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Critics' Choice: The Big Sick wins Best Comedy

12 January 2018

 Well they say real life is 'funnier' than fiction and the latest testimony can be witnessed by watching the award winning DVD - The Big Sick. A romantic comedy about Kumail Nanhani, who not only disappoints his adorably funny parents by choosing stand up comedy rather than a career as a lawyer, also has to tell them he has fallen in love with a white, American mental health Graduate Student, Emily Gardner. Why is that 'The Big Sick' you may ask? Emily becomes ill and the story largely follows Kumails experience, having  broke  up with Emily, hanging around her parents, while she is in an induced coma. It doesn't sound a funny story, in fact that is the big sick, but it is told with absolute comedy genius.

Kamails first conversation with Emily's parents dramatizes the cultural divides between communities, when her dad asks him what he thinks of 9/11. No spoilers here, but his response is the black humoured (is that expression politically acceptable anymore) way to make you cry laughing. I loathe prejudice, but sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the differences in cultural baggage. Kamail and Emily expose the suitcases we all carry around in our imagination about the behaviours and beliefs of people different to ourselves and so not only is this film amusing entertainment, it is also an important story for our time, where nationalism is re-emerging in all its ugliness. A great Critics Choice Award!

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