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Sherlock - Series 2 DVD


A new sleuth for the 21st century...

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All three episodes from the second series of the BBC's fast-paced modernised crime drama based on the characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Laptops, mobile phones and the internet are the new tools for crime in a modern London under threat from serial killers, bombings and gang warfare. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), the most brilliant intellect of his generation, has a unique analytical brain unlike anyone else's, and staves off the ever-present threat of boredom by solving crimes, the more intricate and baffling the better. Meanwhile, his friend and flatmate, John Watson (Martin Freeman), is an army doctor invalided home from the battlefields of Afghanistan. The episodes are: 'A Scandal in Belgravia', 'The Hounds of Baskerville' and 'The Reichenbach Fall'.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play SHERLOCK offers a 21st century set updating of Arthur Conan Doyle&39;s famous detective tales This release contains every episode from the British program&39;s second season which featured Benedict Cumbercatch and Martin Freeman as the iconic Holmes and Watson

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  • Sherlock - Series 2
    Andrea Chettle

    This is a warning. The BBC Sherlock Season 2 DVD is a trap. Once you start watching it you'll be there until it spits you out gasping and dazed at the end. You won't mean to get caught but you will be. One minute you're sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a packet of Hobnobs to keep you company and the next you're crawled up in a ball with nothing but a cold cupper and a pile of crumbs to comfort you.

    The first series of Sherlock was a phenomenal hit for the BBC. Everybody loved it. So, obviously, expectations were high for the second series. How could it possibly be as good? Well, once again, Steven Moffatt and Mark Gattiss have managed to surprise their audience by producing a series that might even be better than the first.

    There can be a lot of problems with bringing a popular book to the screen. Scenes have to be missed out, characters lost and nobody is going to agree with the casting. Moffat and Gatiss have managed to satisfy everyone with their modern day adaptions that are different from the books but somehow hold just the same charm.

    One trick that has helped in transferring the books to T.V. is the casting of younger actors in the main roles. Traditionally played by older actors, Holmes and Watson have been transformed into Sherlock and John. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both perfect in their roles. Separately they would be excellent but together they are magnificent.

    All the supporting roles are perfectly cast too. In a role that sometimes can get overlooked, Una Stubbs brings Mrs Hudson to wonderful life. Rupert Graves, Mark Gattiss and Lara Pulver are never less than perfect and I cannot see anyone else playing Moriarty now except Andrew Scott.

    Intricately written, each episode is a gem of a puzzle that keeps you watching and guessing for the full 90 minutes. There is never a moment when nothing happens and you are constantly kept on your toes. Just as you're congratulating yourself for figuring something out a couple of seconds before Sherlock, you realise another three things have happened while you were busy patting yourself on the back. Twist upon twist can leave your head spinning but desperate to keep watching.

    In the first episode of Series 2 "A Scandal in Belgravia" Sherlock meets his match in Irene Adler, a woman who runs rings around Sherlock and just about everyone else in the episode. The story is complicated and funny and the relationship between Sherlock and "The Woman" is sparky and smart. A great start to the series.

    The second episode is "The Hounds of Baskerville" and is, probably, the weakest of the series but even the weakest episode is so much better than other TV dramas. Guest appearances by Russell Tovey and Amelia Bullmore help to make this episode more than just watchable. Writer Mark Gattis has taken probably the most famous Sherlock Holmes story and completely made it his own. With ghostly hounds and luminous rabbits this is an episode to watch and enjoy.

    With the final episode, "The Reichenbach Fall" Steven Moffat has saved the best until last. The plot in this episode is so twisted and tangled that all you can do is cling on at the beginning and enjoy the ride. And there is so much to enjoy here with wonderful performances from every one of the cast (especially Martin Freeman) and a cliffhanger ending that people are still trying to figure out. It's a fantastic end to a superb series and guarantees we will all be tuning in to the third series when it arrives on the BBC.

    Also included on this DVD is a 20 minute documentary "Sherlock Uncovered". It offers an insight into the making of the series with a lot of clips among interviews with the cast and crew.

    The Sherlock Series 2 DVD is a trap. Once you're in you will never leave But it's an intricate, beautifully crafted trap so you'll be happy to stay exactly where Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis want you; completely Sher-locked and desperate for Series 3 to arrive.

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