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Family Guy - Season 1-5 DVD


The Family Guy Collection is a nine-disc set containing all 50 episodes from the show's three seasons, plus two bonus discs of additional material including commentaries, deleted scenes and featurettes. Creator Seth MacFarlane drew on his own New England upbringing to create the dysfunctional Griffin family and the other less-than-endearing inhabitants of Quahog, Rhode Island. In addition to animating the original concept, MacFarlane also voices the show's three most indelible characters: recklessly stupid paterfamilias Peter Griffin, sophisticated pooch Brian and Stewie, the one-year-old obsessed with world domination. Though comparisons are inevitable, from the outset Family Guy established itself as no mere Simpsons clone. Quahog is both a more realistic and far less cuddly place than Springfield. The Griffins and their neighbours inhabit a town where both random acts of violence and virulent verbal abuse are doled out on a regular basis; they indulge in copious (albeit mild) swearing; and the mocking of minorities, PC attitudes and pretty much anyone and anything else, is delightfully commonplace. Most joyfully distinctive of all, though, are the flashbacks, surreal episodes and sundry other non sequiturs that continually interrupt the Griffins' daily lives. The show is also characterised by a plethora of pop-culture references, many of which will fall flat for a non-US audience. But the scattershot approach to jokes--they just keep coming and coming--ensures that for every one you don't get, there will be three that will have you in stitches. Rumours abound of a potential fourth season and even a movie; but for now this is the definitive collection. On the DVD: The Family Guy Collection presents the episodes on discs as they appeared in the original three box sets, with no extra features nor anything as useful as a "Play All" facility. Two bonus discs contain all the additional material: here 14 episodes have optional chatty, laid-back commentaries from MacFarlane and other members of the creative team. MacFarlane also appears in the short featurettes, talking about the show's creation and its interminable censorship problems. The rough-and-ready original pilot is also here, as well as animatic storyboards for selected scenes and seven TV promo spots. While the extra features alone are unlikely to tempt anyone who already has the series box sets, those who have only sampled Family Guy so far will not want to miss this opportunity to own every joyous episode. --Mark Walker

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  • 30 October 2006
  • DVD
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • 15
  • 754 minutes
  • PAL

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play Features series 1 to 5 of the animated TV comedy The programme is based around the Griffin family comprised of bumbling well-intentioned father Peter; his sweet but oblivious wife Lois; and their teenagers dim-witted Chris and awkward Meg The most recognisable characters however remain the family&39;s masterminds evil genius baby Stewie determined to achieve complete world domination at the age of one and Brian an erudite martini-swilling dog the family&39;s lone voice of reason

All the episodes from the first five seasons of the animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane. The Griffins are an average North American family living in an average North American home in an average North American town. The dad Peter (voice of MacFarlane) is a big TV fan; mom Lois (Alex Borstein) is a former heiress who gave up her riches to marry the man she loves; 16-year-old Meg (Mila Kunis) is a drama queen eager to be accepted by her peers; 13-year-old Chris (Seth Green) likes his food and has the beginnings of a TV habit which could grow to equal his dad's; baby Stewie (MacFarlane) is a malevolent genius with plans for complete global domination; and martini-guzzling Brian (MacFarlane) is the family dog. Season 1 episodes are: 'Death Has a Shadow', 'I Never Met the Dead Man', 'Chitty Chitty Death Bang', 'Mind Over Murder', 'A Hero Sits Next Door', 'The Son Also Draws', 'Brian: Portrait of a Dog', 'Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater', 'Holy Crap', 'Love Thy Trophy', 'Death Is a Bitch', 'The King Is Dead', 'If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'' and 'Running Mates'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Da Boom', 'Brian in Love', 'I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar', 'A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks', 'Fifteen Minutes of Shame', 'Road to Rhode Island', 'Let's Go to the Hop', 'Dammit Janet!', 'There's Something About Paulie', 'He's Too Sexy for His Fat', 'E. Peterbus Unum', 'The Story On Page One', 'Wasted Talent' and 'Fore Father'. Season 3 episodes are: 'The Thin White Line', 'Brian Does Hollywood', 'Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington', 'One If By Clam, Two If By Sea', 'And the Wiener Is...', 'Death Lives', 'Lethal Weapons', 'The Kiss Seen Around the World', 'Mr. Saturday Knight', 'A Fish Out of Water', 'Emission Impossible', 'To Live and Die in Dixie', 'Screwed the Pooch', 'Peter Griffin, Husband, Father...Brother?', 'Ready, Willing and Disabled', 'A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas', 'Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows', 'From Method to Madness', 'Stuck Together, Torn Apart', 'Road to Europe' and 'Family Guy Viewer Mail #1'. Season 4 episodes are: 'North By North Quahog', 'Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High', 'Blind Ambition', 'Don't Make Me Over', 'The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire', 'Petarded', 'Brian the Bachelor', '8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter', 'Breaking Out Is Hard to Do', 'Model Misbehavior', 'Peter's Got Woods', 'The Perfect Castaway' and 'Jungle Love'. Season 5 episodes are: 'PTV', 'Brian Goes Back to College', 'The Courtship of Stewie's Father', 'The Fat Guy Strangler', 'The Father, the Sun and the Holy Fonz', 'Brian Sings and Swings', 'Patriot Games', 'I Take Thee Quagmire', 'Sibling Rivalry', 'Deep Throats', 'Peterotica', 'You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives', 'Petergeist' and 'The Griffin Family History'.

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