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Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition DVD


Spaced is a sitcom like no other. The premise is simple enough: Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) and Tim (Simon Pegg) are out of luck and love, so pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat together. Downstairs neighbour and eccentric painter Brian suspects someone's fibbing, and almost blows their cover with their lecherous lush of a landlady, Marsha. Fortunately he soon falls for Daisy's health-freak friend Twist, while Daisy herself goes ga-ga for pet dog Colin. Tim remains happily platonic with lifemate Mike; a sweet-at-heart guns 'n' ammo obsessive. The series is chock-full of pop culture references. In fact, each episode is themed after at least one movie, with nods to The Shining and Close Encounters of the Third Kind proving especially hilarious. Hardly five minutes goes by without a Star Wars reference, and every second of screen time from Bill Bailey as owner of the comic shop where Tim works is comedic gold. The look of the series is its other outstanding element, with slam-zooms, dizzying montages, and inspired lighting effects (often paying homage to the Evil Dead movies). It's an affectionate fantasy on the life of the twenty-something that's uncomfortably close to the truth. The second series finds the gang at 23 Meteor Street a little older, but definitely none the wiser. Tim's career is hampered by severe hang-ups over The Phantom Menace. Daisy's career is just plain non-existent. There is still a spark of sexual tension between them, but it's overshadowed by Brian and Twist getting it on. Propelling the seven-episode series arc is the threat of Marsha discovering that none of the relationships are what they seem, Mike's increasing jealousy and a new love interest for Tim. That's the basis for a never-ending stream of in-jokes and references that easily match the quality of the first series. Tim has a Return of the Jedi flashback, then déjà vu in reliving the end of The Empire Strikes Back. There are spoofs of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Robocop, The Sixth Sense and comedy rival The Royle Family. There are guest spots from Bill Bailey, Peter (voice of Darth Maul) Serafinowicz and The League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith. Every episode is packed with highlights, but this series' guaranteed geek pant-wetting moments have to be the mock gun battles, slagging off Babylon 5 and learning that "The second rule of Robot Club is: no smoking." Jessica Stevenson won a British Comedy Award for this year. It deserved a whole lot more. --Paul Tonks On the DVD: This three-disc collector's edition contains all the extras from the previous DVD releases, plus a host of brand new features including music promos, cast interviews, and an in-depth and specially filmed documentary featuring interviews with cast members including Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Nick Frost, cameo actors (Bill Bailey, David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith) and journalists. It also includes a tour made by Simon, Jessica and Edgar of different show locations with clips of archive footage from the very first programmes Simon and Jess appeared in together.

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Box set containing series one and two of the Channel 4 sitcom centring around comic book fanatic Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) and aspiring journalist Daisy Steiner (Jessica Stevenson), an ill-matched duo who have been posing as a professional couple in order to retain tenancy of a North London flat. Includes the episodes: 'Beginnings', 'Gatherings', 'Art', 'Battles', 'Chaos' 'Epiphanies', 'Ends', 'Back', 'Change', 'Mettle', 'Help', 'Gone', 'Dissolution' and 'Leaves'.

  • Average Rating for Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition - 4 out of 5

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  • Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition
    John Flaherty

    When Spaced first aired in 1999 on Channel 4 it was safe to say it was unique and gathered up quite a cult following. Whereas in the past cult comedy shows have been stretched out well beyond their lifespan (e.g. Red Dwarf), the creators of Spaced have seemed to have learnt from other legendary comedy shows like Faulty Towers, The Young Ones and Father Ted. That lesson is that longevity is not found in how long the show can carry on for, but for how fresh the writers can keep the story lines and knowing how long the originality can be kept interesting. Therefore the originality of Spaced and the quality of comedic writing has helped the show earn its cult status and can therefore be remembered for influencing other Channel 4 productions like Black Books and Green Wing.

    Although the real reason that Spaced has become such a hit is probably due to the sense of humour that the show is based. If you are a self-confessed geek and love your Star Wars, Star Trek and other great Sci-Fi treats, as well as comics, then the humour will be right up your alley. It was no fluke that Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (both directed by co-creator of Spaced Edgar Wright and written by Edgar Wright and Spaced star Simon Pegg) became worldwide successful films. If you like comedy shows like Black Books, The League of Gentlemen, Futurama and Family Guy, then you'll definitely love Spaced. I would say that all fans of modern British comedy will refer to Spaced as being one of, if not, the best British comedy for over 15 years. Spaced fans have been holding their breath for news of a third series and if recent reports are correct, it won't be long until they get their wish. The fact that you can pick up the complete collection of Spaced for less than £10 gives you know excuse to give it a go!

  • Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition
    Faye Harmon

    If you don't want to be the sort of person who insist on quoting comedies left right and centre then this is not for you. The best (in my opinion) British comedy in the past 20 years- Spaced takes us on a surreal but heavily grounded in reality journey through the lives and loves of a group of 20-somethings (and their landlady and dog Colin). The writing is superlative, with more quotable lines than you can shake a big stick at ('You can't dangle the bogus carrot of possible reconciliation in front of my face whilst riding some other donkey.') and there's more nods to cult film and TV than I've ever seen (the homage-ometer on the special features will show you this). Irreverent, totally surreal, belly achingly funny and absolutely essential, this show isn't my favourite for nothing- I don't know anybody who's seen it and hasn't loved it.

  • Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition
    Michael Beck

    Its hard to put into words how great Spaced really is. A comedy with bit of a drama, with fantastic acting from the likes of Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Nick Frost, Mark Heap plus the intelligent direction of Edgar Wright Spaced does not fail on any level. Take time out to notice the movie references cleverly put it for fans of cult classic movies such as Evil Dead. If you have never watched Spaced before please buy this if you are fans of Shaun of the Dead please buy this. You will not/cannot be disappointed.

  • Spaced - Definitive Collectors' Edition


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