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  • Zabriski Point [DVD] Zabriski Point | DVD | (28/09/2009) from £6.49  |  Saving you £3.50 (35.00%)  |  RRP £9.99

    As a postcard from a bygone era, Michelangelo Antonioni's sole American movie is amazing to look at. This was the Italian director's first film since his English-language breakthrough Blowup (1966), which had been a masterpiece that captivated general and art-house audiences alike. Expectations understandably ran high, and as a visual experience Zabriskie Point delivered. Here was this foreigner's eye, among the most distinctive in world cinema, looking at city and desert, streets and backroads, office towers, mini-marts, police cars, airfields, and nonstop signage--the textures of U.S. life transliterated into something alien and askew. Revisited decades later, that's the aspect of Zabriskie Point that comes fascinatingly to the fore.

  • Sex and The Silver Screen Sex and The Silver Screen | DVD | (29/10/2007) from £8.28  |  Saving you £4.71 (36.30%)  |  RRP £12.99

    Sex and the Silver Screen is one of the most essential authoritative and compelling documentary series on the history of cinema ever made. In six fascinating parts it explores the 100 year evolution of sex and censorship in cinema tracing the continuing battle between filmmakers and the censors over the depiction of sex on the screen. Hosted by Raquel Welch it features over 60 Hollywood stars including Harrrison Ford Dennis Hopper Dan Aykroyd Patrick Stewart Marisa Tomei Daryl Hannah Sally Field Melanie Griffith as well as acclaimed directors including Oliver Stone Sydney Pollack & Richard Donner and scenes from more than 120 of the most famous and controversial movies of all time. Through a virtual non-stop succession of film clips Sex and the Silver Screen exposes the scandals the successes the sordid slease and the cinematic simulation of sex on celluloid and in doing so it also serves as a complete and comprehensive history of the movie industry itself. Episodes Comprise: 1. Sex and the Silent Screen 2. The Temptations of Eve 3. Censored 4. Hollywood Comes of Age 5. Look Ma No Clothes 6. Going All the Way

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