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Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Complete Series DVD


Carl Kolchak (McGavin) is a reporter for Chicago's Independent News Service; a magnet for situations involving the supernatural. Kolchak turned his investigative skills to vampires werewolves zombies and all manner of legendary creatures. Episodes Comprise: 1. The Ripper 2. The Zombie 3. They Have Been They Are They Will Be... 4. The Vampire 5. The Werewolf 6. Firefall 7. The Devil's Platform 8. Bad Medicine 9. The Spanish Moss Murders 10. The Energy Eater 11. Horror In The Heights 12. Mr R.I.N.G. 13. Primal Scream 14. The Trevi Collection 15. Chopper 16. Demon In Lace 17. Legacy Of Terror 18. The Knightly Murders 19. The Youth Killer 20. The Sentry

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play  Carl Kolchak (McGavin) is a reporter for Chicago&39;s Independent News Service; a magnet for situations involving the supernatural Kolchak turned his investigative skills to vampires werewolves zombies and all manner of legendary creatures Episodes Comprise 1 The Ripper 2 The Zombie 3 They Have Been They Are They Will Be 4 The Vampire 5 The Werewolf 6 Firefall 7 The Devil&39;s Platform 8 Bad Medicine 9 The Spanish Moss Murders 10 The Energy Eater 11 Horror In The Heights 12 Mr RING 13 Primal Scream 14 The Trevi Collection 15 Chopper 16 Demon In Lace 17 Legacy Of Terror 18 The Knightly Murders 19 The Youth Killer 20 The Sentry Actors Darren McGavin Simon Oakland Jack Grinnage Ruth McDevitt John Fiedler Carol Ann Susi Richard Kiel Scatman Crothers William Daniels Tom Skerritt Naomi Stevens Erik Estrada Sorrel Booke Tom Bosley Dick Van Patten & John Mitchum Director Allen Baron Alexander Grasshoff Don Weis Gene Levitt Don McDougall Vincent McEveety Robert Scheerer & Seymour Robbie Certificate 12 years and over Year 1974 - 1975 Screen Fullscreen 43 Languages English - Dolby Digital (20) Mono

All 20 episodes from the 1970s cult horror series, a huge influence on later series such as 'The X Files'. Darren McGavin plays affable and obsessive reporter Carl Kolchak, who uses his investigative skills to hunt down urban legends and supernatural creatures in Chicago's seedy underbelly, to the consternation of his sceptical editor, Tony Vincenzo (Simon Oakland). In these episodes, Kolchak hunts down a serial killer he believes is Jack the Ripper, a mysterious force tears through Chicago with the power to rip the bone marrow out of people and animals, and Kolchak finds himself trapped on a cruise liner with a werewolf. Episodes are: 'The Ripper'; 'The Zombie'; 'They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be...'; 'The Vampire'; 'The Werewolf'; 'Firefall'; 'The Devil's Platform'; 'Bad Medicine'; 'The Spanish Moss Murders'; 'The Energy Eater'; 'Horror in the Heights'; 'Mr R.I.N.G.'; 'Primal Scream'; 'The Trevi Collection'; 'Chopper'; 'Demon in Lace'; 'Legacy of Terror'; 'The Knightly Murders'; 'The Youth Killer'; and 'The Sentry'.

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  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Complete Series
    BJ Mclean

    The Kolchak series was commissioned after the popularity of the 1972 TV movie The Night Stalker, and the 1973 sequel, The Night Strangler. The series ran for 20 episodes from September 1974 to August 1975.
    Each episode shows our weatherbeaten hero, Carl Kolchak (a reporter for the Chicago Independent News Service), encountering some supernatural goings-on. The weird occurrences or other-worldly beings usually have left behind a trail of bodies, hence the reporter's interest.
    Not just any bodies mind you - people drained of blood, prematurely aged, robbed of bone marrow, spines snapped, or killed with medieval weaponry.
    Kolchack has to get to the bottom of these mysteries, despite local authorities' ignorance or denial of the true cause of the murders, while Kolchak's boss Tony Vincenzo finds his stories a bit hard to swallow.
    The series deservedly has a huge cult following, and X-Files creator Chris Carter has acknowledged it as the inspiration for Mulder & Scully; not to mention other similar shows like Eerie Indiana or Friday the 13th The Series. A vintage classic!

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