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The Raid DVD


In a desperate bid to flush violent criminals from one of Jakarta's high-rise apartment blocks, an elite SWAT team is tasked with raiding the building floor by floor.

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require either a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play A police raid on a Jakarta tenement building turns into a non-stop bloodbath when the drug dealer who owns it unleashes a furious barrage of fists bullets and blades leaving the few remaining survivors of the invading SWAT team to fight their way up to the top and end the psychotic criminal&39;s violent reign once and for all Expectant father Rama (Iko Uwais) is an honest cop with deadeye aim and killer fighting skills Following orders from his lieutenant -- a respected police veteran and mastermind of the ambitious raid -- Rama leads his heavily-armed team into the building silently and stealthily Their mission is to take down Tama (Ray Sahetapy) a vicious criminal kingpin who uses the building as a shelter for both his many customers and his small army of loyal dealers and killers Even the bravest cops in the city have never dared to breach Tama&39;s fortress and once the team&39;s cover is blown it quickly becomes apparent why; almost immediately half of the team is shredded in a vicious barrage of gunfire and machetes The exits have all been blocked and with Tama&39;s men closing in fast Rama&39;s only hope is to keep going up and take out anyone who gets in his path Meanwhile Tama realises that some of the cops have managed to survive the initial assault so he unleashes two of his best men to stop them dead in their tracks With his team cut down to a mere handful and his munitions exhausted the determined cop vows to complete his mission by whatever means necessary

Indonesian action film in which a SWAT team becomes trapped inside an apartment block ruled by a ruthless gangster and his army of killers, thugs and drug-dealers. The largely rookie squad is led by an over-cautious Lieutenant into the building, where it is quickly outsmarted and out-gunned. Their objective is to bring to justice the drugs baron who resides on the building's top floor, but this proves far easier said than done.

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  • The Raid
    Jordan Robson

    I'm going to take a leaf out of The Raid's book while writing this review of the movie, and keep things tight, focused, and to-the-point. Because that's exactly how this fantastic action movie feels. No flab. No filler. Just a great, action-packed story.

    The setup is simple. A block of flats is taken over by criminals. A crack police team gets trapped inside it and has to fight its way to the top, where the gang boss is hiding. And along the way, there's plenty of violence, a solid helping of character-based drama, and some great visual storytelling.

    For me, the biggest selling point of the film is the fantastic fight scenes. Unlike some American action directors I could name (*cough* Michael Bay *cough*), director Gareth Evans always shows things incredibly clearly, mixing the close-ups of the action with wider establishing shots that mean you're never confused about where the characters are in relation to one another, or what's happening to them.

    Along with some shockingly violent (yet impeccably filmed) scenes of gun and knife combat, there are some hand-to-hand fight sequences that simply have to be seen to be believed. In particular, Yayan Ruhian as the villain "Mad Dog" does some amazing things with his body that simply turn fight scenes into an artform.

    Ruhian just as impressive as the finest athlete or ballet dancer, and his choreography with his fellow fighters (including our hero, Rama, played by Iko Uwais) is so perfect that you never even question that fact that you're watching a genuine, life-or-death battle between highly-skilled martial artists. And it's all done for real, without the crutch of CGI that so many action movies rely on these days.

    It's not all high-octane fights, though. There are a couple of highly suspenseful scenes that stick in the mind: one involving a decision over whether or not to shoot a character through a closed door, and another involving Rama hiding in a secret compartment and coming close to being discovered by his enemies. I won't spoil them here, but I will say that you'll be on the edge of your seat throughout the movie - even when the bullets and fists aren't flying.

    Even the possible detraction of the language barrier (this is an Indonesian movie with English subtitles) doesn't really matter. The film tells its story so effectively through its visuals that you could get almost as much out of it without the subtitles at all. Although I guess you'd miss out on some of the interesting twists or turns in the story that get revealed in the second half of the movie - when it becomes clear that The Raid has a certain amount of brains to match its brawn.

    If you want a perfect Friday-night movie, then The Raid is the film for you. If you want to see a film that recaptures the kind of adrenaline-filled ballsiness of the 1980s Hollywood action era (that has somehow been lost by today's blockbusters), then The Raid is the film for you. And if you want to see an exercise in cinematic efficiency, and a masterclass in how to tell a powerful, arresting story in just a brisk hour-and-a-half or so, then - you've guessed it - The Raid is the film for you. See it now before the bound-to-be-inferior American remake comes along.

  • The Raid
    Kashif Ahmed

    If adrenaline were a movie, it'd be 'The Raid'. A fast paced, well directed, superbly acted, unremittingly violent but morally sound film. 'The Raid' is a multicultural movie in every sense of the word: An Indonesian production, written & directed by Welshman Gareth Evans, this Asian police thriller makes most Hollywood action movies look bloated and nonsensical by comparison.

    Iko Uwais ('Merantau') is a good cop, part of a SWAT team sent into an apartment building in Jakarta to arrest a powerful crime lord. Their mission turns out to be a feint and the paramilitary policemen soon realize they've been suckered into a trap, as they find themselves up against an army of heavily armed henchmen. With no back up and their numbers dwindling (shot, stabbed, beaten to death) Uwais leads the fight-back whilst trying to complete a secret, altogether more personal, mission of his own.

    'The Raid' features a great combination of marksmanship and martial arts (Indonesian fighting technique Pencak Silat), with quiet, charismatic hero Iko Uwais leading from the front in one spectacular fight scene after another. 'The Raid' combines all the martial arts action of a good Donnie Yen film with the brutal but balletic gun-play of early John Woo movies like 'A Better Tomorrow', 'Hard Boiled' and 'The Killer'. Easily the best action film of 2012, 'The Raid' raises the bar for action and is a must see for all fans of the genre.

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