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A Family At War - Complete Boxed Set DVD


A Family At War is a powerful wartime story which follows the dramatic events in the life of the Ashtons a middle class Liverpudlian family during the turbulent period of the Second World War. The epic series dramatises the hardship pain and tragedy that was often inflicted on ordinary families as sons were sent abroad to fight children were evacuated and those who remained at home lived in constant fear of being bombed. Written by the highly acclaimed writer John Finch (Coronation Street Spoils Of War and Sam) the series was originally broadcast on ITV on 1970. It ran for a total of 50 hour long episodes throughout the early 1970's and we are proud to present every episode on this monolith of a boxed set. 1. The Facts of Life 2. To Die For Spain 3. Lines of Battle 4. The Summer Before the War 5. The Gate of the Year 6. The Breach in the Dyke 7. The War Office Regrets 8. For Strategic Reasons 9. The Night They Hit No. 8 10. One of Ours 11. Brothers in War 12. If It's Got Your Number On It 13. The End of the Beginning 14. The Other Side of the Hill 15. I Can Be Happy Can't I? 16. A Lesson in War 17. Is Your Journey Really Necessary? 18. 48 Hour Pass 19. Hope Against Hope 20. A Time To Be Born 21. A Heros' Welcome 22. We Could Be a Lot Worse Off 23. Lend Your Loving Arms 24. Hazard 25. Giving and Taking 26. Believed Killed 27. Into the Dark 28. The Straight and Narrow 29. Clash By Night 30. Salute the Happy Morn 31. I Wanted to be with You 32. A Seperate Peace 33. The Lucky Ones 34. For the Duration 35. Happy Duration 36. The Things You Never Told Me 37. You Can Choose Your Friends 38. Flesh and Blood 39. Spread a Little Happiness 40. Take It On Trust 41. This Year Next Year 42. The Fundamental Things Apply 43. Thicker Than Water 44. Breaking Point 45. The Lost Ones 46. The Sensible Thing 47. Under New Management 48. Coming Home 49. A Faint Refrain 50. Two Fathers 51. The Old Order Changeth 52. Yielding Place to New

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play Featuring all the episodes from series 2 of A Family At War Actors Colin Douglas Shelagh Fraser Keith Drinkel Colin Campbell & Barbara Flynn Certificate PG Year 1970 ; 1971 Screen Fullscreen 43 Languages English - Dolby Digital (10) Mono Duration 16 hours and 39 minutes (approx)

The entire series of 'A Family At War', a powerful wartime story of the Ashton family. Living in Liverpool during the Second World War they struggle to deal with the harsh realities of life. Their sons are sent abroad to fight, children are evacuated and those who remain at home are in constant fear. Series one episodes comprise: 'The Facts of Life', 'To Die for Spain', 'Lines of Battle', 'The Summer Before the War', 'The Gate of the Year', 'The Breach in the Dyke', 'The War Office Regrets', 'For Strategic Reasons', 'The Night They Hit No. 8', 'One of Ours', 'Brothers in War', 'If It's Got Your Number on It' and 'The End of the Beginning'. Series two episides comprise: 'The Other Side of the Hill', 'I Can Be Happy, Can't I?', 'A Lesson in War', 'Is Your Journey Really Necessary?', 'The Forty-Eight Hour Pass', 'Hope Against Hope', 'A Time to Be Born', 'A Hero's Welcome', 'We Could Be a Lot Worse Off', 'Lend Your Loving Arms', 'Hazard', 'Giving and Taking', 'Believed Killed', 'Into the Dark', 'The Straight and Narrow', 'Clash by Night', 'Salute the Happy Morn', 'I Wanted to Be with You' and 'A Separate Peace'. Series three episodes comprise: 'The Lucky Ones', 'For the Duration', 'Happy Returns', 'The Things You Never Told Me', 'You Can Choose Your Friends', 'Flesh and Blood', 'Spread a Little Happiness', 'Take It On Trust', 'This Year, Next Year', 'The Fundamental Things Apply', 'Thicker Than Water', 'Breaking Point', 'The Lost Ones', 'The Sensible Thing', 'Under New Management', 'Coming Home', 'A Faint Refrain', 'Two Fathers', 'The Old Order Changeth' and 'Yielding Place to New'.

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  • A Family At War - Complete Boxed Set

    Goodness me, how well I remember this series. Rather like "The Forsyte Saga", it became an ingrained part of the family week, with all chairs drawn up to the television in good time for the next gripping instalment. Poignantly showing life through WW2, mostly at home in England, it aired weekly on Britain's Granada Television from 1970 to 1972, reaching an estimated audience of 25 million viewers.
    This enthralling series was created and edited by John Finch (who also wrote the majority of the scripts). Producers were Richard Doubleday and
    Michael Cox. The 52 one-hour episodes of "A Family at War" centred upon the lives of the Ashton family of Liverpool from 1938 through the end of the Second World War.
    Splendidly written and acted, "A Family at War"
    stands today as one of the finest dramatic achievements in the history of television. This link will take you to a website devoted to the series:

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