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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Season 1-7 (New Packaging) DVD


From its charming and angst-ridden first season to the darker, apocalyptic final one, Buffy the Vampire Slayer succeeds on many levels, and in a fresher and more authentic way than the shows that came before or after it. How lucky, then, that with the release of its boxed set of seasons 1-7, you can have the estimable pleasure of watching a near-decade of Buffy in any order you choose. (And we have some ideas about how that should be done.) First: rest assured that there's no shame in coming to Buffy late, even if you initially turned your nose up at the winsome Sarah Michelle Gellar kicking the hell out of vampires (in Buffy-lingo, vamps), demons, and other evil-doers. Perhaps you did so because, well, it looked sort of science-fiction-like with all that monster latex. Start with season 3 and see that Buffy offers something for everyone, and the sooner you succumb to it, the quicker you'll appreciate how textured and riveting a drama it is. Why season 3? Because it offers you a winning cast of characters who have fallen from innocence: their hearts have been broken, their egos trampled in typically vicious high-school style, and as a result, they've begun to realise how fallible they are. As much as they try, there are always more monsters, or a bigger evil. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the core crew remains something of a unit--there's the smart girl, Willow (Alyson Hannigan) who dreams of saving the day by downloading the plans to City Hall's sewer tunnels and mapping a route to safety. There are the ne'r do wells--the vampire Spike (James Marsters), who both clashes with and aspires to love Buffy; the tortured and torturing Angel (David Boreanz); the pretty, popular girl with an empty heart (Charisma Carpenter); and the teenage everyman, Xander (Nicholas Brendon). Then there's Buffy herself, who in the course of seven seasons morphs from a sarcastic teenager in a minidress to a heroine whose tragic flaw is an abiding desire to be a "normal" girl. On a lesser note, with the boxed set you can watch the fashion transformation of Buffy from mall rat to Prada-wearing, kickboxing diva with enviable highlights. (There was the unfortunate bob of season 2, but it's a forgivable lapse.) At least the storyline merits the transformations: every time Buffy has to end a relationship she cuts her hair, shedding both the pain and her vulnerability. In addition to the well-wrought teenage emotional landscape, Buffy deftly takes on more universal themes--power, politics, death, morality--as the series matures in seasons 4-6. And apart from a few missteps that haven't aged particularly well ("I Robot" in season 1 comes to mind), most episodes feel as harrowing and as richly drawn as they did at first viewing. That's about as much as you can ask for any form of entertainment: that it offer an escape from the viewer's workaday world and entry into one in which the heroine (ideally one with leather pants) overcomes demons far more troubling than one's own. --Megan Halverson

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER followed Buffy on her quest to rid the world of vampires demons and various other evil beings A small band of friends are there to help her out including the vampire convert Angel vampire and ambivalent love interest Spike popular girl Cordelia regular guy Xander and intellectual Willow This collection includes series 1 to 7 of the show

Every episode from all seven seasons of the teen fantasy show following the adventures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Season 1, Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) moves from a stressful life in Los Angeles to the quiet town of Sunnydale, where she hopes to begin afresh. Little does she know that Sunnydale happens to be positioned over the Hellmouth, and the town is full of those our Buffy hoped to avoid: vampires... Season 2 begins with Buffy reluctantly returning to Sunnydale High after a summer away. A fiery relationship ignites between Buffy and Angel (David Boreanez), and proceeds to take a dangerous turn as his obsession starts edging closer to her heart and home - forcing her to take drastic action. Season 3 sees Willow (Alyson Hannigan), Xander (Nicholas Brendan) and Oz (Seth Green) continuing the business of vampire slaying - and wondering where their friend and leader Buffy has gone. Little do they know that Buffy has taken a job as a waitress in Los Angeles where she is living in a dumpy apartment and going by her middle name, Anne... Season 4 sees Buffy, Willow and Oz going to college at UC Sunnydale. Buffy immediately comes face to face with the leader of a gang of vampire thieves named Sunday. If that wasn't bad enough, it transpires that Buffy's roommate is a demon... In Season 5, Buffy and the Scooby Gang face - among other grizzly ghouls, vampires and demons - the greatest vampire of all time: Dracula. Buffy also has major boyfriend troubles. It's Xander who comes to Buffy's emotional rescue, shedding light on the fact that she has been holding her beau at a distance becuase she still harbours pain from her past relationship with Angel. In Season 6, dark clouds form on Sunnydale and black magic begins to seep in as Buffy falls out of heaven and back to Earth. The mood thickens as characters clash like never before. Finally, as Season 7 begins, the series takes a surprising turn with the re-opening of the High School (which was obliterated at the end of Season 3). This startling development brings about new challenges and threats, which promise that the battle against evil is far from over...

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Season 1-7 (New Packaging)
    Michael Short

    Buffy has always been a show that had the misfortune of being tarred with the 'sci-fi and fantasy' brush, which for many shows is not an unjust classification. But not for Buffy, a show that is so much deeper and layered than anyone could possible know at first glance.

    I have to admit to being a latecomer to the Buffyverse, having watched the entire series in full only recently. I can only say that I am sad I did not take the time to watch it sooner, because it truly is a revolutionary piece of television. This is a series that began over 17 years ago now, yet in many ways feels fresher than shows that have only just started. Yes, some of the outfits look dated, but the dialogue is sharp and witty (as any fan of Joss Whedon will know) and relevance can be found in many of the storylines, regardless of age or gender.

    Whedon managed to create a show that, despite the fantasy premise, was always about the characters and the struggles they faced. The supernatural elements serve as metaphors for problems that we all face, and on that level it is absolutely flawless.

    Even in such an acclaimed show, there are numerous standout episodes. In particular, there is 'Hush', which features an extended sequence with no dialogue, 'The Body', an episode that deals with the very real implications of death, and 'Once More, With Feeling', the unprecedented musical episode with original music and lyrics, to name but a few. The spin-off, Angel, is also a good watch, although it never quite reaches the heights of the mothership.

    In summary, a truly ageless piece of television that will always be fondly remembered and a must-watch for any fan of high-quality television!

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