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HMV online re-launched in our price comparison service

18 November 2017


At long last we bring you a great British company to our providers. HMV has 95 years of trading, initially selling gramophone records, but sadly in recent times, just following its flotation on the London Stock Exchange, it suffered a severe decline in sales which coincided with the enormous growth in streaming online services.

HMV is an acronym for His Masters Voice, which was taken from a painting by Francis Burrard, portraying a dog listing to one of the earliest media formats for listening to music called the cylindrical phonograph, a predecessor of the wind-up gramophone. The way we appreciate music in modern times would appear to have a mystical quality to people of the late nineteenth century.

His Masters Voice it is back at what it does best, providing an online service of DVD's, Music, and Games. We have updated our service to provide up to date DVD prices on find-dvd, game prices on find-game, and CD prices on find-cd.

As companies have adapted their businesses in response to streaming services, we have decided to focus on researching new retailer offerings for traditional media formats because we believe there are still many people who enjoy having a hard copy of their favourite films, cds, books and games. Our aim at find-dvd and our sister sites is to have a fresh emphasis and provide you with as many retailers as possible with which you can compare prices with confidence. Keep watching this space for additional retailers and in the meantime, we hope you take advantage of HMV's online store.

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