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24: Complete Season 7 DVD


The highly-anticipated season 7 of the television series 24, sees Jack standing trial for human rights violations after returning from Africa. But when terrorists take control of the American National security communication systems, he's soon sent back into action. An old character from the show's history also returns in this series, could he be involved in these attacks?

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  • 19 October 2009
  • Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones
  • DVD
  • unassigned
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • TBC
  • 1036 minutes
  • PAL

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play  Following up on the harrowing events of the feature-length movie REDEMPTION 24&39;s full-throttle seventh series once again hurtles viewers back into the breathless pace of the programme proper with all the fast-paced verve fans have come to expect from FOX’s blockbuster action franchise Federal Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) returns from working alongside old friend Carl Benton at an underprivileged boys&39; school in war-ravaged Sangala Africa where he was forced to spring back into action after a heinous warlord kidnapped schoolchildren to be recruited as soldiers for a planned coup Back in the States Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) has been inaugurated as the country’s first female president which puts her family in danger Soon after returning Jack discovers that the terrorists who have breached the government’s computer database infrastructure may be the same ones behind the Sangala incident In addition the CTU is out of commission and Elisha Cuthbert returns as Jack&39;s daughter Kim Included here are all 24 episodes

The complete seventh season of the real-time suspense drama series. The season begins with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) being forced to stand trial for human rights violations after returning from Africa - but he is soon drafted back into action when terrorists threaten America's national security by taking control of its communication systems. As Bauer sets out to uncover who is behind the menacing plot, he discovers that an old friend, whom he believed to be dead, could be involved.

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  • 24: Complete Season 7

    In its seventh year, 24 was running the risk of becoming another show that was past its expiration date. Season six, to be generous, was tepid. Plots were rehashed, Jack Bauer's extended family were brought in as a desperate attempt to shake up the plot (with complete disregard for any kind of plausibility) and the format was starting to grow tired. It's with great relief that I can say that season 7, after the appropriately titled TV movie 'Redemption', managed to inject fresh life into the show.

    The change in location from LA to DC served as something of a reboot; there were only so many times Los Angeles could be targeted by the world's terrorists. Jack starts the season under scrutiny for the very actions that have saved the day so many times before - a sharp nod to the heavy criticism the show has faced for its over-emphasis on torture. As the day grows older, Jack is thrown back into another threat facing the nation, made more personal by the dark return of an old character loved by fans.

    Although the season does sink back into some of its old habits, the story is gripping and the pacing as tight as ever. For the first time in years, it really feels like the story was plotted out with care prior to production. Where the season really shines is in its characters. The fiery newcomer Renee Walker is the shining light of this season: a flawed woman struggling to toe the line between what she's told to do and what she believes is right (which, invariably, is aligned with Jack). Her story is one of the most interesting of the year, ending in a powerful and intriguing cliffhanger.

    The introduction of Alison Taylor as the first female President breathes more new life into the story. After six years we're finally free of the Palmer presidency, a story which was growing far too tired. Cherry Jones brings a humble gravitas to the role, a woman with strong values and principles which even at times outweigh her devotion to her own family - leading to several powerful scenes as she struggles with her husband and scheming daughter - one of the slyest characters the show has seen in years.

    In spite of its virtues, it has to be said that by now, the show is preposterous. In Washington DC it's apparently even quicker to get from one side of the city to the other. Of all the grave problems facing Jack Bauer, traffic will apparently never be one of them. Think too hard and the timetable of the day's events will seem far too convenient to be at all possible, the plot twists so much it risks snapping and Kim Bauer makes a return as the woman who can't go twenty minutes without being kidnapped.

    But that's all part of the fun. 24 persists in being one of the most relentlessly addictive and consuming shows on TV. Its twists come thick and fast, packing a good emotional punch from time to time, and every cliffhanger leaves you wanting just.. one.. more.

    Bring on season eight!

    N.B.: Difficult perfectionists such as myself should note that through some kind of witchcraft, Fox have managed to cram all six discs of this DVD set into a single DVD case. Although a miracle in engineering, the case won't match up with the other box sets on your shelf. Be warned!

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