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Wall-E (Disney Pixar) DVD


Set in 2700, mankind has left Earth because the planet is polluted and infertile. Cleaning robots like WALL.E are left to clear the rubbish. But after hundreds of lonely years being the only one left, WALL.E develops a personality and finds new purpose in life when he meets EVE, a search robot. The duo travels across the galaxy together, chasing their dreams in one of the most imaginative adventures ever.

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  • Average Rating for Wall-E (Disney Pixar) - 4 out of 5

    (based on 2 user reviews)
  • Wall-E (Disney Pixar)
    caroline davison

    Brilliant show from start to finish, great graphics, great story line and you just fall in love with Wall-e. He is so cute. Lovely film you can just happily watch it again and again! Highly recommend!

  • Wall-E (Disney Pixar)
    Lee Shipman

    I dragged a good few people with me to see this one, and the response was mixed. I couldn't have praised it higher, but my friends' reactions ranged from mildly amused to "a waste of time and money". I just wanted to iron out the rifts between so many differing opinions, and pedal the only one that makes sense. Mine.

    I'm kidding of course, but I really have found it difficult to see what problems people have with it. The film in itself is so sweet and endearing as a whole, and I think that's what the creators went for - a lot of my friends found it boring and particularly anti-hilarious, but it's not the laughs you go for, even though there are a good few. Don't get me wrong, I realise that people didn't walk out of the cinemas roaring, but there really are moments you'll laugh out loud at. For me, Wall-e was more about the accomplishment Pixar studios have made with the animation - in a hyphened word it's mind-blowing. It's hard not to be impressed by the effort put into each detail.

    However, visuals aside, Wall-e has the biggest heart and imagination I've seen in a film in a long time, and I really appreciated it. The messages being conveyed about emotion, personal connection and the fate of the planet are all poignant and ring like bells afterwards. If you like a film that leaves you thinking, this is one of them, and I can guarantee some pretty heated discussions afterwards, concerning, for instance, how very bleak mankind's future is.

    All in all I thought Wall-e was an absolute winner. It's a departure from previous hits such as Monster's Inc. and Finding Nemo, because there is less humour, but there's heaps and heaps of imagination. I've thought a lot about the humans in the film: the animation is decidedly less impressive where the humans are concerned, but again I think that's part of the message- don't we need to forget about ourselves sometimes? A friend told me she found the view on mankind's future too bleak, but I think it's down to clever films such as Wall-e to wake us all up and get us thinking about each other more, thinking about the environment. It's a gem of a film, and one which I guarantee you'll enjoy, kids and adults alike. And try to ignore the fact that he looks a little like Johnny 5. Enjoy!

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