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Father Brown DVD boxset out Monday!

10 February 2018

Father Brown Boxset of DVDs out on Monday

Father Brown, BBC's most popular daytime drama will make available the all six series on February 12th. Produced in the Birmingham Drama Village, this admired series has thrilled BBC commissioners with its excellent viewing figures.  The hero of the story is a Roman Catholic priest who can't avoid becoming involved in solving crimes, performed by Mark Williams, not unlike a gender neutral, non-judgemental Miss Maple. 
Set in the early 1950's in a Cotswold village, the series is loosely based on short stories by G. K. Chesterton and sets the sharply intellectual priest, Father Brown, against the irritated and inept members of the police force. Several detectives have played prominent roles through the 70 episodes, with none remaining throughout and with varying degrees of respect and frustration for Father Brown who is the enduring character. All aspects of life, including love, loss, deceit, humour, and sex, form the backdrop of the crime narratives, with Father Brown very committed to loving his flock and their salvation. Although the detectives come and go, Father Browns inner circle within his congregation and community aid his search for the truth, including the  loose tongued Brigette McCarthy, played by Sorcha Cusack. 
Series six, the most recent release has 10 episodes:
Episode one- The Tree of Truth:  Inspector Mallory and Father Brown reinvestigate a seven year old murder case the after finding a skeleton buried in the woods, causing down about the veracity of the conviction of the confessed killer. 
Episode two – The Jackdaws Revenge: Katherine Corven is reprieved from execution on the confession of her housekeeper for murdering her husband. Father Brown is concerned about the repercussions.  
Episode three - The Kembleford Dragon: Kembleford Station is to close which leads to the heart attack of the stationmaster, Ben Web, a known philanderer who ends up bludgeoned to death and a trail of potential suspects under the gaze of Father Brown. 
Episode four – The Angel of Mercy: Father Brown suspects criminal action when he smells an unusual odour from the body of Freda, who, at a care home, has died in her sleep.
Episode five – The face of the Enemy: Felicia and Sid have returned from Northern Rhodesia and visit Kembleford. Felicia love affair with a known soviet agent leads to the extortion by a MI5 agent, Daniel Whittaker. 
Episode six – The Devil You Know: Alec Frobisher, of Scotland Yard, is garrotted at Kembleford Bowls club. Inspector Mallory is replaced by Inspector Ironside, because he was at the Bowls club during the murder, but realising Ironside is after his job, Mallory enlists Father Brown's help.
Episode seven – The Dance of Death: Lucy Dawes, a contestant at a ballroom competition is murdered; her blind dancing partner Alexander Walgrave, who has found the body, believes he knows whodunit, and asks Father Brown and Bunty prove it. 
Episode eight – The Cat of Mastigitus: St Saviours schoolgirl, May Lewis, is found with a serious head injury. A cricket bat is found by Father Brown and Mallory arrests schoolboy owner Daniel Gates. Father Brown discovers systematic bullying used at the school. 
Episode nine – The Flowers on the Fairway: Definitely not modelled on Donald Trump! A flashy and flamboyant American who has just opened a golf course. During the opening ceremony, Bunty finds a body.
Episode ten – Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau: Father Brown's is aware of Flambeau's death in Italy and The Iron Cross of Lombardy containing a nail from Christ on display at Gloucester cathedral. Father Brown receives a key sent by Flambeau just prior to his death and finds himself part of an extravagant plot. 
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