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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 4 DVD


Season Four sees Buffy Willow and Oz going to college at UC Sunnydale. Buffy immediately comes face-to-face with the leader of a gang of vampire thieves named Sunday. If that wasn't bad enough we learn that Buffy's roommate (who naturally has a Celine Dion poster) Kathy is a demon... Episodes Comprise: 1. The Freshman 2. Living Conditions 3. The Harsh Light Of Day 4. Fear Itself 5. Beer Bad 6. Wild At Heart 7. The Initiative 8. Pangs 9. Something Blue 10. Hush 11. Doomed 1

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  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 4
    Sarah MacLeod

    Season Four sees Buffy and her friends leaving High School behind and searching for their identities outside of school. Buffy and Willow go to University, the former finding this harder than the latter. Xander struggles through several low-paid jobs as he tries to keep up with his friends. A now jobless Giles doesn't know what his place in the world is anymore with Buffy now grown up. This may make it seem like season four is rather joyless but it is actually one of the funniest seasons of the series. Also suffering identity issues is Buffy"s new boyfriend, Riley, who doesn't know if he wants to be the loyal soldier or an independent demon hunter. Spike joins the main cast but his identity is immediately challenged by having a chip put in his head, stopping him from hurting people, and forcing him to co-operate with the good guys. The season continues its theme by having many of the little and big bads having identity issues - this can be seen most prominently in one of the best episodes of the season where rogue Slayer Faith returns and steals Buffy's identity, desperately trying to be anyone other than herself. The main baddy of the season is the Frankenstein-like Adam who is made up of parts of other people and demons. The season ends with Buffy being told 'you don't know who you are'. Season four as a whole is less arc based and focuses more on the individual episodes. There is an arc about an evil government conspiracy but this is rather weak and had led people to dislike the season. However it contains some of the funniest scenes of the series and maintains a lightness throughout that can be missing from other seasons. The best episodes are Hush where demons steal the voices of everyone in Sunnydale (which leads to 30 minutes of no talking in the episode), Who Are You where Faith tries to live Buffy's life and Restless where the gang all suffer prophetic dreams in a hint for what is to come for the series. This season ran alongside the first season of Angel and there are two episodes in which the vampire with a soul shows up in Sunnydale again (but if Angel isn't your thing there are no worrying unexplained plot points to worry about from the reverse crossover). For first-time Buffy watchers who are put off by the campness of the first season this would be a good boxset to start with as the episodes are mostly self-contained. The DVD boxset contains two fantastic commentaries by Joss Whedon, particularly the one for the final episode 'Restless' which adds much to the viewing experience. The picture quality is improved upon from the previous season and this is the first season filmed in widescreen.

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