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Doctor Who: The E Space Trilogy DVD


Full Circle: The TARDIS falls through a CVE into E-Space and arrives on the planet Alzarius. There the inhabitants of a crashed Starliner and a group of young rebels called the Outlers led by a boy named Varsh and including his brother Adric are being terrorised by a race of Marshmen who emerge from the marshes at a time known as Mistfall. State Of Decay The Doctor Romana K9 and Adric - an Outler from Alzarius who has stowed away aboard the TARDIS - arrive on a planet where the native villagers live in fear of 'the Wasting' and of three Lords named Zargo Camilla and Aukon who rule from an imposing Tower. The Lords are soon revealed to be vampire servants of the last of the Great Vampires a race referred to in Time Lord mythology. Warrior's Gate: The TARDIS is hijacked in the vortex by a time sensitive Tharil named Biroc and brought to a strange white void. Biroc wants to free the others of his race who are being transported in a slave ship captained by Rorvik which is also trapped in the void. The only other thing present in the void is an ancient gateway leading to a decrepit banqueting hall.

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The E-Space Trilogy contains the following Full Circle The Doctor discovers the TARDIS has fallen into E-Space and landed on the planet Alzarius Its only inhabitants live on a vast dilapidated spaceship which they have been attempting to repair for generations in order to return to their home planet But Mistfall a legendary time of terror is coming again to Alzarius and an eerie menace is rising out of the misty marshes The Doctor and Romana must solve the riddle of the strange Marshmen if they are to have any chance of returning to their own universe State of Decay Searching for a way out of E-Space the Doctor and Romana joined by a young stowaway land on an Earth-like planet Here the people live in fear of &39;the Three who Rule&39;; cruel lords who live in a high tower overlooking their village Suppressing all learning to keep their subjects ignorant and helpless what chilling secret are these ruthless monarchs concealing? An ancient evil is rising once again and only the Doctor and Romana can destroy it Warriors’ Gate A strange creature forces its way into the TARDIS steering them to a white void occupied only by the ruins of an old building and a spaceship This empty space is a gateway to the past and future and the creature responsible for taking them there is Biroc a Tharil an enslaved race The gateway offers the only exit out of E-Sapce but the void is contracting Are the Doctor and his friends fated to spend eternity in E-Space? And what final shock revelation awaits the Doctor? The E-Space Trilogy contains the following

More adventures with everyone's favourite time-traveller. In 'Full Circle', it soon becomes clear that all is not well when the Tardis scanner shows the Doctor (Tom Baker), Romana (Lalla Ward) and K9 an image of Gallifrey, only for them to discover an expanse of marshland when they venture outside the ship. The Doctor realizes that they have somehow travelled through a charged Vacuum Emboitment into E-Space where he meets the local Alzarians - themselves preparing to retreat to their damaged spacecraft, the Starliner, in an attempt to escape the lethal Mistfall. In 'State of Decay', when the Doctor, Romana and K9, still trapped in E-Space, land on a medieval planet, they do not realize that Adric has stowed away on the Tardis with them. They are soon in need of his help when they discover that the local society is ruled over by three vampire lords - Zargo (William Lindsay), Camilla (Rachel Davies), and Aukon (Emrys James). Finally, in 'Warrior's Gate', the Doctor may finally be on the verge of escaping E-Space when the Tardis is hijacked by Biroc (David Weston), a time-sensitive Tharil on the run from Captain Rorvik (Clifford Rose) and his crew of privateers. However, when K9 is damaged by the Time Winds, it becomes clear that he will not be able to make the return journey.

  • Average Rating for Doctor Who: The E Space Trilogy - 4 out of 5

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  • Doctor Who: The E Space Trilogy

    Well I'll start off with Full Circle, a brilliant story though I wish they hadn't beheaded K.9 within 2 episodes, as K.9 is my favourite character, I think the design of the Marsh creatures is good. This story introduces new companion Adric who is alright I suppose. Now with State of Decay, I don't think it is a good story, I didn't like the idea of Vampires, I also disliked the fact that K.9 was left in the Tardis for the majority of the story, I thought that was unfair because the Doctor in this story says K.9 needs to stay on guard, but in past episodes no-one has guarded the Tardis, K.9 went along with everyone else, overall not a good story. Warriors Gate a really good story in my opinion, complicated at points but otherwise really good, however this story sees the departure of Romana 2 & K.9, however I'm glad K.9 is given a full role throughout, however I didn't want K.9 to leave I didn't want him being messed up with the time winds, because I thought when he was he'd be left in the Tardis again but no he was back in action. It was sad to see Romana leave but I suppose if K.9 was going, then Romana must too. However I think overall Warriors Gate is a good story Adric's future looks good as a companion, so the majority of The E-Space Trilogy is good as a whole apart from the sad departures. I strongly recommend this to any Who fan who hasn't got it yet.

  • Doctor Who: The E Space Trilogy

    The trilogy which marks the debut of Adric in Full Circle and departure of Romana in Warriors Gate is an excellent addition to DVD. Packed with loads of features and a chance to own this on DVD which was previously on VHS. The art work looks great and is a fantastic additon to your Doctor Who collection.

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