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Charmed - Season 3 DVD


Protecting the innocent vanquishing evil and evil doers and generally righting wrongs are not exactly on the agenda of every twenty-something on the fast track to discovering what life's all about. But for the Halliwell sisters this has become their destiny. Prue the oldest is driven to succeed and dislikes the free-spirited antics of the youngest sister Phoebe. Piper the earthy middle sister mediates between her siblings. Phoebe discovers The Book of Shadows in the attic and th

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All 22 episodes from the third series of the popular American television drama about three sisters who also happen to be witches, and who are sworn to protect the innocent from the dark forces that threaten them. Shannen Doherty stars as Prue Halliwell, with Holly Marie Combs as Piper, and Alyssa Milano as Phoebe. In this series, Prue and Phoebe come up against a series of demons known as the Guardians, the sisters find themselves thrown back in time to the 1600s, and Prue grows weary of the constant battle against evil, turning her back on a dying soul. Episodes are: 'The Honeymoon's Over'; 'Magic Hour'; 'Once Upon a Time'; 'All Halliwell's Eve'; 'Sight Unseen'; 'Primrose Empath'; 'Power Outage'; 'Sleuthing With the Enemy'; 'Coyote Piper'; 'We All Scream for Ice Cream'; 'Blinded By the Whitetlighter'; 'Wrestling With Demons'; 'Bride and Gloom'; 'The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed'; 'Just Harried'; 'Death Takes a Halliwell'; 'Pre-Witched'; 'Sin Francisco'; 'The Demon Who Came in from the Cold'; 'Exit Strategy'; 'Look Who's Barking'; and 'All Hell Breaks Loose'.

  • Average Rating for Charmed - Season 3 - 3 out of 5

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  • Charmed - Season 3

    charmed failed to compare among the great giants of TV(BUFFY,The X-Files,Xena,Twilight Zone etc.),but it is unique in the way that it is an underestimated classic of the genre.
    it tells of three sisters who team up to face various forms of evil.
    their career is sharp and risky but never dull.
    22 classy episodes here(some beat others but all are good)and it wraps up the classic charmed era with Prue Halliwell.
    All Hell Breaks Loose is in itself a fantastic reason to buy this amazing dvd boxset,it is an epic finale of genuinly amazing and spectacular proportions...and is geruinly of a high in entertainment value.
    a true gem while not a classic at these prices it is great to buy...you most certinly wont be dissappointed by the quality of these episodes.
    simply great season of the show,while not Buffy it certainly comes close this year.
    a great third outing in its best season of the show:).

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