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Troy (Director's Cut) DVD


Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom star in this jaw-dropping epic about the famous siege of the ancient city of Troy.

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  • Average Rating for Troy (Director's Cut) [2004] - 4 out of 5

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  • Troy (Director's Cut) [2004]
    David Porter

    The theatrical cut of Troy is an entertaining film, one which on first viewing is enjoyable, even primarily on a surface level. I own the original DVD which includes the theatrical cut and on repeat viewings will regularly find myself skipping scenes or even whole chapters to the more enjoyable sections of the film.
    The scenes which fail upon repeat viewings aren"t ones that would first come to mind, namely the epic battles staged in front of the formidable Trojan wall or any scene involving the cowardly almost irritable Paris (Orlando Bloom).
    Now Directors Cuts aren"t always what they say they are, often an excuse for another DVD of the same film with only a few deleted scenes added back into the cut of the film with little or no effect on the impact or story being told, rather than the intended vision the director fore sore when making the film, and due to outside influences wasn"t able to release it theatrically. Thankfully Troy DC falls into the latter category. This cut includes a large amount of additional footage, has been re-edited and the musical score has been re arranged and altered. The changes made in director Wolfgang Petersen"s cut add a whole new dimension to the already enjoyable film, and creates a story worthy of its billing, "epic".
    The story arks of the characters are now more rounded, the motivation for decisions they make seem rational and make sense, even supporting characters are fleshed out to create a great ensemble piece.
    Achilles journey through the film is now more epic and fully realized with moments that once fell flat have real weight and meaning. Brad Pitt"s performance (one physically he clearly was born to play) is now something more than the superficial vacant stare and pout of the original version, creating a real drive to the character of Achilles and the understanding of his desire to create his own legend.
    Every actor"s performance benefits from the new cut; however Brian Cox"s Portrayal of King Agamemnom and Orlando Blooms Paris that benefit the most. The Former is now a much more layered performance than the originally portrayed almost ham like king, with a greater understanding of his unease and dislike of Achilles. Orlando Bloom"s portrayal of Paris is still one of a coward much lesser in stature than his brother Hector, but the scenes between Paris and Helen of Troy now go further to justify why he risks his countries safety for the love of one.
    The character action sequences of the original where always impressive, now with a sense of violence and ferocity instilled, however the large scale battles fought between the Trojans and Greeks seemed to fall flat, now there brought to life with new footage. The scale seems much grander and the brutality and consequence of war clearly evident, scenes are now littered with the real horror and violence these battles would clearly have brought upon the people involved.
    On a final note (no pun intended) the music now fits better, none of the musical themes jump out at you and by saying you don"t notice the score at all is the biggest compliment to a film score one could give. It supports the film throughout and enhances the story rather than detract from it.
    This film is now the epic of this great legendary tragedy it always promised to be, however the biggest tragedy is that few will see the real vision of Wolfgang"s work unless they pick up this vastly superior cut on DVD. Highly recommended!

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