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Randall And Hopkirk Deceased - The Complete First Series DVD


Starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer this re-make of the cult `60s detective show is terrific entertainment. Features the complete first series: Drop Dead: In the week before private detective Marty Hopkirk's wedding to waitress Jeannie Hurst he and his partner Jeff Randall get a job from famous artist Gordon Stylus to watch over his wife as he fears for her safety. In the course of the assignment Marty is killed and the grieving Jeff and Jeannie must investigate how he died which then endangers their lives. Fortunately Jeff begins to get help from Marty's ghost cursed to walk the earth for the duration of Jeff's life which only he can see... Mental Apparition Disorder: Jeannie joins the private detective agency and investigates the repeated disappearance of money from the till of a local casino. Meanwhile Jeff goes to a private psychiatric clinic run by Dr Lawyer to try to get over Marty's death and rid himself of the ghostly apparitions. The Best Years Of Your Death: When Jeannie senses that her nephew Daniel is unhappy at his boarding school she quizzes him about it and he lets on that he thinks a teacher was murdered. Jeff and Jeannie go undercover to get jobs there as teacher and nurse respectively to investigate and find that the headteacher is exerting a sinister influence on the boys... Paranoia: Douglas Milton is writing a book revealing matters relating to security and terrorism that many authorities and organisations would rather be kept secret. Jeff and Jeannie get an assignment to protect him from harm until he makes the revelations public at a prestigious international conference.. A Blast From The Past: Harry Wallis was once the partner in the police force of Marty's father Larry Hopkirk until Maurice Crabbe killed Larry and disabled Wallis in revenge for their killing of his brother the hardened criminal Sidney Crabbe. Now that Wallis is approaching the end of his life to salve his remorse he hires Jeff and Jeannie to locate Maurice Crabbe so that he can give him some of his savings to pay for his care. A Man of Substance: The enigmatically beautiful Lauren Dee hires Jeff to investigate the disappearance of her husband somewhere in rural England but it proves to be just a ploy to entice Jeff and Marty into the grip of a village that time has bypassed since the Middle Ages...

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All six episodes from the first series of the Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer revival of 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'. In 'Drop Dead' detective Marty Hopkirk (Reeves) is killed on the job and then comes back as a ghost to help his partner Jeff Randall (Mortimer) solve the case. 'Mental Apparition Disorder' has Marty's bereaved fiancée Jeannie (Emilia Fox) investigate some thefts at a local casino. 'The Best Years of Your Death' sees Jeff and Jeannie go undercover at a boarding school. 'Paranoia' finds the agency protecting the author of a soon-to-be-published book about terrorism and security. 'A Blast From the Past' has Marty approach the end of his supernatural tuition course. And in 'A Man of Substance' Jeff goes to the country to investigate the case of a missing husband.

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