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Celebrate the Queens 70th Wedding Anniversary with The Crown

20 November 2017

 Whether you are a monarchist or a republican, you cannot fail to love Season 1 of the Crown. The drama based on the narrative of the life of Queen Elizabeth II played by the marvellous Claire Foy.

The first episode begins seventy years ago as Elizabeth and marries Phillip of Greece. Matt Smith is perfectly cast as he portrays the young Prince Phillip. A real insight into their early marriage, the mental fortitude required by the young and inexperienced Queen, who hugely influenced by her father, the late King George, tries to juggle her role as monarch and dutiful wife. An often resentful Phillip finds himself in a similar place to Royal Consorts before him in defining a role for himself, and as is often the experience of many newlyweds, the couple have to find ways of compromising but with the enormous influence of state interference. The challenges of the relationship between the abdicated Edward VIII, the love affair of Princess Margaret with Group Captain Townsend, and the fascinating discernment of Winston Churchill bring post war history to our screens in a compelling storyline. The story offers a unique insight into the tension between family duty and the constitutional requirements causing the young queen significant moral dilemmas. Episode 9 was produced with great poignancy depicting the portrait of Churchill by the artist Graham Sutherland, painted in 1954 allows an appreciation of the personal losses of the once great politician.

If you haven't seen the series, buy it now before season 2 is released in early December and binge watch season 1 – it's fabulous.

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