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Breaking Bad - The Final Season DVD


The transformation of Walter White (Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston) continues in the final season of Breaking Bad. Join Walter and his erstwhile student and sometimes business partner Jesse Pinkman (Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul) as their corrosive story reaches its epic conclusion.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play The transformation of Walter White (Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston) continues in the final season of Breaking Bad Join Walter and his erstwhile student and sometimes business partner Jesse Pinkman (Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul) as their corrosive story reaches its epic conclusion Actors Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul & Anna Gunn Year 2013 Languages English

Episodes 9-16 of the fifth and final season of the blackly comic American drama starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth producer. Walter turned to drugs after being diagnosed with lung cancer, hoping to pay off his weighty medical bills and provide for his family in the event of his death. Unfortunately, becoming involved in the drugs industry brings with it numerous complications, and the power and wealth it generates may not be easy to give up. In this series, Walter's increasingly ruthless behaviour brings him perilously close to the clutches of his brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). The episodes are: 'Blood Money', 'Buried', 'Confessions', 'Rabid Dog', 'To'hajiilee', 'Ozymandias', 'Granite State' and 'Felina'.

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  • Breaking Bad - The Final Season [DVD + UV Copy]
    Mark Harrison

    It's far too early to call Breaking Bad the greatest television series ever. As exciting and engaging as it has been to watch, it's easy to like the show, and to like people talking about it a little less. Thus far, the series seems fairly backlash-proof, but irrespective of the hype, the final season of Vince Gilligan's series is as audacious and spellbinding as the build-up would suggest.

    After the season 5 cliffhanger finally revealed Walt's criminal doings to Hank, there's an imminent confrontation between the two brothers-in-law. Over the course of five (and a bit) seasons, just as we've seen Walt become steadily more corrupt, we've also seen Hank become a much better man in his pursuit of Heisenberg, and Gilligan doesn't skimp on the long-awaited reaction to this unforgivable betrayal.

    As if the cat-and-mouse game between them in the early episodes of this season isn't compelling enough, Jesse's misery catalyses the series' journey towards the finish line, as he finally chooses his allegiance. Poor Pinkman. The show might just as aptly have been called "The Passion of the Jesse", for how much the character suffers throughout his arc, but strong writing, coupled with Aaron Paul's performance, has always made him the most sympathetic character.

    Without giving too much away, the real triumph of this final season is in the sense of closure it delivers to its legion of fans. The ultimate confrontations- the ones which the fans have been waiting for- really take place in "Ozymandias", the antepenultimate episode of the series. It's the best hour of television I've seen all year; a taut, heart-wrenching episode in which all hell truly breaks loose.

    But that doesn't mean that the following two episodes are dull by comparison. By eschewing an action-packed finale, Gilligan has time to leave all of his characters in a place that will satisfy the viewers, without rushing to answer every question, or botching any of those developments. Compared to other anticipated series finales, the lesson is that closure is hugely underrated.

    As we've come to expect, the acting is excellent, as a rule. Bryan Cranston caps a truly magnificent turn as Walt, Dean Norris finally makes his Hank the de facto hero of the show, and everyone else, from Aaron Paul's sympathetic dealer to Laura Fraser's ruthless businesswoman, seems to raise their game to the same equal standing.

    The music continues to be aptly chosen too- Badfinger's "Baby Blue" proves to be the perfect song for the perfect closing image to the series, and the use of music in the season preceding that moment is just as effective. As much as it's too early to declare this the best show ever, it's tough to think of another show that's so dedicated to excellent standards in acting, writing, directing and visuals, all at the same time.

    It's a testament to the amount of thought that goes into the show that fans are still debating the meaning of the finale's title, "Felina." It's the name of a song that opens that episode, but it's also an anagram of "finale". Most interestingly though, it can be divided into "Fe Li Na", the chemical symbols for Iron, Lithium and Sodium.

    Blood. Meth. Tears. It's a fitting epitaph for a US TV drama par magnificence.

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