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Quincey M.E. - Series 1 And 2 DVD


Quincy M.E. the trailblazing series that almost single-handedly created the medical investigation genre comes to DVD for the first time in this gripping double pack featuring all the episodes from Seasons One and Two! Television icon Jack Klugman is the crusading and headstrong medical examiner Dr. Quincy in the the distinguished role that earned him 4 Emmy nominations. Aided by his loyal lab assistant Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito) Quincy's not afraid to stand up fo

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Jack Klugman (who received four Emmy nominations in the role) stars as the grumpy but righteous 'Quincy ME' In this predecessor to other television programs like 'CSI' or 'Crossing Jordan' Quincy works for the Los Angeles coroner's department where he is charged with performing autopsies and running other medical tests relating to criminal investigations However he's no regular doctor for his brilliance often allows him to spy clues that detectives and other examiners have overlooked leading him to examine cases further 'Quincy' took the suspense and mystery of other crime shows and spun it by having the investigation begin with forensics evidence and took a step further by exploring difficult social issues and taboos Features the first 17 episodes of the landmark program with guest stars such as June Lockhart Van Johnson Jamie Lee Curtis Adrienne Barbeau and many others

All four episodes from series one, and all 12 episodes from series two, of the American medical investigation drama. Jack Klugman plays crusading medical examiner Dr Quincy, who frequently spots the forensic clues the police have missed and goes up against entrenched authority in his quest for justice. In series one, Quincy takes on City Hall after he finds several unexplained deaths could be linked. In series two, Quincy's investigations see him crossing swords with his old professor in a tense murder case, and accusing a university of using murder victims in the dissecting ward. Episodes from series one are: 'Go Fight City Hall - To the Death!'; 'Who's Who in Neverland?'; 'A Star is Dead'; and 'Hot Ice, Cold Hearts'. Episodes from series two are: 'Snake Eyes (Parts One and Two)'; 'The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone'; 'Visitors in Paradise'; 'The Two Sides of Truth'; 'Hit and Run at Danny's'; 'Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?'; 'A Good Smack in the Mouth'; 'The Hot Dog Murder'; 'An Unfriendly Radiance'; 'Sullied Be Thy Name'; 'Valleyview'; and 'Let Me Light the Way'.

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