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Switchblade Romance DVD


Students Marie and Alex drive into the French countryside together, and straight into the hands of a deranged killer with a thing for razorblades.

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Intensely visceral and bloodthirsty shocker by French director Alexandre Aja. Cecile de France and Maïwenn le Bosco star as Marie and Alexia, two inseparable friends who go to stay in the country home of Alexia's parents for a quiet break, to study and relax. However, when a homicidal maniac (Philippe Nahon) turns up at their front door, the terror and carnage begins...

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Intensely visceral and bloodthirsty shocker by French director Alexandre Aja Cecile de France and Maïwenn le Bosco star as Marie and Alexia two inseparable friends who go to stay in the country home of Alexia&39;s parents for a quiet break to study and relax However when a homicidal maniac (Philippe Nahon) turns up at their front door the terror and carnage begins

  • Average Rating for Switchblade Romance - 3 out of 5

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  • Switchblade Romance
    Grant Morrison

    Switchblade Romance what are you doing to me? You are like a coffee revel, I don't really know what to make of you but at the same time you intrigue me and I trot on. This French horror focuses on two students, college students I believe, called Marie and Alex that have planned a little visit to Alex's family home for the weekend. Once there you have the usual guided tour around an unknown premise which we have all experienced at some point our lives. However the mundanity which we may have experienced is wiped clean as the arrival of the girls brings with them the arrival of a killer. Incredibly charming I am sure you will agree. The greasy, grimy, grubby truck driver arrives with a snap as he proceeds to slash through the family. I do not wish to delve any deeper into the plot of this film as there is a lot to be discovered by the viewer themselves, and by reading about it in a shabbily written review is probably not the best idea.

    What can be mentioned further however is the performance from Cecile De France. Number one is what an exquisite name, it is just smooth and floats off the tongue. Enough of that infatuation blip, the 'proper' number one should definitely be her performance. I have not seen her performance in Around the World in 80 Days but I find it extremely difficult to imagine a stronger performance than the one the Belgian puts in here. I have used such adjectives as greasy and grubby to describe the trucker but they could very well be used in describing Cecile's performance as Marie.

    The film falls flat however in its last act, losing a few Brownie points in its ropey ending. It conjures up an air of disappointment and frustration as it was going so well in the bloody company of Switchblade Romance it is just crippling when the 'reveal' props its head on camera. Any creativity that was showcased in the beginning is lost with this and drags the movie down into ordinary territory which is a shame. A crying shame no, but a shame none the less.

    Now the main question it all comes down to is - Should I pick this up? For me the answer to that is - Yes, you should pick this up and give it a shot, if not for the price tag then for the DVD cover that looks like a beautiful barbaric B&Q billboard. Plus you have a very interesting and intriguing first half to look forward, perhaps when it comes to a certain point you could switch off you DVD player and leave that lasting good movie feel planted within you. Go on and make a game of it...

  • Switchblade Romance
    Kashif Ahmed

    French gore fest with a pair of nubile Parisian chicks being hunted down in the wilderness by some Leatherface-esue psychopath (or are they?). 'Switchblade Romance' a.k.a. 'High Tension' is a well-paced, sometimes trashy potboiler, which just about manages to rise above its B-movie origins. Cécile De France is dutifully put through her paces under the watchful eye of director Alexandre Aja (who recently went onto remake 'The Hills Have Eyes') but its toothy Maiwenn Le Besco, best known to western audiences for her cameos in Luc Besson movies, (as the gangster"s moll in 'Leon' and the Blue Diva in 'The Fifth Element') who turns out to be the movie's real revelation. Aja steadily cranks up the tension and handles the varying moods of the picture with equal savoir-faire, though the humourless, brutal and bloody nature of the flick soon begins to take its toll. Tense, occasionally unpleasant but never boring, this movie is like 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' meets 'Fight Club' whose leading ladies go through so much, that they"ll have you screaming "Sacrebleu!" at the screen.

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