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Inspirational True Story 6 DVD Box Set DVD


Titles Comprise: Her Desperate Choice: When the courts fail to protect her daughter from her suspected paedophile husband a mother is forced to join an underground network that protects mothers and abused children in this alarming drama starring Faith Ford and Kyle Secor. Jody Murdock is convinced that her ex-husband has been molesting their daughter Samantha - but is unable to prove it. Now Jody feels she has no choice: she takes Samantha and heads 'underground' into a secret and well-run network that provides them with new identities and a safe place to live. But Jody's ex refuses to accept the loss of his daughter and sets off in relentless pursuit of the fugitives. Even if Jody now has a new love in her life will she and Samantha ever gain the peace and security they so desperately need? Two Small Voices: Sybil Goldrich and Kathleen Anneken could not be more different. Sybil is a wealthy Californian and Kathleen an ordinary housewife. But both have fallen gravely ill after undergoing silicone implant surgery and are ignored and mistreated when they try to sue. Sybil and Kathleen are 'two small voices' who refused to be silenced. They join forces to take their case to the FDA - but as the medical and big business communities close ranks against them Sybil and Kathleen realise they have an epic battle on their hands. Face Value: Marla Hanson's dreams of becoming a top New York model were shattered when she was attacked and slashed across the face sustaining wounds requiring nearly 150 stitches. Marla's modelling career was finished but her ordeal had only just begun. When her case came to court the defence attorney tore into her accusing her of being a prostitute and using sex to further her career. But Marla fought back against these accusations and her exceptional courage made her not only America's most famous victim but a champion for others who had suffered in the same way. Race Against The Harvest: This dramatic story tells of the fierce conflict that arises between a wheat farmer and a harvester when the harvester refuses to wait for the farmer's wheat to dry after rain. To complicate matters the two men were once in partnership and they still are brothers-in-law. Crossing The Line: Laura a former basketball star is forced to coach her local team when their coach suffers a heart attack. The team continue to lose under Laura's direction and the fans begin to become violently involved with the games. As the arguments and violence start to get out of hand the girls find themselves teaching everyone a lesson in sportsmanship... No One Could Protect Her: Just days after her papergirl is found murdered Jessica Rayner is raped and assaulted in her home by a crazed intruder who is forced to flee before he kill her. This is not the end of her ordeal. The clever killer repeatedly taunts and terrifies Jessica - though failing each time to kill off this vital witness to his crimes. But Jessica is determined to fight back and begins to piece together clues to work out when the killer might strike again. And this time she'll be ready for him...

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