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Director Tony Wharmby

  • Supernatural Complete Season 1 Box Set Supernatural Complete Season 1 Box Set | DVD | (02/10/2006) from £9.00  |  Saving you £29.40 (73.50%)  |  RRP £39.99

    After the mysterious death of their mother and the disappearance of their father who went looking for the killer two brothers seek out paranormal and supernatural events to seek out a father on the run and the meaning linking to their mother's death. Episodes Comprise: 1. Pilot 2. Wendigo 3. Dead In The Water 4. Phantom Traveler 5. Bloody Mary 6. Skin 7. Hook Man 8. Bugs 9. Home 10. Asylum 11. Scarecrow 12. Faith 13. Route 666 14. Nightmare 15. The Benders 16. Shadow 17. Hell House 18. Something Wicked 19. Provenance 20. Dead Man's Blood 21. Salvation 22. Devil's Trap

  • Agatha Christie's The Seven Dials Mystery [DVD] Agatha Christie's The Seven Dials Mystery | DVD | (18/07/2016) from £6.99  |  Saving you £6.00 (46.20%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Cheryl Campbell stars alongside John Gielgud and Harry Andrews as Lady Bundle Brent Agatha Christie's most glamorous amateur sleuth in a stylish, feature-length television adaptation of the famous whodunit: a deadly game of Cluedo combining international treachery, romance and murder!Anticipating a weekend of leisure and pleasure, a group of Foreign Office acquaintances arrive at the palatial Hampshire estate of the Marquis of Caterham. The mood suddenly darkens when a notoriously hard-to-rouse guest fails to wake at all; and when another sinister death comes to light, the surviving guests are plunged into nervous speculation! Enter Lady Eileen Brent, the Marquis' enchanting and high-spirited daughter, affectionately known as 'Bundle'. She teams up with elegant idler Jimmy Thesiger to seek out the truth amid rumours of missing confidential papers and a cabal centred around a seedy nightclub called The Seven Dials...

  • To Be The Best - Barbara Taylor Bradford [1991] To Be The Best - Barbara Taylor Bradford | DVD | (24/02/2003) from £4.00  |  Saving you £0.68 (11.40%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Anthony Hopkins heads the star-studded cast of the trilogies gripping conclusion. As the powerful and beautiful Paula O'Neill finds her empire under attack it seems that only one man has the expertise and connections to save her.

  • Agatha Christie's Why Didn't They Ask Evans [DVD] Agatha Christie's Why Didn't They Ask Evans | DVD | (05/08/2013) from £10.79  |  Saving you £7.20 (40.00%)  |  RRP £17.99

    From the Queen of Crime Agatha Christie comes a tale of murder mystery and mistaken identity. When Bobby Jones comes across a dying man and the photograph of a beautiful young woman his interest is snared; especially when the photograph is later switched for one of someone else. With the help of his good friend Lady Frances Derwant Bobby investigates. Following a trail of clues and setting up an elaborate charade in order to insinuate themselves into the Bassington-French household their trail leads them into a world of morphine addiction psychiatric clinics and enticing inheritances and of course murder. But who is the mysterious trembling young wife of the hard-edged Dr. Nicholson; why is someone out to silence Bobby Jones; and what is the meaning of the dead man's dying words...Why didn't they ask Evans? Special Features: Agatha Christie Biography and Bibliography Photo Gallery Cast Filmographies Subtitles

  • NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 6 - Complete [DVD] NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 6 - Complete | DVD | (19/07/2010) from £11.69  |  Saving you £38.30 (76.60%)  |  RRP £49.99

    NCIS: Season 6 (6 Discs)

  • NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 7 [DVD] [2009] NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 7 | DVD | (13/06/2011) from £11.69  |  Saving you £38.30 (76.60%)  |  RRP £49.99

    NCIS: The Seventh Season is the hit show’s most explosive one yet, as all 24 episodes of the blockbuster series return to DVD in this 6-disc set, with never-before-seen special features! This season, the tight-knit group of NCIS agents face their most personal cases to date, as familiar faces, family members, and old adversaries complicate their lives and jobs. Also this season, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is pursued by not one, but two beautiful women, who each have their own secret agenda. Co-starring Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Pauley Perrette, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum, TV’s most-watched crime show returns with a vengeance. You won’t want to miss one second!

  • Lillie - The Complete Collection [1978] Lillie - The Complete Collection | DVD | (05/01/2004) from £19.00  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £29.99

    The story follows Lillie from her modest beginnings in Jersey to her marriage rise in London's high society and her affair with the Prince of Wales. The life of the Dean of Jersey's daughter continues when she meets the Prince of Wales' nephew with whom she has a brief affair. She then embarks on a career as an actress which we follow through to her retirement in the South of France where she is surrounded by pictures of her many friends and lovers.

  • Tommy and Tuppence - Partners in Crime [DVD] Tommy and Tuppence - Partners in Crime | DVD | (20/07/2015) from £8.49  |  Saving you £4.50 (34.60%)  |  RRP £12.99

  • New Scotland Yard - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] New Scotland Yard - The Complete Series 1 | DVD | (16/07/2012) from £14.99  |  Saving you £23.16 (57.90%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Starring John Woodvine, one of Britain's most distinguished stage and screen actors, this LWT police drama series presents a grippingly authentic portrayal of detective work in London during the rapidly changing 1970s. Executive-produced by Rex Firkin, this first series also featured ex-Chief Superintendent Frank Williams (former head of the Yard's Murder Squad) as advisor and scripts by Gangsters creator Philip Martin and Robert Banks Stewart.The focus is on Detective Chief Superintendent John Kingdom, of the Central Office of the CID. Having worked his way to the top through a number of Greater London divisions, he knows the force and he knows the villains. With a quiet authority he tackles some of the capital's most serious, high-profile, and perplexing cases; assisting the workaholic Kingdom is his equally efficient colleague, Detective Inspector Alan Ward.

  • Barbara Taylor Bradford : Boxed Set Barbara Taylor Bradford : Boxed Set | DVD | (08/09/2008) from £25.99  |  Saving you £34.00 (56.70%)  |  RRP £59.99

    A collection of five adaptations of Barbara Taylor Bradford's masterpiece novels. This box set includes: A Woman Of Substance: Spanning more than a century this is the epic story of the Harte dynasty as told through the best selling trilogy of novels by one of todays most popular authors. The story starts as the indomitable Emma Harte looks back over her remarkable rags-to-riches story while her own family plots against her to gain control of her mighty business empire. Hold The Dream: In this second installment of the trilogy Emma Harte passes on the Harte business empire to her favourite grand-daughter Paula McGill Fairley who must strive to unite a warring family. This is the story of one woman's determination to find the passion and happiness that should be her rightful legacy. Act Of Will: Three beautiful women - grandmother mother and daughter - struggle bravely through five eventful decades of hidden love high drama and sudden death in this Barbara Taylor Bradford's most stirring tale based closely on her own remarkable true-life story. Voice Of The Heart: Based on the international best seller by Barbara Taylor Bradford this is the powerful story of two beautiful women whose friendship is wracked by bitter jealousy and ultimate betrayal. With her stunning beauty brilliant talent and almost magical allure the irresistable Katherine Tempest has the world at her feet. Her rise from unknown actress to Hollywood legend is one marked by dazzling performances and a carefully concealed yet undeniably ruthless determination to succeed. Katherine irrevocably changes the lives of her closest friends: The two men who love her and Francesca the woman who trusts her implicitly. She never looks back - until she needs the one thing that they alone can give her - forgiveness. To Be The Best: Anthony Hopkins heads the star-studded cast of the trilogies gripping conclusion. As the powerful and beautiful Paula O'Neill finds her empire under attack it seems that only one man has the expertise and connections to save her.

  • A Woman of Substance Trilogy [DVD] A Woman of Substance Trilogy | DVD | (15/08/2016) from £19.99  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £N/A

    This boxed set features the star-studded, acclaimed trilogy that tells the tale of Emma Harte and how she overcame her impoverished beginnings to build up the Harte dynasty. Based on the best-selling novels by Barbara Taylor Bradford, we meet Emma as a servant girl in the magnificent A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, whose drive and ambition enables her to become one of the richest women in the world. The saga continues with HOLD THE DREAM when, at the age of 80, Emma decides to pass control of the business empire to her beloved granddaughter, Paula. We follow Paula's battles to stay at the top and as she takes on the greatest struggle of her career in TO BE THE BEST. This trilogy features a sumptuous cast which includes Jenny Seagrove, Deborah Kerr (in her last ever acting role), Liam Neeson, Anthony Hopkins and Stephanie Beacham.

  • The OC - The Complete Season 2 [DVD] The OC - The Complete Season 2 | DVD | (08/08/2005) from £11.48  |  Saving you £48.51 (80.90%)  |  RRP £59.99

    The drama was poured on aplenty in the second season of The O.C. , as the sun-dappled denizens of Orange County found their lives massively upended and then some. At the end of the first season, the Cohen household had been reduced to two--parents Sandy and Kirsten (Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan)--as the boys had flown the coop, moody Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) back to Chino and goofy Seth (Adam Brody) for the wide expanse of the Pacific (somehow ending up in Portland, Oregon). Once the prodigal sons returned home, thanks to a lot of persuading, both tried to mend relationships with their former girlfriends, Marissa (Mischa Barton) and Summer (Rachel Bilson). While friendships were solidified, everyone was dating someone else: Seth was with sultry club manager Alex (Olivia Wilde), Summer with sensitive polo jock Zach (Michael Cassidy), Ryan with smart girl Lindsay (Shannon Lucio), and Marissa with her family's pool guy and a bottle of vodka. That's just the first half of this year of The O.C. , and we haven't even gotten to the adults yet. Both Sandy and Kirsten found themselves tempted away by more-than-willing suitors, and wicked Julie (Melinda Clarke), Marissa's mom, cheated on new husband Caleb (Alan Dale) with ex-husband Jimmy (Tate Donovan). An extremely tangled web was woven, one from which the show almost didn't recover: the Lindsay storyline started out strong but went nowhere, Sandy's ex-girlfriend (Kim Delaney) was a bit of a bore, and the same-sex relationship between Marissa and Alex never really gelled. All seemed like sure-fire character additions, but it was the later peripheral characters, including Billy Campbell as a magazine editor smitten with Kirsten and the menacing yet sexy Logan Marshall-Green as Ryan's ex-con brother, who injected The O.C. with energy, and helped steer the show back on course. Brody, who became the show's de facto poster boy, got to show off his comedic talents with the wonderful Bilson (who rode the Zach-Seth-Summer romantic triangle most smoothly), and the heretofore sullen McKenzie got to lighten up quite a bit, until the show's violent yet effective season finale. Forsaking a good amount of its comedy for drama, The O.C. got a little too seriously soapy, but its characters were so compelling you couldn't stop watching--even waiflike Marissa grew some edges. Clarke's scheming Julie was a constant pleasure to watch, and Rowan turned Kirsten's late-season downturn into a steely yet heartfelt portrayal. Despite the bumps, The O.C. remained one of the most exciting shows to look forward to week after week, a soap with smarts thanks to its fresh dialogue, gifted cast, and careening plot arcs. --Mark Englehart

  • Bones: Season 1 Bones: Season 1 | DVD | (30/10/2006) from £9.99  |  Saving you £15.00 (37.50%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan, who works at the Jeffersonian Institution and writes novels as a sideline, has an uncanny ability to read clues left behind in a victim's bones.

  • A Bouquet of Barbed Wire / Another Bouquet: The Complete Series [DVD] A Bouquet of Barbed Wire / Another Bouquet: The Complete Series | DVD | (04/10/2010) from £10.70  |  Saving you £29.15 (72.90%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Box Set Comprises: A family divided and torn between love and betrayal This box set features the notorious '70s drama series and its equally infamous follow-up both high talking-points of 1970s Britain. A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire: A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire portrays the scandalous story of Peter Manson (Frank Finlay) a wealthy and successful publisher and his obsession with the life of his only daughter and her unsuitable husband. His wife tries desperately to console him and keep the fragile pieces of the family together but his jealous rage has disastrous consequences for everyone concerned. Relations become strained when Manson gets invloved with his beautiful secretary his family life is shattered as each member becomes embroiled in a web of deceit lies and betrayal. A tragic story of blood ties and forbidden desires unfolds in a truly spellbinding family drama. Based on the bestselling novel by Andrea Newman. Featuring all 7 episodes 'Home Coming' 'Introductions' 'Diversions' 'Festivities' 'Repercussions' 'Premonitions' and 'Leave Taking'. Another Bouquet Of Barbed Wire: Following on from the great success of 'A Bouquet of Barbed Wire' the sequel continues the emotional story of Peter Manson (Frank Finlay) and his tangled relationships with his family and his secretary. Unable to forget the past he remains obsessed by the memory of his dead daughter Prue. Another Bouquet is a harrowing drama of a respectable family that has spiralled deep into a mesh of lies secrets and lurid betrayals.

  • Agatha Christie's Seven Dials Mystery Agatha Christie's Seven Dials Mystery | DVD | (03/03/2008) from £12.24  |  Saving you £4.75 (28.00%)  |  RRP £16.99

    This drama is based on the best-selling novel by Agatha Christie and starring Sir John Gielgud (Summer's Lease) Rula Lenska (Footballers Wives TV) Terence Alexander (Bergerac) Cheryl Campbell (William and Mary) and Christopher Scoular (A Dorothy L Sayers Mystery: Strong Poison). This stylish thriller is set in the midst of a high society weekend party. All appears to be going swimmingly until one of the guests fails to appear for breakfast and is later found dead. Broadcast at peak time on ITV in 1981 this is available for the first time on DVD in the UK.

  • Justice - The Complete Series 2 [DVD] Justice - The Complete Series 2 | DVD | (22/04/2013) from £11.34  |  Saving you £26.67 (66.70%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Margaret Lockwood, one of British cinema's greatest stars, takes on the role of a no-nonsense female barrister in this compelling courtroom drama from the makers of Yorkshire Television's classic series The Main Chance. This second series also features guest appearances by Brian Blessed, Michael Elphick, Paul Eddington and Angela Thorne, among many others. Harriet Peterson is intuitive, tenacious and highly principled - and she's determined to succeed in a world still largely dominated by me...

  • Villains - The Complete Series Villains - The Complete Series | DVD | (13/08/2012) from £15.77  |  Saving you £24.22 (60.60%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Bob Hoskins, Martin Shaw, Paul Eddington and David Daker are among the cast of this LWT crime series with a difference. Villains follows the exploits of nine bankrobbers from the moment of their dramatic escape from imprisonment; told from the point of view of the criminals, the individual stories of the men, their accomplices, their women and the audacious heist itself unfold through each of the 13 hour-long episodes. Nine men move into a disused ladies' lavatory and seal themselves in for the weekend. Then they tunnel their way up through the floor of a nearby City bank, and walk out clutching a third of a million pounds between them. It seems the perfect job - but something goes wrong. Most of the men are subsequently caught and convicted. One year on, as the 'Bog Robbers' are being driven from prison to the Appeal Court, another ingenious plan is put into action. It sees them going on the run, taking desperate, sometimes farcical measures to evade recapture, and finding time to reflect on their shady pasts and uncertain futures.

  • The OC (Orange County) - The Complete Second Season The OC (Orange County) - The Complete Second Season | DVD | (08/08/2005) from £14.00  |  Saving you £37.74 (60.90%)  |  RRP £61.99

    Live. Laugh. Lie. Cheat. Grow. Share. Connive. Love. In California's beach paradise they do everything under the sun. There's trouble (and plenty of fun) in paradise in this Season 2 collection of the smash-hit series set in Orange County's posh Newport Beach. Hook up with what's coming down as the core-four romances of Ryan-and-Marissa and Seth-and-Summer may (or may not) go from very over to very on; Sandy and Kirsten face choices that could trainwreck their 20-year

  • The OC - The Complete Third Season The OC - The Complete Third Season | DVD | (04/09/2006) from £10.40  |  Saving you £39.99 (66.70%)  |  RRP £59.99

    The O.C. - also known as Orange County California - is an idyllic paradise a wealthy harbour-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities of kids living secret lives hidden from their parents and of parents living secret lives hidden from their children... Episodes Comprise: 1. The Aftermath 2. The Shape Of Things To Come 3. The End Of Innocence 4. The Last Waltz 5. The Perfec

  • Justice - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] Justice - The Complete Series 1 | DVD | (30/04/2012) from £16.99  |  Saving you £23.00 (57.50%)  |  RRP £39.99

    Margaret Lockwood, one of British cinema s greatest stars, takes on the role of a no-nonsense female barrister in this outstanding series from the makers of Yorkshire Television s classic legal drama The Main Chance. Intuitive, adept and deeply conscientious, Harriet Peterson possesses a steely determination and the necessary tenacity to fight for her clients. But she is not infallible and a turbulent personal life occasionally spills over into her professional life as she takes on a range of cases, from child custody battles to murder, medical negligence to treason. This first series sees Harriet making the move from the north of England to London. Executive producer Peter Willes marshalled key members of the Main Chance team, including legal consultant John Batt and writer Edmund Ward, to create a rigorously researched and compelling courtroom drama. This set comprises both Justice and the single Screenplay drama which preceded it, Justice Is a Woman also starring Lockwood as Julia Stanford, a barrister who, convinced of her client s innocence, defends a young man accused of rape and murder

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