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Breaking Bad - Season 1 DVD


Popular water-cooler drama about an unremarkable and uncharismatic chemistry teacher, Walter, who discovers new passion in his life after he learns he has terminal cancer. Once a successful chemist, Walter now teaches apathetic high school students and works part-time at a car wash to help support his family - wife Skyler, who earns a modest income buying and selling items on eBay, and son Walter, Jr., a strong-willed 17-year-old suffering from cerebral palsy. Realizing he has nothing but his...

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play Popular water-cooler drama about an unremarkable and uncharismatic chemistry teacher Walter who discovers new passion in his life after he learns he has terminal cancer Once a successful chemist Walter now teaches apathetic high school students and works part-time at a car wash to help support his family - wife Skyler who earns a modest income buying and selling items on eBay and son Walter Jr a strong-willed 17-year-old suffering from cerebral palsy Realizing he has nothing but his family left to live for Walter's new sense of purpose reinvigorates him into a man of action as he turns to an exciting life of crime to provide for the ones he loves Actors Bryan Cranston Anna Gunn Aaron Paul Dean Norris RJ Mitte & Betsy Brandt Director Vince Gilligan Certificate 18 years and over Year 2008 Languages English - Dolby Digital (51) Duration 5 hours and 32 minutes (approx)

All seven episodes of the blackly comic drama series starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher in the throes of a midlife crisis who discovers that he is dying from inoperable lung cancer. In an attempt to sort out his disastrous financial affairs he decides to turn to crime, and enlists the help of a good-for-nothing ex-student to set himself up as a crystal meth dealer. Episodes are: 'Pilot', 'Cat's in the Bag', '... And the Bag's in the River', 'Cancer Man', 'Gray Matter', 'Crazy Handful of Nothin'' and 'A No-Rough-Stuff-Type-Deal'.

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  • Breaking Bad - Season 1
    George Orton

    Breaking Bad is the best TV series to have come out of the US since The Sopranos. However, unlike The Sopranos, it doesn't take you several episodes to get sucked into the world of the show before you truly start to appreciate it. No, Breaking Bad is great from the very first episode - and as soon as you watch that opening hour of television, I can pretty much guarantee that you're going to stick around for the rest of the series.

    The show revolves around Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and given only a couple of years to live. So, in order to pay for his medical costs and provide for his family after he's gone, he forms an unlikely alliance with ex-student and drug dealer Jesse Pinkman, putting his science skills to good use as a manufacturer of high-grade crystal meth. Thus begins the saga of the unlikeliest drugs baron you've ever met, and his story remains just as compelling as things grow from these humble origins.

    Because more than anything, Breaking Bad is a series that's all about escalation. From Walter's humble early efforts that see him cook up a single batch of the drug for Jesse to sell, we gradually see him take on bigger and bigger projects, leading to the pair becoming more and more significant players in the local underworld. This brings them into conflict with local drugs barons and other dealers, not to mention Walter's own brother-in-law - who just happens to be a DEA officer tasked with uncovering the truth behind this latest new player on the drugs scene. This leads to continuing tension and pressure, and a constant sense that Walter is up-against-the-wall at all times, always just on the brink of being discovered by his oblivious friends and family.

    Yes, just like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad mixes its more serious criminal plots with whole sections of the show that revolve around family - including Walter's pregnant wife Skylar and his disabled son, Walter Jr. And despite them playing second-fiddle to the drug-manufacturing shenanigans, it's these sections that provide some of the most meaty, compelling material in the series. As Walter is forced to confront his mortality and make some hard choices about how he and his family will deal with his cancer, we really get to know these characters intimately, with the dialogue and character relationships really getting stuck into the details of their life, where most other shows would only scratch the surface.

    The main reason these sections are so compelling - and the rest of the show too, actually - is the central performance by Bryan Cranston. If, like me, you previously only knew Cranston as Malcolm's Dad from Malcolm in the Middle, you'll find his performance here to be nothing short of a revelation. Because he manages to completely escape the shadow of that more comedic role to create a completely different, yet utterly convincing new personality in Walter White.

    At first pathetic and meek, Walter grows in confidence and stature as the show progresses and he begins to experience success in the drugs trade - and Cranston makes you feel that transition every step of the way. He also manages to completely get to grips with the complex morality of Walter's new career, sometimes taking the character into some unexpectedly dark and dangerous places (an early episode in which Walter must decide whether or not to kill a captured rival drug-dealer is utterly gripping and completely unpredictable - just like the show as a whole). But at all times, you remain convinced that this is a real, living and breathing, multi-faceted person rather than the kind of simple two-dimensional caricature you'd find in a lot of other shows.

    For all the grimness and darkness (the show is often brutally violent and graphically gory), Breaking Bad also manages to undercut its drama with some black humour that punctures the seriousness of the show just enough to allow you the occasional breather between one gloriously compelling sequence and the next. Aaron Paul's performance as Jesse, in particular, treads the very difficult line between being inept comic relief and a legitimate character that you come to care about in his own right. His role might not be as showy or complex as Cranston's, but he's an essential part of the show's dynamic without which things just wouldn't function. Fittingly enough for a show that's all about science, Breaking Bad's greatest strength is the pair's perfect chemistry.

    This first DVD collection contains just seven episodes, comprising the entire short first season of the show. But I guarantee that you won't be able to stop there, not least due to the agonising cliffhanger ending that leads you straight into season two. And with the final season due to hit DVD at the end of this year, now is the perfect time to get on board with this sleeper-hit series and see just what you've been missing.

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