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Kung Fu Panda DVD


Can, clumsy, overweight Po fulfil his destiny as dragon warrior, or is it back to noodle making in his family?s restaurant business? This is a hilarious film with superb animation and an important message about believing in yourself.

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Animated family adventure about a panda named Po (voiced by Jack Black) who works in his father's noodle restaurant. Po's father (James Hong) wants him to take over the restaurant one day, but Po really wants to learn kung fu. The problem is, with his weight and size - and his clumsiness - Po doesn't seem cut out for kung fu. But then, by accident, he is thrown into the world of the great martial artist, Master Oogway (voice of Randall Duk Kim), who believes that Po is the legendary Dragon Warrior. According to Oogway's vision, the Dragon Warrior will save the Valley of Peace from the evil snow leopard, Tai Lung (voice of Ian McShane). The man given the task of training Po is Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), who cannot believe that Po is really the Dragon Warrior as he has already trained the Furious Five, and believes that one of them is the Dragon Warrior. So, Po must try to convince Shifu and the jealous Furious Five - and himself - that he really is the greatest kung fu master in the valley.

Kung Fu Panda is a new animated movie starring Jack Black Dustin Hoffman Jackie Chan Lucy Liu Ian McShane and Angelina Jolie! The Valley Of Peace and it&39;s inhabitants are under threat from a malevolent snow leopard Tai Lung (Ian McShane) With everyone fearing for their very existences the role of protector falls into the lap of the lazy irreverent Po (Jack Black) a panda more used to slacking off than facing great challeneges But it is Po who must master the ways of Kung Fu and ultimately face a showdown with the colossus that is Tai Lung

  • Average Rating for Kung Fu Panda [2008] - 3 out of 5

    (based on 3 user reviews)
  • Kung Fu Panda [2008]
    Jon Freeman

    An amazing film that works on several levels. It is good as a funny-animal animation with danger and adventure and a feel good achievement-against-the-odds moral. But the big surprise for me was that it actually works as a heavyweight kung-fu film. It is full of in-jokes and visual gags that those who love the genre will enjoy, but it is also a classic kung fu tale of discipline training, awesome fights and a great villain who has fallen from grace through the seductive lure of power.
    This was a fantastic film full of surprises, action and humour and was a great homage to the kung-fu genre from start to end.

    I watched it with no expectation, and was amazed, so much so, that I watched it again the next day with equal enjoyment.

  • Kung Fu Panda [2008]

    I saw this film at night in an outside restaurant in Cyprus and could not wait to get home and let my family know about it, It's pure comedy and it's Jack Black, what more could you want? Great for kids and adults alike and even my parents loved it! I would recomend to anyone! x

  • Kung Fu Panda [2008]
    Jevon Taylor

    'Kung Fu Panda' is the first animated children"s film I have seen in a long time which does not cater to the more sophisticated, or rather smuttier, sides of parent"s humours. Whilst that is theoretically refreshing, in actuality it made it a little less fun for me to watch (still fun though, because it"s nice). However, adults are not the target audience for this film, children are. And by the reactions of my niece and nephew the film is super entertaining for them. It does, after all, feature kung fu fighting tigers, tortoises, pandas (of course), monkeys and even a tiny praying mantis. They fall over, hurt themselves, but not really, tease/pick on each other (though the film does disapprove of that), and talk with funny voices. What more could a child want ... a happy moralistic ending. And it delivers that too. Where I think the movie did fall short, for my adult"s eyes at least, was the characterisations. The animated characters didn"t seem quite as alive as Shrek and company. It also walked the fine line between opening a child"s eyes about aspects of a different culture and closing them again with stereotypes. Different people might have different opinions about that, but I think it pulled it off, remaining good wholesome fun.

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