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Mirrors/Mirrors 2 DVD


MirrorsAfter Switchblade Romance and The Hills Have Eyes French director Alexandre Aja stays firmly grounded in horror territory with Mirros. In this reimagining of a Japanese horror film Kiefer Sutherland plays an ex-cop whose home is invaded by spirits via its mirrors. Mirrors 2Max who is recovering from a traumatic accident takes a night-time job as a security guard at a boutique store after the previous guard suffered a mental breakdown. Max soon starts to worry about his own sanity when he begins to see images of a mysterious young woman in the mirrors. Things take an even more twisted turn when his co-workers begin to die horrific and gruesome deaths.

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Double-bill of supernatural horror. In 'Mirrors' (2007), Kiefer Sutherland stars as Ben Carson, an ex-cop who quit his job owing to post-traumatic stress syndrome and now works as a night security guard at an old department store that was burned out in a fire. Soon after starting the job, Ben starts to see horrific images in the store's many mirrors: weird spirits that seem intent on pursuing him and his estranged family and watching them through the medium of any nearby reflective surface. Can Ben discover the origin of these evil spirits - and reveal the story they are trying to tell - in time to save himself and those he loves? In 'Mirrors 2' (2010), after his father Jack (William Katt) asks him to stand in for a sick security guard at his recently reopened department store, Max Matheson (Nick Stahl) starts to see visions of a dead woman in mirrors throughout the building. When employees start dying in gruesome circumstances and Max becomes a suspect, he realises that if he is to prove his innocence he must get to the bottom of the dark secret the store's mirrors have held for so many years.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Mirrors Kiefer Sutherland anchors this supernatural thriller from Hills Have Eyes (2006) director Alexandra Aja about an abandoned building that harbors vengeful spirits Sutherland brings a degree of his 24 intensity to his role as a disgraced police detective working a security detail at a derelict building A package from a former security guard--who commits suicide in the film’s eerie opening moments--alerts Sutherland to the building’s tragic past as well as to the presence of dark forces with the ability to harm the living; once aware of their presence Sutherland and his family become their next target Mirrors works best in its first third where Joseph Nemec’s production design delivers maximum chills Where the film stumbles is its rush to provide a slam-bang conclusion filled with CGI and other effects resulting in an unsatisfying open-ended conclusion that does much to dispel the film’s impressively Gothic atmosphere--Paul Gaita Mirrors 2 While not a direct follow-up to the 2008 shocker Mirrors Mirrors 2 does indeed boast its share of evil murderous mirrors The kind that when you stare into them show you an image of yourself doing bloody deeds like chewing broken glass or committing a ritual disemboweling Not pleasant especially when the damage manifests itself for real Said mirrors also add to the misery of an already wretched security guard Max (Nick Stahl) who finds himself cursed with the ability to foresee these deadly encounters which happen to his fellow employees at a new department store complex Max is already having a tough time because his memories of a fatal car accident are a constant nightmare; that might explain why he looks so awful and why the best he can do is a security guard job when his father (William Katt) actually owns the whole new development Horror fans will not find much beyond this setup as Max occasionally visits his shrink and sort of becomes a suspect in the rash of killings The cast includes Christy Carlson Romano as an early victim and Emmanuelle Vaugier as the sister of a missing woman but most of the movie is spent waiting around for the grotesque attacks--which do nothing to disrupt the overall tedium that prevails--Robert Horton

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