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Directors who ace at the 75th Golden Globe Nominations

27 December 2017

The Golden Globe ceremony is the first film entertainment awards of the 2018 calendar for all you DVD lovers. This year's nominations see an impressive array of international film and we will bring you titles from  the full list of nominations as they are released.

Some films just expect to do well  at these occasions because of the  experience and talentt of the Director but some surprises are in contention in the 75th year of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event.

The lesser celebrated Guillermo Del Toro 'The Shape of Water' described as 'the film that speaks to our time' and brings together characters on the periphery of the new social order, received seven nominations. The Mexican Director has a few dark films under his belt, including; Cronos (1992) a modern vampire movie exploring the theme of eternal life through the drawing of blood; The Devils Backbone (2001) and Pans Labyrinth (2006). The directors collection of films is available on DVD and blue-ray and is worth comparing prices as currently they range from £7.00 for all three up to £74.00 on blue-ray with some having very limited availability.

More familiar to our British audiences,Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing is released early in the new year in the UK and brings his typical black humour within the context of within the injustices of an unsolved crime. The Directors best known and award winning DVD's include: In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. See all Martin McDonagh's previous films available on DVD and blu-ray.

More black comedy can be found from' I Tonya;' this less than wholesome story of a dysfunctional mother daughter relationship  and a figure skating championship with the 27 year old Margot Robbie tipped for a string of awards this year.

On a more serious note, Steven Spielberg's The Post, which includes performances from Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks on a quest to expose Government duplicity in regard to details of the Vietnam War has received six Golden Globe nominations. No stranger to success Spielberg has a host of classic films under his belt including The Colour Purple; ET; Jurassic Park; Saving Private Ryan; Schindler's List; Jaws – the list is endless and the entire Spielberg collection can be viewed and purchased on DVD and blue ray by clicking the link, selecting your favourites and waiting a couple of seconds to check out which retailers have the item at the cheapest price.

Why not keep a check on the 2018 Golden Globe film winners after January 7th as we bring the DVD's to you as soon as they are available on pre-release. For a  quick update just follow the link to our Golden Globe 2018 DVD Collections.

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