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Rogue DVD


An idyllic cruise disintegrates into terror when a party of tourists are stalked by a massive man-eating crocodile.

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A handful of tourists looking for adventure get more than they bargained for when they cross paths with a massive man-eating beast in this thriller

A riverboat safari turns into a battle for survival in this tense horror from 'Wolf Creek' director Greg McLean. After signing up for a wildlife cruise in the rugged outbacks of Northern Australia, seen-it-all-before travel writer Pete McKell (Michael Vartan) soon finds himself on the menu when the boat he and his companions are travelling in is sunk by a 25-foot, maneating crocodile. Marooned on a small mud island with the tide rising, McKell, along with hard-bitten skipper Kate Ryan (Radha Mitchell), now faces a race against time to come up with a plan to prevent the tour party becoming just another entree.

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  • Rogue [2008]
    Duncan Skinner

    Rummaging through the bargain bin, you generally expect to find things people have never heard of, things people wish they hadn't heard of, and the odd failed blockbuster. But keep on digging. Because sometimes you find the occasional gem.

    I love a good monster movie. I also love a BAD monster movie (admittedly, in a completely different way.) And so when ropey creature-features keep cropping up, I'm always going to enjoy them, no matter what. But one normally knows what to expect. If it's a good one, chances are you've already lived through all the hype. If it's something like 'Shark In Venice', well... OK... great, bring it on!

    And then 'Rogue' turns up. What are its credentials? Never heard of it. It's a killer crocodile movie - that's all I need to know. No doubt it'll suck (and, hopefully, chomp!) Great stuff!

    Seriously... it's great stuff. It may not be in the same league as 'Jaws', but it's a very, VERY welcome surprise.

    The film actually has CHARACTERS. Sure, once the movie's finished, we're hardly going to be getting into any in-depths discussions about them, but if you want to instill fear in the viewer, the viewer's gotta CARE about whoever they're watching. So, believeable characters and good performances... yes, even in a KILLER CROCODILE movie, they MATTER.

    Suspense is the order of the day here, and it's cranked up to perfection. Production values are admirable throughout, especially when it comes to the effects. And I say that because, for most of the film, it's what we DON'T see that's most impressive (I'd previously mentioned 'Jaws', remember?)

    In these days of CGI this/CGI that, the temptation is to bring everything out into the open for the "ooh"/"aah" factor. And, a lot of the time, we ain't that impressed. If you're looking to actually SCARE people, the route taken in 'Rogue' is the ONLY way to go. And, when our hulking great lizard friend IS on screen... well... you still don't get to gaze at it in all it's CGI glory for too long.

    Anyway, there's good CGI and there's bad CGI, and the CGI on display here is indeed top-notch. What we're looking at is a CROCODILE. It moves at the sort of speed you'd EXPECT an exceedingly large crocodile to move at (unlike many of its virtual onscreen contemporaries) and it has WEIGHT (another vital factor the tech boys often get wrong.)

    And, like 'Jurassic Park' (which is STILL one of the best CGI movies ever made) not all of the FX shots feature the virtual croc, opting instead for good old animatronics (again, this is a monster movie by people who KNOW how to DO it.)

    So, there you go: a damn good film that slithered out in 2007 without the fanfare, presented here on DVD in anamorphic 1.85:1, alongside a 44 minute "making of" documentary (and a quartet of mini-documentaries.)

    Next time you're looking in that bargain bin, dig deep. Because 'Rogue' might well be lurking, waiting to be snapped up.

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