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The Chronicles of Riddick DVD


Vin Diesel returns in his breakthrough "Pitch Black" role as anti-hero Richard B. Riddick battling an evil conqueror on the outskirts of the galaxy.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play The wanted criminal Riddick arrives in Helion Prime and finds himself against the invading Necromongers an army that plans to convert or kill all humans

Vin Diesel reprises his role as night-eyed antihero Riddick in this big-budget sequel to the 2002 sci-fi action film 'Pitch Black'. In an attempt to evade the mercenaries after him, Riddick escapes to the distant planet of Helion - only to find himself caught in the middle of a violent and bloody intergalactic conflict between two opposing forces: the Elementals, led by Aerion (Judi Dench) and the Necromongers, led by the bloodthirsty Lord Marshall (Colm Feore).

  • Average Rating for The Chronicles of Riddick [2004] - 3 out of 5

    (based on 4 user reviews)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick [2004]

    If you are a fan of any sci-fi, one of the elements you will like about this film is the universe that the story is set. Unlike Pitch Black where you are on one planet, in Chronicles, you travel to numerous planets and locations. This really puts across a sense of scale and involvement across that will attract and will you to want to know more about the worlds and characters. Now all of that scale would be terrible if the visuals effects weren't up to scratch. Thankfully even now the visual effects stand up well against the advancements in tech we have had in the last few years. In the role of Riddick, Vin Diesel is surprisingly strong as a mostly silent killer. When playing this character Diesel gives off a presence on screen thats says that you shouldn't really mess with Riddick if you want to see the end of the day. Even if Diesel lets you down, the supporting cast is strong with actors such as Thandie Newton and Judi Dench. For those who haven't seen Pitch Black, you can easily pick up on the plot of the previous as it does re-encounter certain events through flashbacks, so you will be able to get the jist of the story. One thing you will miss out on is the appearance of a familiar character, of which the connection will only be vaguely clear.
    Overall, if you are looking for a strong-scripted, visual stunning, well acted science fiction film set in a vast universe, than you should definitely stick with The Chronicles of Riddick.

  • The Chronicles of Riddick [2004]
    David Bowen

    Reviews weren't very good but I loved it. Non-stop action, great film.

  • The Chronicles of Riddick [2004]
    S. Thanopoulos

    A quality cast (and that word also covers Vin Diesel, in my book), jaw dropping production design (medieval SF - love it!!), and more ships, sets and major explosions than you could shake $110,000,000 at. And yet... well, I found the whole thing a tad underwhelming.
    OK, first of all, I have to say that I was REALLY tired when I watched this (and that's never a good thing - can't be 100% fair), but it seemed to me that the film was not enjoying itself, know what I mean? Where was the spark... that quality known as "tap dancing"?
    It gets far too bogged down with irksome waffle, and yet it could have been so much better with MORE waffle... that is, if it could have been quality waffle. It needed drama that resonated on the same level as its explosions (like, say, 'I Claudius' in space - wouldn't that be great?) Either that or send the whole thing up. Whichever route should have been taken, the all important spark was not in evidence. The far simpler 'Pitch Black' was much better.
    Extras are skimpy/gimmicky scene setting things, with far too little actual documentary stuff. So, like when watching the film itself, we're asking "Where's the meat?"
    Fans would be better off seeking out the super-duper R1 version with the unrated, extended (to the tune of an extra 15 minutes) cut, which also has a commentary (the most important extra on any DVD and conspicuous here by its absence!!)
    The bottom line: sort of good, sort of not.

  • The Chronicles of Riddick [2004]

    Vin Diesel is back, after the success of Pitch Black, as the convict Riddick hunted by mercenaries across the galaxy. Unwittingly Riddick becomes entangled in the fight against the Necromongers, beings intent on ruling humans across the Universe.

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