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Frank Moses (Willis), Joe Matheson (Freeman), Marvin Boggs (Malkovich) and Victoria Winslow (Mirren) used to be the CIA's top agents - but the secrets they know just made them the Agency's top targets.

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Bruce Willis stars in this star-studded action comedy based on D.C. Comics' cult graphic novel. Former CIA top agent Frank Moses (Willis) is now enjoying an idyllic, if rather dull, retirement. But life gets a whole lot more interesting when he narrowly escapes death at the hands of a high-tech assassin. In his subsequent investigations, he discovers that - along with his former Agency colleagues Marvin (John Malkovich), Joe (Morgan Freeman) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) - he appears to have become a prime target of one of the deadliest government conspiracies in history. Mary Louise Parker, Brian Cox, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfuss appear in supporting roles.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play Frank (Bruce Willis) Joe (Morgan Freeman) Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) used to be the CIA&39;s top agents - but the secrets they know just made them the Agency&39;s top targets Now framed for assassination they must use all of their collective cunning experience and teamwork to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers and stay alive To stop the operation the team embarks on an impossible cross-country mission to break into the top-secret CIA headquarters where they will uncover one of the biggest conspiracies and cover-ups in government history Actors Bruce Willis Karl Urban Morgan Freeman Mary-Louise Parker John Malkovich Helen Mirren Richard Dreyfuss James Remar Brian Cox Julian McMahon Ernest Borgnine Michelle Nolden Audrey Wasilewski & Jaqueline Fleming Director Robert Schwentke Certificate 12 years and over Year 2010 Screen Widescreen Languages English - Dolby Digital (51)

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  • Red
    Carl Weathers

    Cutting the right balance between action and comedy in a film like RED is not an easy thing to do.

    Fortunately, Robert Schwentke is something of a genius behind the camera, and he adapted the brilliant graphic novel into one of the best action-comedies I've seen in a very, very long time.

    Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses, an ex-CIA blackops agent adjusting to retirement, who spends much of his time talking to call-centre operator, Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker).

    When Frank is unwisely branded with the label 'RED' - Retired, Extremely Dangerous - his quiet retirement gets a big shake-up, and his suburban home gets a makeover when it's visited by a hit squad trying to take him out.

    Knowing that Sarah is in danger, because his calls have been monitored, Frank takes it upon himself to kidnap Sarah from her monotonous life and take her with him as he recruits a crew of his old friends to help him get to the bottom of what's been going on in the CIA since he left that's left him marked for death.

    There is absolutely nothing about Schwentke's movie that isn't a stroke of genius, from the casting through to the dialogue, and the explosives, right on down. Needless to say, this isn't one for the whole family, but to be enjoyed when the kids have gone to bed.

    Given how 'gung-ho' many of Willis' roles continue to be, despite the fact that he's been getting on in age since his early Die Hard days, it's nice to see a film come along that makes note of his age, with Moses starting out as a retired agent.

    Perhaps the greatest thing that RED has going for it is how exceptional an ensemble cast it has. Not only do we have Willis in the lead, and Parker playing the love interest, but we've also got John Malkovich playing a paranoid former agent; Morgan Freeman as Frank's mentor, now spending his days in a retirement home; Karl Urban as the fresh new blood of the CIA, hunting Frank down; Helen Mirren as the former MI5 agent, who still takes on the odd job in her retirement; and Brian Cox as an ex-Soviet secret agent, who is still in the game himself.

    It's not often at all that we get to see a cast as strong as this together, and even less in an action blockbuster like RED. Just to see the dynamics between these characters and this cast, alone, it's worth watching. But when you add to that the hilarious scenes of action, perfectly-timed explosions, and a fluffy pink pig, you know you're in for a real treat.

    RED is unmissable action-comedy at its finest.

  • Red
    Kashif Ahmed

    A lightweight but enjoyable action movie, that sees a group of old timer assassins ('RED' being a groan worthy acronym for 'Retired Extremely Dangerous') on the run from their former employers in a violent, often comedic, cross country manhunt. Bruce Willis heads up an all star cast as ex-CIA hitman Frank Moses; a smirking loner targeted by the powers that be and forced to reform his old crew in a desperate bid to survive.

    Director Robert Schwentke is fast becoming the Richard Donner of the 21st century; a competent but somewhat generic, gun-for-hire: whose CV includes riotous black comedy 'Family Jewels', unremarkable Hollywood thriller 'Flight Plan' and mildly entertaining romance 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. With 'RED', he's managed to turn in a well paced popcorn movie that ought to keep you amused for awhile but leaves little to no lasting impression.

    Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban and Brian Cox are all present and accounted for. They're no standout performances per say, but Malkovich garners the most laughs as an unhinged conspiracy nut, whose theories usually turn out to be right. A couple of good action sequences (e.g. Bruce Willis foiling a CIA raid on his home with the help of some cooked bullets) a few good jokes and a breezy storyline makes 'RED' worth watching once. Entertaining fluff.

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