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Babylon 5: The Complete Collection + The Lost Tales (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk) DVD


Set Comprises: Pilot The Gathering 1. Midnight on the Firing Line 2. Soul Hunter 3. Born to the Purple 4. Infection 5. The Parliament of Dreams 6. Mind War 7. The War Prayer 8. And the Sky Full of Stars 9. Deathwalker 10. Believers 11. Survivors 12. By Any Means Necessary 13. Signs and Portents 14.TKO 15. Grail 16. Eyes 17. Legacies 18. A Voice in the Wilderness (1) 19. A Voice in the Wilderness (2) 20. Babylon Squared 21. The Quality of Mercy 22. Chrysalis 23. Points of Departure 24. Revelations 25. The Geometry of Shadows 26. A Distant Star 27. The Long Dark 28. Spider in the Web 29. Soul Mates 30. A Race Through Dark Places 31. The Coming of Shadows 32. GROPOS 33. All Alone in the Night 34. Acts of Sacrifice 35. Hunter Prey 36. There All the Honor Lies 37. And Now for a Word 38. In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum 39. Knives 40. Confessions and Lamentations 41. Divided Loyalties 42. The Long Twilight Struggle 43. Comes the Inquisitor 44. The Fall of Night 45. Matters of Honor 46. Convictions 47. A Day in the Strife 48. Passing Through Gethsemane 49. Voices of Authority 50. Dust to Dust 51. Exogenesis 52. Messages from Earth (1) 53. Point of No Return (2) 54. Severed Dreams (3) 55. Ceremonies of Light and Dark 56. Sic Transit Vir 57. A Late Delivery from Avalon 58. Ship of Tears 59. Interludes and Examinations 60. War Without End (1) 61. War Without End (2) 62. Walkabout 63. Grey 17 Is Missing 64. And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place 65. Shadow Dancing 66. Z'ha'dum 67. The Hour of the Wolf 68. What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? 69. The Summoning 70. Falling Towards Apotheosis 71. The Long Night 72. Into the Fire 73. Epiphanies 74. The Illusion of Truth 75. Atonement 76. Racing Mars 77. Lines of Communication 78. Conflicts of Interest 79. Rumors Bargains and Lies 80. Moments of Transition 81. No Surrender No Retreat 82. Exercise of Vital Powers 83. The Face of the Enemy 84. Intersections in Real Time 85. Between the Darkness and the Light 86. Endgame 87. Rising Star 88. The Deconstruction of Falling Stars 89. No Compromises 90. The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari 91. The Paragon of Animals 92. A View from the Gallery 93. Learning Curve 94. Strange Relations 95. Secrets of the Soul 96. Day of the Dead 97. In the Kingdom of the Blind 98. A Tragedy of Telepaths 99. Phoenix Rising 100. The Ragged Edge 101. The Corps is Mother the Corps is Father 102. Meditations on the Abyss 103. Darkness Ascending 104. And All My Dreams Torn Asunder 105. Movements of Fire and Shadow (1) 106. The Fall of Centauri Prime (2) 107. The Wheel of Fire 108. Objects in Motion 109. Objects at Rest

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play In 1994 Star Trek had to take a backseat to a new kid on the block science-fiction series Babylon 5 created by Michael Straczynski In a nutshell it&39;s the 23rd Century and the Babylon 5 space station has become an interplanetary peaceful negotiation centre Humans and aliens attempt to settle differences in a reasonable fashion here under the stewardship of President John J Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) which makes for some fantastical plot arcs throughout its five year run  This stylishly compact yet comprehensive box set contains every Babylon 5 episode ever made the series Crusade and all six Babylon 5 feature films with extras plus the brand-new feature The Lost Tales which has never been shown on television

Box set containing all five seasons of 'Babylon 5', all the 'Babylon 5' films and the first season of 'Crusade'. 'Babylon 5' episodes comprise: Season one - 'Midnight on the Firing Line', 'Soul Hunter', 'Born to the Purple', 'Infection', 'The Parliament of Dreams', 'Mind War', 'The War Prayer', 'And The Sky Full Of Stars', 'Deathwalker', 'Believers', 'Survivors', 'By Any Means Necessary', 'Signs and Portents', 'Grail', 'Eyes', 'A Voice in the Wilderness part 1', 'A Voice in the Wilderness part 2', 'Babylon Squared', 'The Quality of Mercy', 'TKO', 'Legacies' and 'Chrysalis'. Season two - 'Points of Departure', 'Revelations', 'The Geometry of Shadows', 'A Distant Star', 'The Long Dark', 'A Spider in the Web', 'A Race Through Dark Places', 'Soul Mates', 'The Coming of Shadows', 'GROPOS', 'All Alone in the Night', 'Acts of Sacrifice', 'Hunter, Prey', 'There All the Honor Lies', 'And Now For a Word', 'Knives', 'In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum', 'Confessions and Lamentations', 'Divided Loyalties', 'The Long, Twilight Struggle', 'Comes the Inquisitor' and 'The Fall of Night'. Season three - 'Matters of Honor', 'Convictions', 'A Day in the Strife', 'Passing Through Gethsemane', 'Voices of Authority', 'Dust to Dust', 'Exogenesis', 'Messages from Earth', 'Point of No Return', 'Severed Dreams', 'Ceremonies of Light and Dark', 'A Late Delivery From Avalon', 'Sic Transit Vir', 'Ship of Tears', 'Interludes and Examinations', 'Walkabout', 'War Without End, Part One', 'War Without End, Part Two', 'Grey 17 Is Missing', 'And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place', 'Shadow Dancing' and 'Z'ha'dum'. Season four - 'The Hour of the Wolf', 'Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?', 'The Summoning', 'Falling Toward Apotheosis', 'The Long Night', 'Into the Fire', 'Epiphanies', 'The Illusion of Truth', 'Thirdspace', 'Atonement', 'Racing Mars', 'Lines of Communication', 'Conflicts of Interest', 'Rumors, Bargains and Lies', 'Moments of Transition', 'No Surrender, No Retreat', 'The Exercise of Vital Powers', 'The Face of the Enemy', 'Intersections in Real Time', 'Between the Darkness and the Light', 'Endgame', 'Rising Star' and 'The Deconstruction of Falling Stars'. Season five - 'No Compromises', 'The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari', 'The Paragon of Animals', 'A View from the Gallery', 'Learning Curve', 'Strange Relations', 'Secrets of the Soul', 'In the Kingdom of the Blind', 'A Tragedy of Telepaths', 'Phoenix Rising', 'The Ragged Edge', 'Day of the Dead', 'The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father', 'Meditations on the Abyss', 'Darkness Ascending', 'And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder', 'Movements of Fire and Shadow', 'The Fall of Centauri Prime', 'Wheel of Fire', 'Objects in Motion', 'Objects at Rest', 'River of Souls', 'The Legend of the Rangers' and 'Sleeping in Light'. The 'Babylon 5' films comprise: 'Legend Of The Rangers' (2002), 'The Gathering' (1993), 'In The Beginning' (1998), 'Thirdspace' (1998), 'A Call To Arms' (1999) and 'The River Of Souls' (1998). 'Crusade' season one episodes comprise: 'War Zone', 'The Long Road', 'The Well Of Forever', 'The Path Of Sorrows', 'Patterns Of The Soul', 'Ruling From The Tomb', 'Rules Of The Game', 'Appearances And Other Deceits', 'Racing The Night', 'The Memory Of War', 'The Needs Of Earth', 'Visitors From Down The Street' and 'Each Night I Dream'.

  • Average Rating for Babylon 5: The Complete Collection + The Lost Tales (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk) - 3 out of 5

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  • Babylon 5: The Complete Collection + The Lost Tales (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk)
    C. Lee

    Babylon 5 for many years was one of the only science-fiction television shows that I never came in to contact with. In comparison to everything else - there is something different about B5 - which other shows of the '90s - including the Star Treks- did not have. It has a unique quality about it that no other programme had - that is the good news.

    But the unique quality of the programme, and by that I mean the specific thing that makes it different, is unquantifiable. I have heard Straczynski (B5's auteur creator) describe the series as a 'novel for television' - an interesting notion - but when you compare the early B5 to the new Battlestar Galactica - it seems extremely un-serialised in its approach to a series arc. But then again - in the '90s, television networks did not want serialised television - they wanted stand alone week-by-week stories (a la X-Files) and that is what you get for the most part here.

    The endless similarities with Star Trek Deep Space Nine are always a point for discussion - but, from what I've read, Paramount practically stole the premise for DS9 from Straczynski, who initially pitched B5 to them a few years before. B5 has a much larger canvas than DS9, however, and a much larger ensemble cast - which can, at times, be difficult to keep track of, trying to remember who is who.

    The one thing about B5 that grated with me was its tone - initially I assumed this was bad writing and bad dialogue that made everything jar - but, having recently experienced Straczynski's 'Changeling' with Angelina Jolie, dir. by Clint Eastwood, which was simply amazing - it certainly isn't because Straczynski is a bad writer. The blame for the lack of tonal quality of B5 can only be placed firmly on the actors - who do exude a quality only comparable to 'soap opera' acting. If B5 had had the classically trained actors of DS9 - I think the overall watchablilty of the programme would have been much greater.

    The good news is that the DVD is brilliant - great packaging and a comprehensive set. For the makers of the programme to have the forethought to frame the programme in 16:9 in the early 90s was a fantastic prediction that pays off here - with all the episodes remastered in the widescreen 16:9 ratio to fit your 2009 screen is simply superb - I only wish more programmes of this era had been wise enough to do the same thing (God only knows why The Wire, a far more recent programme, was filmed in 4:3). The only thing that suffers are the CGI effects which have not been remastered - they are the original effects that have been 'stretched and cropped' to fit 16:9 - which doesn't work to great effect. It would be a massive job to re-work the CGI effects to 2009 standards - and I wouldn't imagine it's at the top of anyone's list of priorities.

    An interesting series - not without its problems - but worth dipping in to if you are curious about what it has to offer.

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