving you £9.09 (26.00%)  |  RRP £34.99

    Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Second Season proves the 1970s series, in its sophomore year, both codified its earliest strengths while continuing to evolve into a sharper, wittier and often darker show. Contributing to those improvements were the stars themselves: David Soul (who plays maverick police detective, intellectual and health nut Ken Hutchinson) and Paul Michael Glaser (as Hutch's more impulsive, junk-food-junkie partner Dave Starsky), each of whom directed exemplary episodes in the second series. The series' creators also struck a more entertaining balance between the comic and dramatic possibilities inherent in Starsky and Hutch's bluntly honest, fraternal relationship. A number of stories placed the guys in intentionally funny undercover situations: as garish gamblers in the two-part opener "The Las Vegas Strangler"; entertainment directors (named Hack and Zack) on a luxury cruise ship in "Murder at Sea"; gigolo-like dance aficionados in the playfully-titled "Tap Dancing Her Way Right Back into Your Hearts"; and, most amusingly, stunt men in "Murder on Stage 17". Those are all good shows, and the duo often bicker within them, to great comic effect, like an old married couple. But it's the relentlessly tougher episodes that prove each character's mettle and demonstrate the depth of Starsky and Hutch's mutual trust. Among these is the powerful "Gillian", in which Starsky discovers Hutch's classy new girlfriend is a prostitute and breaks the news to his shattered friend. Somewhat lighter but just as revealing is "Little Girl Lost", starring a young Kristy McNichol as an orphaned street urchin whom Hutch, lately in a misanthropic, anti-Christmas mood, takes into his home. Glaser's directorial debut, the harrowing "Bloodbath", gives Soul a lot of room for an intensely physical and psychological performance as Hutch scurries to find his kidnapped partner. Soul returns the favour with "Survival", in which Starsky desperately seeks his missing pal, trapped and slowly dying beneath a car wreck. All in all, a very good series, with (of course) Antonio Fargas still sharp as sidekick Huggy Bear. --Tom Keogh

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season One Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season One | DVD | (20/02/2006) from £9.95  |  Saving you £10.71 (30.60%)  |  RRP £34.99

    ""Good evening. I'm Alfred Hitchcock and tonight Im presenting the first in a series of stories of suspense and mystery called oddly enough Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I shall not act in these stories but will only make appearances. Something in the nature of an accessory before and after the fact. To give the title to those of you who cant read and to tidy up afterwards for those who don't understand the endings."" Alfred Hitchcock Presents was an anthology seri

  • The Twilight Zone - Vol. 3 [1959] The Twilight Zone - Vol. 3 | DVD | (29/05/2000) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £15.99

    In 1959 screenwriter Rod Serling first opened the door to the "dimension of imagination" that is The Twilight Zone, a show quite unlike anything that had gone before, and better than much that has followed in its wake. This original and daring television series ran for a magnificent five seasons from 1959 to 1964 and still looks as fresh as ever, particularly on DVD. What distinguished the series (and still does) is the quality of the scripts, many of which were penned by Serling, but with significant contributions from veteran sci-fi authors and screenwriters such as Richard Matheson. Actors of the calibre of Robert Redford, Burgess Meredith, Lee Marvin and William Shatner gave some of their best small-screen performances, while an unforgettable main title theme by Bernard Herrmann and musical contributions from young turks such as Jerry Goldsmith underlined the show's attraction for great creative talent both behind and in front of the cameras. Volume 3 contains another selection of four episodes from across the series. "Steel" (episode 122) stars Lee Marvin in a futuristic Richard Matheson story concerning a penniless boxing manager who is forced into the ring when his robot boxer breaks down. Matheson is concerned to illustrate the lengths to which people are forced to go when desperate, but his moral is undermined a little by setting the story in the far future of 1974; Marvin, however, is a magnetic presence. In the tense and tautly written "A Game of Pool" (episode 70), Jack Klugman (The Odd Couple, Quincy) is a boastful pool player who challenges champion "Fats" Brown (Jonathan Winters) to a match in which the stakes are his life. "Walking Distance" is a slice of wistful, semi-autobiographical nostalgia from Serling in which a burned-out media exec returns to the town of his childhood (watch out for a very young Ron Howard as one of the kids). Bernard Herrmann's masterful score for this episode was composed not long after his music for Hitchcock's Vertigo, and has a similar tragi-romantic streak. Finally, "Kick the Can" (episode 86) is the story of the residents of a retirement home who discover (or rediscover) Peter Pan's secret for staying permanently young: it's easy to see why Steven Spielberg decided to adapt this episode for the 1983 movie. On the DVD: A neat animated menu with a winking eye guides the viewer "Inside the Twilight Zone", which consists of digests of background information on the individual episodes, as well as a general history of the show, season-by-season breakdown and a potted biography of Serling. --Mark Walker

  • M.A.S.H - Seasons 1 - 11 Complete Box Set M.A.S.H - Seasons 1 - 11 Complete Box Set | DVD | (30/10/2006) from £55.95  |  Saving you £139.99 (70.00%)  |  RRP £199.99

    Korea 1950. They were a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed three miles from the front. Incoming helicopters full of wounded brought the horrors of war to them daily and sometimes bullets flew right outside the operating room door. Hilarity and hijinks were all that kept them sane. Now journey back to that special place where friendships were forged laughter was found and drinks were served. Featuring all the episodes from the complete 11 seasons of M*A*S*H!

  • Ironside [1967] Ironside | DVD | (09/04/2001) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £12.99

    1: The Taker When Andy Anderson a policeman friend of former Chief of Detectives Ironside is shot and killed strong circumstantial evidence indicates he was blackmailing someone. Refusing to believe Anderson was on 'the take' Ironside uses all his unorthodox methods. 2: The Past is Prologue Wally Stowe's 17-year masquerade as a law-abiding citizen is about to end as he is arrested as a convicted murderer at his son's graduation party. Chief Ironside an old friend of Stowe's believes his claims of innocence and sets about reconstructing the circumstantial evidence that convicted him. 3: To Kill a Cop When two officers who arrest a noisy drunk on an assault charge are later killed San Francisco Police try to link the events. Despite the lack of evidence Sergeant Brown is determined to make the charges stick.

  • M.A.S.H. - Seasons 1 To 3 [1972] M.A.S.H. - Seasons 1 To 3 | DVD | (31/10/2005) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £69.99

    Relive some of your favourite M*A*S*H moments with this triple season DVD box set! Season 1: 1. M*A*S*H - The Pilot 2. To Market To Market 3. Requiem For A Lightweight 4. Chief Surgeon Who? 5. The Moose 6. Yankee Doodle Doctor 7. Bananas Crackers and Nuts 8. Cowboy 9. Henry Please Come Home 10. I Hate A Mystery 11. Germ Warfare 12. Dear Dad 13. Edwina 14. Love Story 15. Tuttle 16. The Ringbanger 17. Sometimes You Hear The Bullet 18. Dear Dad Again 19. The Long John Flap 20. The Army-Navy Game 21. Sticky Wicket 22. Major Fred C. Dobbs 23. Cease Fire 24. Showtime Season 2: 1. Divided We Stand 2. 5 O'Clock Charlie 3. Radar's Report 4. For the Good of the Outfit 5. Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde 6. Kim 7. L.I.P. 8. The Trial of Henry Blake 9. Dear Dad... Three 10. The Sniper 11. Carry On Hawkeye 12. The Incubator 13. Deal Me Out 14. Hot Lips and Empty Arms 15. Officers Only Henry in Love 16. For Want of a Boot 17. Operation Noselift 18. The Chosen People 19. As You Were Crisis 20. George Mail Call 21. A Smattering of Intelligence Season 3: 1. The General Flipped at Dawn 2. Rainbow Bridge 3. Officer of the Day 4. Iron Guts Kelly 5. O.R. 6. Springtime 7. Check-Up 8. Life With Father 9. Alcoholics Unanimous 10. There is Nothing Like a Nurse 11. Adam's Ribs 12. A Full Rich Day 13. Mad Dogs and Servicemen 14. Private Charles Lamb 15. Bombed 16. Bulletin Board 17. The Consultant 18. House Arrest 19. Aid Station 20. Love and Marriage 21. Big Mac 22. Payday 23. White Gold 24. Abyssinia Henry

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