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Why buy Blue Ray DVD's Wonders Woman?

01 December 2017

Embarrassing as it it - I have never really fully appreciated the attraction of the Blue Ray Discs. They are more expensive and I have to wade though a number of remote controls and work out which is for the player. It's not that I am not capable of understanding technology, but I really struggle to hold enough interest when someone starts talking about it. However, I do like quality products and much prefer to see films in High Definition, so I set about trying to appreciate, and explain to others like me, the advantages of the Blue Ray format.

Blue Ray Discs (BD) are capable of storing hours of video recording in high definition (720p & 1080p) and ultra-high definition (2160p). DVD's are limited to a maximum resolution. The blue lasercan read the disc which stores its data at a greater density. It is nearly fifteen years since the first players were released by Sony. The blue ray discs are useful for large amounts of data storage capacity, (25GB single layer, and 50GB dual layer) and are read by the use a 405mm diode laser. It is this capacity that allows the higher resolution. The limitations of diffraction meant a limited amount of data can be read from the spot  where the lazer can be focused. This encouraged efforts focusd on decreasing the wavelength and increasing the numerical aperture of the lens, as well as the reducing the thiickness of the discs outer covering, so that when the laser beam  focused on a smaller spot on the disc, a larger amount of data could be stored and read. Right thats enough of the boring stuff!       

People's interest in Blue Ray stems from enjoying feature films with improved image quality, as well as the format enhanced the ability to produce more exciting video games, such as PlayStation, Xbox and Wii, the formats of the games consoles allow for the viewing of blue ray DVD. The demand for online streaming has affected the industry but Blue Ray is still the most popular media for DVD software sales, and makes perfect gifts for lovers of films and video games.

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Some fabulous new releases in the blue ray format include:

Game of Thrones – Season 7 due to be released on December 11 2017.

Dunkirk – out on December 18 2017

War of the Planet of the Apes – out now!

Twin Peaks -  A limited Event Series – out now!

Blue Planet II- out now!

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