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Made in 1987, Mannequin represents everything that was naff about late-80s Hollywood: from its bland, boxy, electro-rock soundtrack to its sub-Sarah Ferguson fashion sense to its tawdry sets, flimsy characterisation and cheap slapstick humour (including the mandatory amusing dog). It might be centuries before its radioactive awfulness dies down enough to make it watchable, even as kitsch. Mannequin is notionally a romantic comedy in which Andrew McCarthy plays a luckless department store employee and Kim (Sex and the City) Cattrall is an Egyptian Princess reincarnated as a shop window dummy, who comes to life when she encounters McCarthy, only to revert to mannequin status when anyone but McCarthy is watching her. With her encouragement, he becomes emboldened in his career as a window decorator as well as falling in love with the Princess. James Spader's oily, stammery executive is just one of the many examples of a film that tries way too hard to be funny, the sort of characterisation that would be barely adequate for a comic TV ad, let alone a 90-minute movie. Still, for fans of Sex and the City who might want to feast upon the spectacle of a younger Kim Cattrall, Mannequin might offer a measure of relief. On DVD: Mannequin on disc has just the original trailer as an extra, while no amount of DVD enhancement can conceal the tawdry feel of this movie. --David Stubbs

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play A charming romantic comedy starring Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink) Kim Cattrall ("Sex and the City") Meshach Taylor ("Designing Women") Estelle Getty ("The Golden Girls") and James Spader (Stargate) Mannequin is more than the sum of its fiberglass body parts it&39;s all heart!Jonathan Switcher (McCarthy) has certainly been living up to his name A frustrated artist he switches from one dead-end job to another never managing to hold on to any of them But all of that changes when a mannequin he created for a department store window comes magically to life! Gorgeous and statuesque this fiberglass femme fatale (Cattrall) helps Jonathan turn his career around inspiring him to be the best window dresser in town But she soon discovers that the real world isn&39;t so easy when they run into competitors who want to put them out of the business - for good!

Andrew McCarthy plays a department store window dresser. One night, whilst working on a window, one of the mannequins comes to life and is in fact a woman (Kim Catrall) from ancient Egypt. This woman then inspires him to create the most amazing window displays (and fall in love with her), prompting a rival store to find out where the ideas are coming from. The theme tune by Starship 'Noting's Gonna Stop Us Now' was nominated for an Oscar.

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  • Mannequin [1987]
    Dominic Allan

    If you loved the 80"s romantic comedy then you will love Manniquin. A story of an artist who doesn"t fit within any job finds himself a shop front designer having created a manniquin reincarnated from the past who comes alive and he falls in love with. Can it be any more simple? Through fun, exploration, desire and romance the story unravels. This is a family fun story romantic comedy that all the family will enjoy.

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