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Star Trek XI (1-Disc Edition) DVD


From the director of Lost and Cloverfield comes Star Trek! Gone are all the 60s Kitsch and shaddy effects and instead we are being treated to a film pulsating with action and a big dose of realism. The story of Kirk and Spock is highly regarded by Trekkies everywhere and although many were sceptical about this film, it's set to be a hit, which will entertain Trekkies and none Trekkies alike!

In this Star Trek movie, Kirk is an unruly drop out and son of a heroic Fleet Captain who died in action. He is enrolled in Star Fleet and soon meets other recruits who later become his team including; Spock (Zachary Qunito), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Scotty (Simon Pegg) and many others. On their Maiden Voyage of the U.S.S Enterprise, the diamond of the Star Fleet, the new recruits are thrown in at the deep end and are put in charge of the ship on a mission to defeat Nero a Romulan who is intent on destroying planets and causing intergalactic-havoc.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play From the creator of &39;Lost&39; and &39;Alias&39; JJ Abrams Star Trek is part prequel part reboot and all action! One of 2009&39;s best blockbusters this sensational movie captures the series&39; classic sci-fi spirit but ramps up the spectacle - you&39;ve never seen Kirk and Spock quite like this before! Actors Zachary Quinto Leonard Nimoy Eric Bana Chris Pine Karl Urban Simon Pegg Anton Yelchin Zoe Saldana John Cho Winona Ryder Bruce Greenwood Rachel Nichols Jennifer Morrison Clifton Collins Jr Tyler Perry & Jimmy Bennett Director JJ Abrams Certificate 12 years and over Year 2009 Screen Widescreen Languages English - Dolby Digital (51) Additional Languages English Audio Description Subtitles English ; English for the hearing impaired ; Danish ; Dutch ; Finnish ; Norwegian ; Swedish Duration 2 hours and 7 minutes (approx)

Oscar-winning big-budget spin-off of the classic 1960s sci-fi adventure series. The film chronicles the early years in the life of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members, including Kirk's enrolment at Starfleet Academy, his first meeting with Spock (Zachary Quinto) and their battles with time-travelling Romulans from the future. Eric Bana, Winona Ryder and Simon Pegg co-star, along with Leonard Nimoy, who reprises his role as the older Spock.

  • Average Rating for Star Trek XI (1-Disc Edition) - 4 out of 5

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  • Star Trek XI (1-Disc Edition)
    Chris Montgomery

    When I first heard many, many months ago that Star Trek was about to be re-made I have to admit that I was far from excited about the prospect. A self confessed Star Wars fan, I was always puzzled as to why Star Trek, set in the distant future and even more distant Worlds could have so little action in it. What a waste. It was like The Waltons in space!
    I then discovered it was to be directed by J.J Abrams of Lost and Cloverfield fame and I began to follow the hype that preceded its launch. The trailer looked good too.
    However, I wasn't swayed enough to go to the cinema to see the film but being a DVD addict, I tend to buy all the big Blockbuster discs doing the rounds. The fact that the German version of the movie has been released as a special edition with the discs mounted inside a replica of the USS Enterprise was too much to resist. Alas, it arrived this week, two weeks ahead of the UK edition.
    Meanwhile, onto the film itself. Firstly, the cast and probably some of the most inspired choices in cinema history. Chris Pine as Kirk is probably the weakest of the main players, doing a great job but maybe too cocky to really convince. Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) as Spock looks like he could be Leonard Nimoy's son and he takes to the role like he was born to play it. The real surprise though for me was Karl Urban as Bones. I couldn't believe how well he nailed the manerisms of the late DeForest Kelley. It was uncanny. The supporting cast were more than adequate, including the very watchable Simon Pegg and a welcome cameo from old Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.
    The film itself was a refreshing mix of action (a real plus for me), humour, interesting storytelling and spectacular effects. The premise of going back to when the epic journey all began made a lot of sense and laid the foundations for a whole new franchise.
    So, Star Trek won me over. I gave it a chance and it delivered on several counts. It didn't make me want to revisit the old series or films or indeed any of the multitude of spin offs that followed but I can recommend it even for people like me who aren't Trekkies. I look forward to the next one.

  • Star Trek XI (1-Disc Edition)
    Kashif Ahmed

    I'm a 'Star Trek' fan but not a Trekkie per say, in that I know the original series and films quite well, but couldn't tell you what Spock had for breakfast in episode 4, star date 2127.6. 'Star Trek XI' features some excellent, and often intense, action sequences; high on emotion but low on intelligence it's an entertaining, well-paced summer blockbuster: nothing more, nothing less. Chris Pine's Captain Kirk occasionally, and much to the delight of old school Trek fans, channels William Shatner to put the button on those scenes (e.g. Kobayashi test, final scene aboard The Enterprise), Zachary Quinto was born to play Mr Spock and his comic timings right on cue (a round of applause for the casting director on that one), Karl Urban is excellent as Dr McCoy whilst Star Trek's supporting cast all play their parts well (nod to John 'Harold' Cho as Sulu, who hilariously equates fencing with hand-to-hand combat and the laugh-a-minute Anton Yelchin as Chekov). The romantic liaison between Uhura and Spock was somewhat clich├ęd and out of sorts with the picture as a whole and there were a few scenes that wobbled or lacked credibility. 'Star Trek' icon Leonard Nimoy whistles through his dentures in a pretty decent co-star role as future Mr Spock, or Spock Prime as he's listed in the credits, Winona Ryder's cameo as Spock's mother was a tad pointless, though I get the feeling a lot of her scenes were cut. They could've bought Bill Shatner back considering 'Generations' was the worst instalment ever (closely followed by 'Insurrection') and that Captain Kirk's ignominious demise was the lamest exit in movie history. That said, I can understand Abram's reasoning as to why you couldn't have too many familiar faces back if you're attempting to reboot the franchise; still, it would've been nice to see Shatner get another go as Kirk. I watched one of my favourite episodes from the original series ('The Enemy Within') immediately afterwards and, for obvious reasons, it's not quite the same; there was a low tech, high calibre charm in the 1960s: a lot more emphasis on character and thought provoking storylines about human nature, the world and our place in it. Here, cerebral musings are undercut by laconic, witty one-liners, razzle-dazzle em' space battles and familiar sci-fi action movie set pieces. Director J.J Abram's seems to have conscientiously worked to a 'ST' fan's checklist in much the same way as he did in 'Mission Impossible III' and all the catchphrases, themes and motifs we know & love are present & accounted for. Other than that, the usual Abrams directorial problems persist i.e. TV style close ups, fast cuts and almost no wide or epic shots. Good use of colours and lens flare though.

    Its Star Trek, but not as we know it...

  • Star Trek XI (1-Disc Edition)
    Editor Review

    With its strong storyline, fantastic visuals and superb performances, Star Trek XI will delight life-long Trekkies and new fans alike. This film is genuinely impressive, it's not only funny and exciting, but also emotionally touching too! One of the best Sci-fi titles to date!

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