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Xena Warrior Princess - The Ultimate Collection DVD


Episodes Comprise: 1. Sins of the Past 2. Chariots of War 3. Dreamworker 4. Cradle of Hope 5. The Path Not Taken 6. The Reckoning 7. The Titans 8. Prometheus 9. Death In Chains 10. Hooves and Harlots 11. The Black Wolf 12. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts 13. Athens City Academy Of the Performing Bards 14. A Fist Full of Dinars 15. Warrior...Princess 16. Mortal Beloved 17. The Royal Couple Of Thieves 18. The Prodigal 19. Altared States 20. Ties that Bind 21. The

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play   Xena (Lucy Lawless Battlestar Galactica) a fascinating warrior princess Rampages through Kingdoms far from her homeland in Greece as she sets out to take revenge for her whole village being destroyed and her brother’s brutal death A stunning set of adventures reveal her path from angel of vengeance into a supreme warrior who has learned to focus her warrior skills and now possesses a potent combination of charisma agility acrobatics and martial arts for the good of mankind Using all her skills to fight for the oppressed along with her best friend Gabrielle and Horse Argo they seek inspiration surviving incredible adventures and fighting for the greater good Now you can own every episode of every action-packed series in this ultimate complete collection

The complete six series of the fantasy show following Xena the mighty warrior princess (Lucy Lawless), who once led a band of outlaws that terrorised all of Greece. She has come to regret the harm she caused and, along with her companion Gabrielle (Renée O'Connor), now travels the countryside seeking adventure and fighting the forces of evil.

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  • Xena Warrior Princess - The Ultimate Collection
    Jenna Johnston

    "Xena Warrior Princess" can often be thought of as campy colourful show, and indeed it was a women in leather running around the countryside fighting Cyclops and harpies, tends not add up to serious Fantasy show. That should not lesson value of the its appeal, Lucy Lawless and Renne O'Connor have undeniable chemistry and this helps grab the viewer"s attention through the full six series, which is helped along by a whole host of other characters, from the "surfer babe" Aphrodite, to the evil Calisto, each character adds a new dimension from light heartedness to despair, easily engaging both adults and children, in to its extremely liberal take on historical events. The show was far from perfect some episodes were cringe worthy and unbelievable to the point of boredom, the series as a whole was much more based on stand alone episodes, meaning that sometimes you were searching through the much to find a jewel but as the series progressed this was much easier to do as the show found what it was truly good at. That said though there are some fantastic Episodes within each season, from the hilarious "Here she comes...Miss Amphipolis" to the epic "The Debt I and II", means that there is something for everyone.
    The main strength of the show is inevitable the cast who make even the cheesiest of dialog easy to believe. Lawless, O'Connor, and also recurring stars such as Kevin smith (Ares) and Ted Raime (Joxer) all add a great deal of energy to the show making it irresistible to watch. The most significant part of this show however, is that it has a warm heart at its centre something which Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows are missing out on today. So if you are in a mood to laugh at the exploits of two friends hampering armies and sending Angels into hell, then "Xena Warrior Princess" the complete series, is definitely for you!

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