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Wolf Creek DVD


Based on true events, "Wolf Creek" tells the chilling story of three backpackers travelling in remote Outback Australia.

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  • Wolf Creek
    R Chadwick

    I could remember seeing a trailer for this film last year at the cinema, it seemed intriguing, apart from the fact that there was clearly no wolf that would be terrorising people, something which I thought may have been amusing, I thought the film looked rather good. I was however skeptical. The last "horror" film I saw a trailer for at the cinema was "The Village" and I thought that looked good, what a mistake I made there. I wasn"t about to make the same one though so I put the film out of my mind and thought of it as a "I"ll rent it when I am in the mood for it" film.
    After seeing a few adverts for it in various magazines I was slightly concerned by the huge emphasis that it was "based on true events" I thought perhaps this may have been a publicity stunt to create hype, especially considering the timing of the films release and the Australian Falconio trial. Saying this though the more I read about Wolf Creek the more and more I wanted to watch it, I was put off buying the film due to previous mistakes with the genre so I headed down to my local Blockbuster and rented the film knowing that with my girlfriend away for the weekend I had the perfect opportunity to watch a "scary" film.
    I had high hopes for this film, it seemed fresh, the reviews of it were impressive and it was acclaimed to be a scary film. Hmmm.
    I"m not sure that scary is a word which I would use to describe Wolf Creek. Don"t misunderstand me though I found the film to be enjoyable, it kept my interest throughout and I felt that it had all the crucial elements of a good horror film. However, it to me was not scary. It was the type of film that I could have watched with my girlfriend (if I had lied about the genre and story in advance as she hates scary things). Yes there would have been moments where she would have had to of looked away, for instance the dead people tortured on the walls, the slicing off of the fingers and the "head on a stick" part but aside from that I don"t think she would have been too traumatised.
    I really feel as though I am not doing the film any justice though, the director, Greg McLean has done a fantastic job with the filming; it looks great, there are some awesome landscape shots and you do genuinely feel the suspense building throughout the whole film. The casting is also spot on, the film gives you just enough back story of the three backpackers to gain an insight into their personalities and create likeable characters for you to get to know in the build up of the film. The star of the show though is actor John Jarratt whose eccentric redneck killer shows us that not all bad guys have to be bad throughout. In fact I would say that that is one of the best parts of this film, you are led in to like the redneck, see him as a friendly face and doubt his ability to kill whilst at the same time you are also getting ready for him to turn on the tourists and show his true colours.
    This film has been likened to Blair Witch and to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, similarities which in my eyes are not compliments. It has the staying power and depth which Texas Chainsaw lacks while Blair Witch can only dream of the casting and filming that this film has to offer.
    I would say ignore the likenesses, ignore the hype and watch it for what it is; an enjoyable horror road movie that deserves every bit of credit that it gets.

  • Wolf Creek

    Best not to have a full meal before you see this - bring your own sofa as you are gonna need to hide behind it in places!!
    I expected a lot from this film after the mild disappointment of Saw 2, I needed something to mash my senses up properly and this did the trick.
    Our 3 travelling companions are all likeable enough and the film sensibly takes it time letting us get to know them. This is a double edged sword though coz you just know what's gonna hapen, just not how yet...
    Jarratt's Mick Taylor is wonderfully convincing as the monster of the piece. Very rarely straying into pantomime territory, Jarratt plays it frighteningly straight as the Aussie outback guy who plays by his own rules.
    The funny moments (cue Crocodile Dundee parody) are just as scary and unsettling as everything else!!!
    Buy it, packed with extras also, just cancel any plans you had to visit any of Australia's more remote parts....

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