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  • Beethoven - Fidelio Beethoven - Fidelio | DVD | (12/05/2008) from £15.39  |  Saving you £1.60 (9.40%)  |  RRP £16.99

    Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fidelio:From Berlin's Deutsche Oper in 1970.

  • Aria [DVD] [1987] Aria | DVD | (15/06/2009) from £6.69  |  Saving you £13.30 (66.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    Conceived developed and produced by Don Boyd Aria is a completely unique film both structurally and also in the sheer scale of the production itself. Ten of the world's most creative and celebrated directors were each given the same brief; to choose a piece of opera music and then present a visual interpretation of that music. The result is by turns erotic violent funny and poignant. The stills photographers assigned to each were equally celebrated among them David Bailey Annie Leibovitz Lord Snowdon Terry O'Neill and John Swannell. The impressive cast list includes John Hurt Tilda Swinton Bridget Fonda and Elizabeth Hurley Teresa Russell. A remarkable collective achievement Aria is a cinematic experience like no other.

  • Offenbach: La Belle Helene -- Paris/Minkowski [2000] Offenbach: La Belle Helene -- Paris/Minkowski | DVD | (03/12/2001) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Jacques Offenbach's 19th century parody of life under the yoke of Napoleon III, La Belle Hélène, has always seemed as tongue-in-cheek as the material could go. This new staging from the Théâtre Musical de Paris' 2000 season proves you can always go further. As if the social comment and knowing musical allusions (eg: Wagner's Tannhäuser) weren't enough, now via director Lauren Pelly's imagination Helen (Dame Felicity Lott) becomes a modern sexually frustrated woman dreaming the entire scenario. In her dream she is singled out as the most beautiful woman on Earth (prompting vain delusions to rival Snow White's wicked stepmother) as reward for Pâris (Yann Beuron) choosing Venus as most beautiful Goddess off Earth. Act 1 takes place in the bedroom and bed of Helen and ineffectual husband/king Ménélas (Michel Sénéchal). Here the fusion of costumes worn by High Priest Calchas (François Le Roux) seems incongruous until the archaeological dig setting of Act 2 turns everything into a dream. From then on, the analogy of bed as throne, the sheep costumes and male and female swimsuit parade followed by synchronised stage "swimming" of Act 3 all take on greater significance. Les Musicians du Louvre give a tremendous performance under Marc Minkowski's baton (which you often see popping into frame), particularly in the centrepiece duet between Lott and Beuron for their "Dream of Love". Contemporary makeovers of opera often lose sight of the original's intentions, but this update certainly preserves the spirit of Offenbach's vision. On the DVD: A choice of Stereo, Dolby 5.1 or DTS is a testament to the careful staging of this production, as is the video's multi-camera edit. In fact, the 25-minute behind-the-scenes documentary reveals the DVD was conceived as part of the staging. Four interviews make this a most welcome supplement, with Dame Lott having the most to say. --Paul Tonks

  • La Scala Collection La Scala Collection | DVD | (02/05/2006) from £47.75  |  Saving you £12.24 (20.40%)  |  RRP £59.99

    Various Composers: La Scala Collection - 11 Operas

  • Parsifal - Wagner/Stein Parsifal - Wagner/Stein | DVD | (16/07/2007) from £14.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Wolfgang Wagner's arrestingly beautiful production filmed live at Bayreuth in 1981 and directed by Brian Large features a stellar cast led by Eva Randova Bernd Weikl and Siegfried Jerusalem.

  • Death of a Prophet (Malcolm X) Death of a Prophet (Malcolm X) | DVD | (05/06/2008) from £5.05  |  Saving you £-1.06 (-26.60%)  |  RRP £3.99

    In this fascinating film charting the last 24 hours in the life of the religious and political leader Malcolm X Morgan Freeman powerfully portrays the life of the man with feeling and conviction; a life that was sadly extinguished in mysterious and as yet unknown circumstances. There are many unanswered questions leading to his untimely death, for instance who firebombed his house; where were the police when he was assassinated; how did his killers escape? Could the CIA or FBI have anything to do with the cover-up - why was he so hated by both the authorities and fanatics alike? This film may help you to make your own mind up about what the reasons were and just who could have caused his untimely death.

  • Andrea Bocelli - Tuscan Skies [2001] Andrea Bocelli - Tuscan Skies | DVD | (10/11/2003) from £10.85  |  Saving you £4.14 (27.60%)  |  RRP £14.99

    Andrea Bocelli - Tuscan Skies

  • Capriccio - Richard Strauss [2004] Capriccio - Richard Strauss | DVD | (06/10/2005) from £26.21  |  Saving you £3.78 (12.60%)  |  RRP £29.99

    The new production in June 2004 was a huge success in Paris because of the illustrious cast especially Renee Fleming in the role of countess. She sung this part for the first time and impressed the audience with her exceptional voice and stage presence. She will sing the role also at the Met in 2006/07.The other singers Anne Sofie von Otter Rainer Trost Gerald Finley Dietrich Henschel and Franz Hawlata are all idiomatic and beautifully singing so that the performance was regarded as an ideal interpretation of Richard Strauss' last opera by the French press. Ulf Schirmer is a German conductor who is regularly appearing at the Paris Opera the Deutsche Oper Berlin or the Vienna State Opera and recorded the same opera with Kiri Te Kanawa on Decca. Stage director Robert Carsen created a luxurious stage with colourful costumes which links up the tradition with the modern chic.

  • Stravinsky - The Rake's Progress [2007] Stravinsky - The Rake's Progress | DVD | (31/12/2007) from £8.72  |  Saving you £11.12 (37.10%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Stravinsky's masterwork The Rake's Progress, created for La Fenice in Venice in 1951, is based on a libretto by W.H. Auden and Chester Kallman, inspired by a series of 18th-century prints by William Hogarth. This amazing production from La Monnaie - De Munt 'jazzifies' the setting by replacing Hogarth's sin city, London, with 1950s Las Vegas, turning it into a glittering, cinematic gallery of tableaux vivants inspired by the early days of television. Staged by one of the most visionary theatre directors of our age, the Quebecois Robert Lepage, the neo-classical morality tale truly becomes a grand spectacle. Lepage's visual imagination works its magic superbly, while Kazushi Ono's energetic musical direction drives the sparkling ensemble to exhilarating heights. Recorded in High Definition and true surround sound.

  • Oedipus Rex - Stravinsky Oedipus Rex - Stravinsky | DVD | (13/06/2005) from £11.88  |  Saving you £5.11 (30.10%)  |  RRP £16.99

    Opera-oratorio in two acts. Poem after Sophocles by Jean Cocteau.

  • Strauss - Die Frau Ohne Schatten [1992] Strauss - Die Frau Ohne Schatten | DVD | (26/02/2007) from £26.21  |  Saving you £3.78 (12.60%)  |  RRP £29.99

  • Coppelia Coppelia | DVD | (03/04/2002) from £24.99  |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    The Royal Ballet.Orchestra of The Royal Opera House.Conducted by Nicolae Moldoveanu.Coppelia, a mechanical doll made by the toy-maker Dr. Coppelius, is so lifelike that some believe she is his daughter. The mistake leads to intrigue and jealousy in love.This 19th century classic, in an enchanting production of Royal Ballet choreographer Dame Ninette de Valois, with original designs by Sir Osbert Lancaster, was broadcast live by BBC television in February 2000.

  • Die Fledermaus [1985] Die Fledermaus | DVD | (22/09/2003) from £12.09  |  Saving you £5.90 (32.80%)  |  RRP £17.99

    The operetta 'Die Fledermaus' is Johann Strauss' most brilliant and best-known stage work. It's a glittering comedy packed with Viennese music that has become a firm favourite in opera houses all over the world. A top international cast really have a ball in this highly-acclaimed 1983 New Years Eve performance from The Royal Opera Covent Garden in which Placido Domingo makes a very stylish British conducting debut. Kiri Te Kanawa stars with her celebrated performance as Rosalinde

  • The Likely Lads The Likely Lads | DVD | (24/12/2007) from £4.09  |  Saving you £15.90 (79.50%)  |  RRP £19.99

    One of the best British sitcoms of all-time, The Likely Lads focuses on the friendship between two working-class men, James Bolam and Rodney Bewes, living in the north east of England.Bob (Bewes) is the 'sensible' one, doing his best to get on with his job and 'better' himself. Terry (Bolam) is the 'irresponsible' one, intent on living life to the full. He's forever getting himself (and Terry) into trouble of one kind or another...Episodes Comprise:1. Entente Cordiale2. Double Date3. Older Women Are More Experienced4. The Suitor5. The Last Of The Big Spenders6. Rocker7. Goodbye To All That

  • Verdi - Aida, La Traviata Verdi - Aida, La Traviata | DVD | (18/11/2002) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Performed at La Scala in Italy 'Aida' is Guiseppe Verdi's famous grand opera at its very best. 'La Traviata' is Peter Hall's production and comes from the 1988 Glyndebourne Festival under the musical direction of Bernard Haitink.

  • Offenbach: La Belle Helene -- Zurich/Harnoncourt [1997] Offenbach: La Belle Helene -- Zurich/Harnoncourt | DVD | (25/09/2000) from £18.75  |  Saving you £6.24 (25.00%)  |  RRP £24.99

    Offenbach's operetta La Belle Hélene, which pokes fun at the Parisian upper class of a century and a half ago through tales of ancient Greece, requires a leap of imagination on behalf of today's audience that this production only partly succeeds in reconciling. On musical grounds we're on sure footing. Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts the chorus and orchestra of the Zurich Opera House with his customary flair for precise and taut rhythms and an appreciation of the composer's wit and the good tunes that are a-plenty. His multi-national cast headed by Vesselina Kasarova as Helen of Troy and Deon van der Walt as her lover Paris are excellent and among the smaller parts there's a lively and stylish performance from Liliana Nichiteanus as Oreste. The video direction by Hartmut Schroder and the superb sound obtained from the relatively intimate Zurich Opera House, a delightful setting for this operetta, are further assets. The production alas is unenlightening and perpetrates an over-the-top style that seems to be synonymous with Offenbach. The backdrop, a pink concave awning is hideous. The costumes by designer Jean-Charles de Castelibajac are silly: Paris is dressed in lederhosen and looks a twerp, Calchac, the high priest wears a Ku Klux Klan hat and Helen at one point looks as though she'll take to absailing. Kasarova suggests the lure of Helen in her voice but a beauty she's not. So it's left to Harnoncourt who joins the company at the curtain call with a twinkle in his eye and a nifty side step and his superb orchestra to remind us what might have been. --Adrian Edwards

  • Verdi: Falstaff -- Aix-en-Provence/Mazzola Verdi: Falstaff -- Aix-en-Provence/Mazzola | DVD | (20/09/2002) from £18.59  |  Saving you £3.94 (15.80%)  |  RRP £24.99

    With Willard White in the title role, this very well-sung production of Falstaff from the Aix-en-Provence festival, set in the 1950s, makes for a radical yet plausibly alternative view to the traditional setting in "Merrie England". By casting Jamaican-born baritone White in the title role, director Herbert Wernicke has emphasised Falstaff's role as an outsider, spurned by the community on account of his success as a local businessman and here with the added burden of being black. White engages our sympathy for Falstaff's plight, notably in the last act where he finally turns the table on his adversary, Ford. Yet in his world-weary sophisticated persona this Falstaff seems at odds with the farce unfolding about him; he's been there, done that. There are, nevertheless, key moments to relish: his flicker of the eye as he dismisses Pistol and Bardolph with his letters to the Misses Ford and Page; the duet he shares with Ford on the trials and tribulations of love; and the return of his self-esteem as he pulls himself up to full height following his ducking in the Thames. His face in the final act, shot in close-up, white beard illuminated by moonlight, framed by Herne's horns, is unforgettable. The supporting cast are uniformly excellent as singers and actors, a joy to watch and hear. The main set consists of a polished wooden floor with walls of wooden slatted flaps that open and shut as characters drop in and out of the action. White linen on washing lines, sheets tumbling out of drawers, or, somewhat incongruously, neatly folded on the bed that Falstaff rolls out of after his dip in the Thames, make welcome visual diversions. The Orchestre de Paris play brilliantly under maestro Enrique Mazzola who captures the ebb and flow of Verdi's fast moving score to perfection. On the DVD: Falstaff on disc has subtitles in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. The picture quality has a real three-dimensional feel to it and the soundtrack likewise. --Adrian Edwards

  • La Clemenza Di Tito - Mozart La Clemenza Di Tito - Mozart | DVD | (03/01/2006) from £9.99  |  Saving you £20.00 (66.70%)  |  RRP £29.99

    Commissioned for the coronation of Leopold II in Prague Mozart's last opera is a deep humane reflection on relationships power and forgiveness. With the composition of some of the most beautiful passages in his oeuvre Mozart has succeeded in giving this opera seria both a noble sobriety and transparent instrumentation to which this commanding production by the Hermann partnership does full justice on all levels. Susan Graham's most extraordinary Sesto and Christoph Pregardien's Superb Tito set the standard for this riveting Opera National de Paris Performance conducted by the outstanding Sylvain Cambreling.

  • L'Elisir D'Amore - Donizetti L'Elisir D'Amore - Donizetti | DVD | (13/06/2005) from £N/A  |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)  |  RRP £24.99

    It's hard to think of a couple better suited to play the romantic leads in Donizetti's comedy L'Elisir d'amore than husband-and-wife team Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu. Both are charming on stage, and both have voices to die for: Gheorghiu's dark liquid tones are particularly spine-tingling, and her coloratura abilities awe-inspiring, and though Alagna has mainly concentrated on the more spinto (powerful) roles of the tenor repertoire, in 1996 when this live production was recorded his voice was just a little fresher and lighter and thus perfect for the bel canto gracefulness of Donizetti's writing. His performance of "Una furtiva lagrima", for example, is meltingly sung and free from all temptation to overplay the high notes. Frank Dunlop's 1920s-set production doesn't quite produce the belly laughs some stagings manage (in Dulcamara's patter song, for example), but has a certain small-town wistful charm nonetheless. The orchestral accompaniment under Donizetti expert Evelino Pidò is spot on, and never falls into the banal "oom-pah" trap that such simple writing can often lead to. Overall, it's a production of great charm. On the DVD: L'Elisir d'amore comes to disc with a 52-minute film on the history of the opera and its recording, with contributions from Alagna and Gheorghiu, and subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. The Lyon opera house is particularly well set up for video recording, and Brian Large does a sophisticated job of capturing a live performance: it's hard to believe at some points that the cameras aren't actually on stage in the middle of the action. Just occasionally this leads to the singers not knowing where to look and seeming a trifle lost, but generally the performances work superbly well on the small screen. --Warwick Thomson

  • Pete Huttlinger's Wonderful World Of Chords [2008] Pete Huttlinger's Wonderful World Of Chords | DVD | (14/07/2008) from £18.75  |  Saving you £5.24 (21.80%)  |  RRP £23.99

    Pete Huttlinger has created a ""video library"" of chord positions and progressions that's a must-have lesson for every serious guitarist. On this comprehensive DVD Pete teaches all the important chord shapes and fingerings they'll need to play in every key style and tempo and how they apply to many kinds of songs. Includes music and tab!

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