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Bargain Christmas Family Favourite DVD's

04 December 2017

Christmas is a time for making traditions where many families have a couple of particular TV programme, sit-coms or films they always watch together as part of their family celebrations. In my household we always watch The Snowman on Christmas Eve. The animation is a story by Raymond Briggs of a young English boy, who builds a snowman on Christmas Eve and his creation, who comes to life is taken to the north pole to see Santa. The famous 1982 film was introduced by David Bowie, who plays the adult reflecting on his childhood experience. The music composed by Howard Blake is also famous for the captivating voice of young choirboy, Peter Auty, of St Pauls Cathedral.

Another movie we always watch is ' it's a wonderful life.' – a real feel good film that has everything; a story of the aspirations of the young George Bailey (James Stewart) who has  ambitions to travel the world are thwarted by the need to stay home. He is reflecting on what he considers to have been his failure at life and on the verge of committing suicide. Fortunately, his angel Gabriel intervenes to show him an alternative path. This life affirming film was initially underwhelming at the box office but then went on to be nominated for five academy awards. Other Christmas favourites include; A Hartland Christmas, perfect for the pony obsessed girl in your household; An absolute bargain at £2.75 today from Gameseek is Blackadders, Christmas Carol  - the Charles Dickens spoof produced as part of the Blackadder series between Blackadder the third and Blackadder goes forth. May be your family adored the Outnumbered Series, in which case you may appreciate the bargain Box set which includes Outnumbered Series 1-3 plus a Christmas Special retailing today at £8.99 from 365 Games..

Maybe you always watched the Dr Who Christmas Specials and want to recapture some of the older ones - well you can with the bargain collection ' TheTime of the Doctor and Other Eleventh Christmas Specials' today at Base.com for £5,79. This has a five star review from a happy customer.

So whether it is establishing a Christmas tradition or finding the perfect Christmas themed gift on DVD click on the link to our Christmas Family Favourites and search through our specially selected ideas for your festive fun at the very best prices.

* Remember our prices are accurate at the time of wriiting but can go up or down in real time..

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