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Natural History

  • Dynamo: Magician Impossible - Series 1-3 [DVD] [2013] Dynamo: Magician Impossible - Series 1-3 | DVD | (04/11/2013) from £11.87  |  Saving you £2.60 (10.40%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Series 1 Tipped as the most exciting British magician to emerge in decades and with a list of celebrity fans that reads like a 'who's who' of the Hollywood elite Dynamo: Magician Impossible is the story of an ordinary boy from Bradford living an extraordinary life. Like his dear grandfather before him Dynamo grew up practicing precision card-handling and developing powerful magical skills. The series sees the 28-year-old travelling the globe as the unassuming anti-hero who just happens to astound everyone he meets whether it's an international footballer or Hollywood actor. In episode one Dynamo performs his spectacular matrix style levitation physically moves a girl's tan line on the glamorous Miami Beach and performs magic with Manchester rock legend Ian Brown. Other highlights in this mind blowing series include; transporting a mobile phone into a glass beer bottle magically transforming snow into diamonds in the Austrian mountains and bringing a flutter of butterflies to life in Hollywood's famous Chateau Marmont. Throughout the series Dynamo: Magician Impossible will take viewers on his magical journey before stunning them with incredible headline-grabbing stunts beyond the realms of possibility. Series 2 The award-winning series Dynamo: Magician Impossible returns on Blu-Ray and DVD for a brand new and exclusive four-part series that once again pushes the boundaries of magic and illusion. Described as the most exciting and original British magician for a generation the 28-year-old from Bradford wowed the world in the first series of Magician Impossible with a jaw-dropping array of magic. Matrix-style levitations walking on water transforming snow into diamonds in the Austrian mountains... Dynamo did it all. Learning his skills from his late grandfather Dynamo takes his magic to the streets and incorporates incredible illusion and amazing sleight of hand. Whether it be wowing celebrities friends and family or members of the general public Dynamo's brand of 21st century magic is truly for everyone. And in series two he's back bigger better than ever. Series 3 The BAFTA-nominated and multi award-winning series returns with even more mind-blowing tricks and big name celebrity friends. The brand new four-part series follows Dynamo as he takes his adventures to extraordinary new locations around the world visiting New York South Africa Ibiza and the UK amazing everyone he comes into contact with. You'll see some impressive close-up magic with Samuel L. Jackson a game of pool like no other with Keith Lemon and a trick which sees Dynamo impaling himself with a javelin in front of Olympic gold-medallist Jessica Ennis to name just a few.

  • Wildest Africa [DVD] Wildest Africa | DVD | (22/02/2010) from £6.96  |  Saving you £1.14 (11.40%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Their daily ritual is aimed at just one result: survival. At the start of the 20th century the major species roamed most of Africa with the exception of the Sahara and the jungles. One hundred years on their territory has contracted dramatically. It's in this context - the daily law of the jungle - fight for survival for individual creatures and the new fight for survival for entire species - that this documentary documents the majesty of Africa's superb wildlife. The programme begins with a spectacle of awesome proportions the annual migration of the wildebeest showing the attacks it comes under from crocodiles and lions. The daily ritual of lions is documented from mating and hunting to attacks they come under from baboons. We follow a group of baby elephants frolicking in the waters of Botswana's Okavango Delta and speaking a complex language with which they can communicate over great distances. Other animals featured include: a graceful and agile leopard with superb shots of drinking hunting and eating; two black jackals and their meal under attack from hyenas; the aggressive hippopotamus; the cape buffalo the rare aardwolf and serval cat; and the cheetah surging up to 112 kilometres an hour to kill a Thomson's Gazelle. The documentary concludes on a positive note with a captive breeding programme for cheetahs showing tactics that can save still more of Africa's superb creatures from disappearing forever. Greg Grainger is an award-winning producer and presenter of topical travel documentaries and wildlife programmes to remote and exotic locations. Greg's programmes are seen around the world from Grainger's World screened daily on Europe's Travel Channel to Tour Deluxe on the USA Travel Channel as well as Channel 7 Australia's The World Around Us. His wildlife specials appear regularly on the international networks Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.

  • Bearwalker [DVD] Bearwalker | DVD | (14/02/2011) from £7.95  |  Saving you £12.04 (60.20%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Join wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan as he tries to gain the trust of a wild bear family in a spectacular American wilderness. Natural black bear behaviour has rarely been filmed in the wild. In this series Gordon is able to document the life of a first-time mother bear Lily and her struggle to raise her cub Hope. What follows could change the way we think about bears forever. Gordon and the crew test their limits to film closer to wild bears than anyone has before.

  • Wildlife - Big Cats Wildlife - Big Cats | DVD | (20/02/2006) from £1.30  |  Saving you £-0.50 (-12.50%)  |  RRP £3.99

    From the wild inhabitants of the Rocky Mountains to the untamed predators of darkest Africa the majesty and savagery of big Cats have fascinated mankind over the centuries. This programme explores their distinctive characteristics and the role they play in maintaining the delicate balance of nature.

  • Killer Instinct - Big Cats [2002] Killer Instinct - Big Cats | DVD | (10/10/2005) from £3.99  |  Saving you £1.20 (20.00%)  |  RRP £5.99

    There are times when big cats include human flesh on their menu and survivors of attacks give their remarkable stories. We look back at the extraordinary and famous attacks at Tsavo in Kenya where 140 workers lost their lives to two marauding male lions an event which inspired the movie 'Ghost in the Darkness' We visit the Chicago Field Museum where answers are sought staring in to the glassy eyes of the responsible killers now preserved forever in infamy. Rob speaks with global experts to examine the behavior of these perfect predators as they hunt kill and survive.

  • The Last Of The Scottish Wildcats [DVD] The Last Of The Scottish Wildcats | DVD | (19/01/2009) from £7.95  |  Saving you £3.59 (23.90%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Far back in the history of Scotland clans formed together under the image of the wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land. Today less than 400 Scottish wildcats remain in the wild and the extinction of Britain's last large mammal predator could come within the next decade. Last Of The Scottish Wildcats is the first film to capture rare footage of these unique creatures in their wild habitat and to fully investigate the threats facing their future through interviews with the people dedicated to saving Britain's last wild feline. The Scottish wildcat is Britain's very own critically endangered wild feline with less than 400 individuals left in the wild. Whilst Government is working out what to do about the problem an unexpected mixture of film-makers writers sculptors and photographers united by their interest in the species have started working towards its conservation. Public awareness is so essential explains director/producer Steve Piper the greatest threat to the wildcat is that very few people outside of the Highlands realise they're even there and only handfuls of them fully understand the threats to the wildcat or how to help. Fortunately communication is exactly what creative artists spend their whole life doing.

  • When Dinosaurs Ruled - Tyrannosaurus Rex When Dinosaurs Ruled - Tyrannosaurus Rex | DVD | (01/08/2005) from £7.66  |  Saving you £7.33 (48.90%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Was the T-Rex the most fearsome predator of all time or a simple scavenger? Did he ponderously stalk his prey or was he as fleet-footed as a bird? Was he actually a doting parent and not the fierce killer that it has been portrayed as in the movies? From its origins to its downfall this programme looks for clues that can fill in the crucial details and unlock the mysteries of the T-Rex.

  • Life In Cold Blood Life In Cold Blood | DVD | (25/02/2008) from £9.59  |  Saving you £18.40 (65.70%)  |  RRP £27.99

    In Life In Cold Blood David Attenborough explores the lives of Reptiles and Amphibians.

  • The Year Of The Working Sheep Dog [2000] The Year Of The Working Sheep Dog | DVD | (15/03/2004) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £12.99

    One year in the making this unique production tells the story of the world's wisest dog - the border Collie. Filmed with genuine working collies we follow them throughout a shepherd's year.

  • The Dog Whisperer - Series 1 - Fears And Phobias [DVD] The Dog Whisperer - Series 1 - Fears And Phobias | DVD | (12/10/2009) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £11.99

    Dog Whisperer: Season 1 Fears and Phobias

  • The Private Life of Plants [1994] The Private Life of Plants | DVD | (01/09/2003) from £7.60  |  Saving you £12.00 (60.00%)  |  RRP £19.99

    David Attenborough's thrilling series taking us on a guided tour through the secret world of plants is captured on this amazing video. The account of plant life's struggle for survival is seen as never before in a story full of drama beauty and staggering achievement. Attenborough takes us through each aspect of plants' lives travelling growing flowering their struggle with other plants and animals and the ingenious way they adapt to even the harshest of conditions. From the

  • Wildlife Paradise - Lions Wildlife Paradise - Lions | DVD | (10/10/2005) from £3.99  |  Saving you £2.00 (33.40%)  |  RRP £5.99

    Ever wondered what it would be like to stare face to face with a roaring lion? Safari gives you the answer! The lion is the undisputed and majestic king of all African animals and has the perfect combination of power and stealth! This predator is armed with enough power and weaponry to kill other carnivores easily. They are living in prides at the top of the food chain. However hunting skills alone aren't enough to survive and lions depend on their pride for survival in the harsh and unforgiving African environment.

  • Imax - History Box Set [DVD] Imax - History Box Set | DVD | (11/11/2011) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £29.99

    IMAX: History Box Set (5 Discs)

  • The Truth About Climate Change The Truth About Climate Change | DVD | (23/06/2008) from £8.49  |  Saving you £7.50 (46.90%)  |  RRP £15.99

    The Truth About Climate Change is a two part documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough who asks the question 'What is the future for our world?' Some extraordinary phenomena have taken place in recent times; Hurricane Katrina the heat wave of 2003 polar bears swimming in search of ice and vast swarms of insects enveloping an African village. But are these isolated incidents or are they omens of a greater global change? Sir David discovers that the world is warming at an unprecedented rate and finds out why this is now far beyond any normal allowance for cyclical fluctuation. But are humans to blame? These changes are already in motion whatever we do now but Sir David believes that we may be able to act to prevent a catastrophe. People around the world are having to adapt their way of life as the climate changes; the Inuit in the Arctic whose hunting is now limited the Pacific island inhabitants forced to move as their homes disappear beneath the waves and the Siberian homes slowly sinking into the permafrost. Sir David investigates some of the possible scenarios for the future including rising sea levels insect plagues and an increase in diseases.

  • Extreme Weather Experience [2002] Extreme Weather Experience | DVD | (05/11/2002) from £6.66  |  Saving you £3.33 (33.30%)  |  RRP £9.99

    Tornadoes Thunderstorms Lightning displays rain snow hail and wind in a unique DVD experience. Plus fascinating information about how and why extreme weather is created. Ride with the storm chasers and see it all without leaving the home.

  • Planet Earth - Special Edition [DVD] Planet Earth - Special Edition | DVD | (11/10/2010) from £10.99  |  Saving you £12.00 (48.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The makers of The Blue Planet present the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production over 2000 days in the field using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that combines rare action unimaginable scale impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats. Using a budget of unprecedented proportions photography and unique specially developed filming techniques Planet Earth takes you to places you have never seen before to experience sights and sounds you may never experience again.

  • Sooty - Run Rabbit Run [DVD] Sooty - Run Rabbit Run | DVD | (07/10/2013) from £5.25  |  Saving you £4.74 (47.40%)  |  RRP £9.99

    The Sooty Show is the longest-running children's programme in the UK having brought laughter and joy to many generations over the past 60 years. The new series on CiTV follows the adventures of Sooty Sweep and Soo as they join their companion Richard when he takes on the role as handyman at a coastal holiday park.

  • Home [DVD] Home | DVD | (07/06/2010) from £7.99  |  Saving you £4.15 (31.90%)  |  RRP £12.99

    In 200 000 years humans have disrupted the fragile balance on which Earth was living for 4 billion years. Global warming shortage of resources endangered species: humans are jeopardising their own living conditions. By the end of the century the relentless consumption will have exhausted almost all of our planet's natural resources. But it is too late to be pessimistic: we have barely 10 years left to reverse the trend. We need to become aware of our abusive exploitation of Earth's gifts and change our way of life. By giving us these previously unreleased images of over 50 countries as seen from the sky and by sharing his wonder but also his worry Yann Arthus-Bertrand contributes to the rebuilding we all need to start doing together. Yann Arthus-Bertrand takes us on a sensational journey above planet Earth and provides us with an unusual portrait of our planet. Planet Earth is critically ill but another future is possible if we all decide to write it together.

  • More Than Honey [DVD] More Than Honey | DVD | (11/11/2013) from £7.29  |  Saving you £5.70 (43.90%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Einstein once said: 'If bees ever die out mankind will have only four years left to live'. In the past five years billions of honeybees simply vanished for reasons still obscure. If the bees keep dying it will have drastic effects for humans as well: more than one third of our food production depends on pollination by honeybees and their life and death are linked to ours. Life without the bee is unthinkable. But between pesticides antibiotics and monoculture the queens and their workers are losing their power. More Than Honey a new documentary by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof is looking into the fascinating world of bees showing small family beekeepers (including the beekeeper of Erste Foundation beehive Heidrun Singer) and industrialized honey farms. More Than Honey is a film about the relationship between mankind and honeybees about nature and about our future. Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth that crises and disasters are triggering evolution. Special Features: Interview with Director Markus Imhoof Deleted Scenes Making of Featurette Original Theatrical Trailer UK Theatrical Trailer Two versions of the film (one in the original language and one featuring a narration by John Hurt) Booklet (featuring an interview with Markus Imhoof and the Friends of the Earth '20 things you need to know about bees')

  • The Story Of Science [Blu-ray] The Story Of Science | Blu Ray | (07/06/2010) from £12.29  |  Saving you £22.70 (64.90%)  |  RRP £34.99

    The Story Of Science tells the story of the forces that came together to create scientific knowledge; the practical business of making instruments and machines; the great forces of history - revolutions voyages of discovery and artistic movements - and the dogged determination of scientists and experimenters. This is the story of how scientific ideas shaped the modern world and how science made history. For 3 000 years people have wrestled with the great questions of existence. What is out there what is the world made of where did we come from? Across the series the audience will come on a journey to discover how vital science is to all our lives today covering the following key questions?

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